Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You have til midnight...

Just like Cinderella...
you have until midnight to enter
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soon to be published book,

The French Inspired Home

Believe me, this will be almost as good
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage Patriotic Party with the White, Red and Blue

Today you get "He Said"
and "She Said"
let's listen in...

She said, LOVE the 4th of July!!!
(she says this ALL the time)

cookouts, fireworks, swimming, family
trips to the lake...

and some great patriotic decor.

But HE said...

What? you do that all the time,
You're attending A Vintage Patriotic Party...?

That needs to include some real Civil War artifacts!

She said, OK, let's put together a vignette from the battlefield.
Decor, decor, decor!!!

Officer's camp stool with carpet seat.
old drum and sticks with a tambourine and songbook.

Vintage flag and Grand Army of the Republic banner.

and a cannonball that should not be dropped on your toes
while you're arranging said battlefield vignette.

Then she said, wow, that was great!
Now, how about some vintage
"girlie" patriotic goods!

July 1916 Ladies Home Journal Magazine

vintage raised patriotic postcard

A biscuit tin depicting the making of the Liberty Bell.
with vintage grave marker flags
in her favorite wicker flower basket.

Old Canco candy box with a lovely lass dressed in the "colors".

And, how about some more patriotic fun
in the sunroom?

An advertising calendar plate
from Alma, Michigan.

And some vintage American flags.

They make a great couple
don't ya think?

Join in with Joan and all the party goers
to celebrate the
 Vintage 4th Party

And I'm sneaking in to
with Kathleen
Over at Faded Charm.
(just can't miss)

One more day!!!!
If you haven't entered the Give Away
there's still time.

More sunroom pics next post.

Hurrah for the

Red white and blue!!!

love y'all,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Doors of Possibility

I know that most of you know Laura Ingalls Gunn and her wonderful blog, Decor to Adore. I've been following Laura since before I started my own blog. You may have read her recent post about her life story and life long dream of accomplishment.
She is an amazing and gifted woman, whose personal story would not be evident in her current demeanor and outlook, but she has traveled a road in life, that most of us have never been down, or even considered. It has only caused to strengthen and define make her the woman she is today.

This morning on my Bible Study Blog I found a note from Laura, and I immediately went to her blog to read the post she did Sunday. I'm inviting you to read it also. Thought provoking and insightful, written by a woman who is traveling the road daily toward her destiny.
Be blessed in your reading of Laura's wonderful post, at  Decor to Adore.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Borrowing a Little Inspiration from a Friend

We had a few showers yesterday afternoon, and they were welcome relief from the dry spell and heat that we've been having. Upper 90's isn't normal for June here. With all the projects I've been doing inside, I've been behind in planting my flower pots and working outside.

I have a smallish deck outside the sunroom, since the sunroom was added on top of the deck probably 20 years ago. The kitchen window above the sink looks out onto the deck, so I enjoy having my "jungle" in view. Last year all my flowers were pink or white. This year I decided to add a little more color.

One of the trends here at the little satellite greenhouses, which are on every corner, is to mix plants for a real burst of color and texture. I have a lot of sun out on the deck, so I added million bells, zinnias, daisies, alyssum, vinca, and some others all together in some pots to really liven it up.

I have several of these old tin picnic baskets, (none of them in great condition) so I thought I'd use one to hold one of my variety plantings.

I want to show a little of the inspiration from a new friend, Sara, from Sweet Magnolias Farm in California, and then share it with you.

Sara and I made a connection after I started the blog for The Seed Box.
She emailed me and told me how she had previously lived in the area and knew Meloney and Brian,
and had purchased several pieces of furniture from them.

I've truly been amazed at how the blogging world, big as it is, can bring us together with connections from the past and then make connections as new friends.

So, if you don't know Sara, please do yourself a favor and visit her beautiful and inspiring blog, Sweet Magnolias Farm. She is part of a group of inspiring women that participate in an occasional sale called Chateau De Fleurs, held just this last weekend.

These are a few photos of her inspiration pieces.
She takes a variety of flowers and packs them in like
a bunch of sweet little babies in a crib!
Her container plantings are really unique and original.
Suitcases and boxes, all with embellishments that add to the fun.

You'll love all her show photos, of not only her own space,
but photos of all her creative gal pals, many of whom have blogs and
are familiar friends.

There's just something about live flowers
in all their glorious colors that lift the mood
and bring great joy to our everyday lives.

So run by and say Hi to Sara, browse through her last several posts and enjoy the photos of the most recent show. Then go meet her friends, see all their show photos and enjoy their blogs. Great way to spend an inspiring afternoon!

Oh, and take a look at this photo note card from Inspriational Home.
My inspiration for the pink watering can!

Just three more days...
if you haven't entered my Anniversary Give Away

The soon to be released book,
The French Inspired Home
by Carolyn Westbrook.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Bloggerettes

When I saw that Karen at Some Days Are Diamonds
was initiating a Blogging Sorority
I just had to join in with the fun.

Our "Rush Project" was to take this photo...

And use it in a way of our choosing.

And since I really find that paper collage is my first love,
I dug through all my vintage die cuts and post cards, stamps,
and images to put together what I wanted to look like a
sorority girl's college bulletin board.

And of course...
it had to be pink!

Oh, and another part of rush
was to include our photo with our project!

Add a little antique lace for a ribbon hanger.

I'm even wearing my pink "pledge ribbon"!

The sorority is still open,
just stop by Karen's to join!
No snooty cliques here!
She has lots of plans for "girlfriend" fun.

OK, is everbody ready for the "car wash"?

And if you haven't entered my Blog Anniversary Give Away.
Click here to enter.
Ends June 30.

2 winners will receive a copy of the soon to be released
book by Carolyn Westbrook!


Please scroll down to the next post for the Bridal Blog Party
hosted by sweet Stephanie of Angelic Accents.

Storybook Wedding

I think each little girl dreams of her

Wedding Day

and I was no exception.
Elaborate, or on a budget,
it can be Perfect!

My dear mom made all the bridesmaid dresses,
and helped me plan my special wedding day.

We met in August and we were married December 28, 1972,
almost 38 years ago.

I did a post last December about my
Red Plaid Wedding.

If you'd like to re-live it with me,
I invite you take a ride in the time machine.

And so began our lives together.
Joined together and kept together by God.
Without Him
we would never have found our way.

We were so young and really didn't know each other very well,
We just knew we were meant... yes,
 ordained to be together.

We have two darling daughters,
that their Daddy has walked down the aisle,
just like mine so many years ago.

And they lived happily ever after...

Please join Stephanie and all the Brides,
old and young,
for all the Wedding fun!

My 1 year Blog Anniversary Give Away
will end June 30.
Click here to enter!

2 winners will be chosen for Carolyn Westbrook's
soon to be released book.

The French Inspired Home


(images 1 and 4 edited at photofunia)

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