Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's new on the sideboard...

I've been guilty...
yes, guilty ...
of ignoring my sideboard!

I hadn't touched a thing on it since March,
 when I updated it just a "hare"/hair for Easter.
(sorry, couldn't resist the pun)

I like to bring out my floral Mandeville and King Seed Box
this time of year and do it up right.

My sideboard is in my main hall right off the kitchen...
next to the stairway to the lower level.
It's impossible to get a good shot of it 
without hanging like a monkey from a chandelier.

tight space.
just ask my son-in-law who reminds me each time he's here
and unloading suitcases and French Bulldogs.
(just jabbing you a little, Keith)

too bad. 
love my sideboard being here.
my husband knows NOT to complain.

(I better be sweet or there'll be no Coldwater Creek gift card this year for Mother's Day)

And since Mother's Day will be here next month
I added one of my sweet framed greetings from 1939.

and a vintage flower book from 1945 with some seed packets.

McSquirrel is residing in the metal conservatory/lantern.

so...let's see how long this new ivy lasts...

 I love this teensy woven basket...

 just perfect for a little birdie

(everything here except the lantern were flea market finds)

so much better!

I'll be hanging out at these get-togethers:

Thrifty Finds at Southern Hospitality
Met Monday with Between Naps On the Porch



  1. LOVE it Deb! I know about guys giving us the "LOOK" over tight squeezes! I think it's PERFECT! I'm in LOVE with everything but "I'm going to HAVE TO FIND one of those seed boxes"! That's a MUST HAVE!
    Have a wonderful week,

  2. Deb you did a beautiful job! I love the metal conservatory/lantern!

  3. Now that I would like to see , hanging like a monkey from the chandelier that is get hubby to take a photo hehe ! Lovely photos and decore . Loved the pun haha ! All looks great , have a great day !

  4. That's a wonderful seed box. Great find!!! Sally

  5. A beautiful vignette, as always, Debra. Great seed box.

  6. Your sideboard looks great, I love all the spring touches. It is easy to just leave things the way they were, no dusting involved.

  7. Very pretty, Debra! I love your terrarium and how you decorated it!

  8. Off topic but the tower of straw baskets is killing me, in the best way. The lantern is so wonderfully appointed. I just found one and it's so huge I am clueless as to what to do with it besides sell it...maybe I will keep it and be a copy cat. Thanks so much for your loving comment today. Love Olive

  9. Oooh Debra, it is just beautiful!... I so love how you always, always use Nature and birdies and vintage books that I soo love!... your pretty sideboard should really be in a magazine!... like the other ladies, I want one of everything you own!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Love those seed packets. And I've never seen one of those seed boxes in person. LUCKY! You live in a terrific vintage place on the planet don't you? xx

  11. Love those seed packets. And I've never seen one of those seed boxes in person. LUCKY! You live in a terrific vintage place on the planet don't you? xx

  12. I've got some old seed packets, but your box is wonderful! And who cares about function anyway?! It's got to LOOK good. :@

  13. Everything looks perfect. I adore your sideboard but I have to admit my eye went right to the stack of baskets. All of it is stunning!

  14. WOW Debra - the photos are absolutely gorgeous! And, I saw a little treasure there, nestled into the mix. The Lady of the Lake book!! I have been looking for that forever....I always check my local thrift stores, and also Canton First Monday but I have yet to find it. Oh my goodness. Have you read it yet? Don't you love old books like that?

    Hope you are having a great week!! xo

  15. Hi Debra
    Love the sideboard so beautiful. Lots of inspiration with your lovely vignettes. Have a terrific week

    xoxo and tons of hugs

  16. Hi Debra, your sideboard looks great, and your pictures are absolutely beautiful.
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  17. I enjoy visiting your blog and love your Etsy shop. Beautiful little things to put on my wishlist...

    Have a sunny day!

  18. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow but I dont see twitter or facebook in here??

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  19. As always, everything is beautiful! Love it all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. That is such a lovely Spring vignette on your sideboard. I also really like your wicker baskets stacked on the other side!

  21. lovely, thanks for sharing

  22. What a beautiful sideboard. Love the baskets and all your treasures to do with the garden. I think I could never have enough too. My favorite is McSquirrel in the conservatory/lantern, so cute...Have a fun week.


  23. Love everything about your sideboard but especially the framed greeting and the book -- vintage paper is so special.


  24. Great sideboard display or vignette. Love the seed box and all your little pieces in the display.

  25. I love the conservatory filled with the pots and the nest! So natural and spring-like. And who can miss that stack of picnic baskets/totes? I ♥ them.
    ~ Sue

  26. Hi Debra, as usual you create an amazing vignette. I have to tell you, I have been wanting a seed box for years. My older sister has one and I hope someday she will sale it to me. She downsizes a little each year. Yours looks so pretty on your buffet. Thanks for sharing it with Share Your Cup!
    p.s. the pun was fun!

  27. Oh, wish I had one that pretty. You did it up good! Now you've got me in the mood to change something...

  28. Looks so cute, you did a great job.

  29. Love this post! Thanks for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays.



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