Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Say Hello to Sweet Harvest Farms

I want to tell you about a wonderful surprise
 I received in the mail just yesterday from a new sponsor,

A package full of some of the yummiest products you can imagine.
Wonderfully fragranced soap, creamy smooth lotion,
 and a Lip balm smoothie that had me in heaven.

Sweet Harvest Farms is a small home company  that creates some wonderful natural products. Free of chemicals and unwanted additives, their products are luxurious and amazingly pleasing to use. The fragrances made me think of a summer's day walk on the prairie.

They also have a soap that is fragrance free;
great for those of us with sensitive skin.

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Sweet Harvest Farms soaps have even gone to the dogs!
Naturally created to keep those fleas and ticks away,
but so gentle, it's easy on you too!

The hand and body lotion has a wonderful fragrance
 that doesn't overpower you,
but gently relaxes and goes on smooth and non greasy.

I love Shea Butter, so this is definitely something I want to try!

I have dry skin and lips, so at night I use either Carmex or Chapstick.
This is my new replacement!
I received Pink Lemonade and the aroma is downright yummy,
and it stayed with me for hours.

And this is a potpourri created with so many interesting elements,
you'll have to read about it yourself!
A fragrance that takes you to the beach.

Hope you'll visit the  Sweet Harvest Farms website 
to see for yourself all their amazing products.
And take it from me, these products make for
a pampered spa experience!

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Thank you so much Cynthia and


  1. My goodness the way you are writing about it makes me want to buy it all. Going to check it out.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  3. Not only are these soaps practical, but I just love piling up some rustic, hand-cut bars of soap in a pretty container as bathroom decor!


  4. The pampered Lip collection is ueful for dry lips.Sweet harvest farms is great project.

  5. I will be ordering some of these products:) Thanks for sharing! HUGS!


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