Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Painting Antique Frames

What a joy it was to turn over those calender pages, to see what March will bring. February was cold and snowy and brutal for so many of us. March is my Birthday Month, and it always signals the start of Spring. I feel my optimism and mood lighten with that one little flip of a calender page.

A week or so ago, Hubbs and I hung up a few oil paintings that he's given me over the years. They are my favorites, but I was just guessing at where they should be. Wall space in this house is scarce, and I'm trying to be selective about what I'm putting up. So we ended up changing things around because the space really needed something bigger.

I'm sticking with my theme of French Shepherd Girls and Dairy Maids, and also using a few English Landscapes and rural scenes. I had used this particular print at our old house in the Living Room. I don't know when I shared photos of this, because it was in a space that didn't photograph well. It's really old and in it's original heavy, heavy, dried out wooden frame. The frame has 3 separate pieces and it was so fragile, that chunks of molding and the wood supports in the back were disintegrating.

(don't you love my worn out Zebra Ugg slippers,
 and of course, a nosey fur girl)

We hung it up, but the more I looked at it, the uglier that frame became. It didn't do anything for the room, and it was so beat up, that it detracted from the wonderful old print. Big, brown, and ug-ly! I started out with ASCP Old White, but it was too much of a contrast with the print. It looked pretty on the wall, but the print was reading as too dark. Then I tried some of my wall paint, Ben Moore Smokey Taupe on the outer edges...better...but still too light. 

Next I used my concoction of Antique Gold Rub-N-Buff and DecoArt Metallic Luster in Bronze that I used on the Dining Room Chandy...getting better.

Hubbs weighed in with his opinion...still too light to really see the print at it's best. okey-dokey. Let's try ASCP French Linen, which is what I used on my LR furniture pieces. (I had to admit he was right) Just what I want to do...spend all weekend working on these dang frames. oh yes. there was another one that needed to match.

I think it turned out pretty well. Since the paint was matte, it needed a little sealer and sheen, so I used one coat of Liquid Poly applied with a sponge brush. Now the frame doesn't "compete" with the print. You can see that adorable white cow, now.

"How now, white cow."
(sorry, just had to say that.)

someday, when I'm brave,
 I'm going to paint this railing to match the woodwork.

Here's the other misfit. It started out as the same type of dried out wooden piece and I painted it in white and gray back in 2012. I did a quick job of it then and it showed. It was streaky and too light for the print, but at that point I couldn't stand the "brown", and just did a quick fix before Hubbs could stop me. This was also before I painted the walls...can't believe I actually picked this color once. 

old house February 2012

wall color May 2012...so much better!

I'm ashamed...

So, here it is now at the new house; better paint job in ASCP French Linen. Now the frame actually enhances the old print instead of making it look dull and dark. Those are shadows on the right side, upper and lower corners.

It's in the LR above Hubbs leather recliner. I'm trying to walk the line with my shabby french-y-ness, since I've had to incorporate this dark leather and lots of wood finishes into the LR. At the old house I could be just as white and french-y as I wanted...but I can't do that here. 

This wall decor thing is moving pretty slowly around here. I'd like to do a Gallery Wall on the long hall, but I still need to find more of my prints. I'll also need my daughter's input and an extra set of hands to tackle that project. 

Hope you all are off to a good week,
it's supposed to be in the 50's by the weekend!

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