Tuesday, August 31, 2010


On one of my recent trips to Relics Antique Mall
I found a few items that were "keepers".
You, know, those things you buy because they would look so
wonderful in your booth space,
but never make it?

This large white suitcase was a great find to house some of my jewelry supplies.
I've painted a lot of old suitcases white, but this was in great shape
and older than most white luggage that I've seen.

The gorgeous roses on this embroidered pillow cover were a perfect match
 for the roses in the gold frenchy coverlet.
It's been living out here on the porch.

These quilt squares stopped me in my tracks.
From a very old "Friendship Quilt" here locally in Missouri,
I loved the red and white theme and the floral embroidery.

I think I may eventually make these into pillows
using a loose weave linen fabric that I have.
A good project for a rainy day.

This little starched crocheted hanging heart I've had for a few years.

The light in the sun room just calls out for photographing my goodies.
Everything now goes back to it's place.

I'm linking to Linda at Coastal Charm for

And I hope you will join me Thursday evening Sept.2
for the first 
 Vintage Inspiration Friday.
(info on the sidebar)

Hope you're having a wonderful week.
I'm getting the house ready for fall.
September 1 is my day!

big hugs,

Monday, August 30, 2010

Heads Up for Vintage Inspiration Friday

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to remind you all about the start of our first
Vintage Inspiration Friday.

(source: Pottery Barn)

We all grab inspiration here and there, sometimes we don't even realize it, we just tuck away an idea or thought. I'm hoping we can use this as a time of sharing our sources of inspiration and ideas. Whether it be a magazine, store, photo, person, designer, artist, blog or blogger, recipe, color etc. Let's share our specific ideas and projects for the season...and life.
I know you all are so creative, I'm looking forward to seeing what's out there. What inspires and motivates your decor, lifestyle, business, purchases, plans...? Let's keep it simple, all you have to do is just share what's inspiring you at the moment...next week it will be something else!

So gather your idea for the week,
  I'll have a linky up on Thursday early evening,
 about 5:00 pm CST.

Let's make it fun and easy.
And don't worry if someone else has the same idea.
Make it personal, for you. 

I'd love you to grab the button
to let others know about the fun.

See you Thursday and Friday!

oh, and I'll be having a monthly give away for those who participate,
wooo hooo!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tag...You're It!

I think I'm addicted to this.
Digging in my stash to find what to put together.

These little brass tags are really so much fun to add to the pendant.
Here are two more...

Check out
when you have a minute if you're interested.

Thanks for indulging me!


Friday, August 27, 2010


Relics is a new antique mall in Springfield, which has been a while in the making.
Opening in mid July it has gotten off to a great start.
 As you will see from the following photos,
they are an antique mall in every sense of the word.
They have a lot of variety and diversity of merchandise
 from primitives, retro, to vintage shabby, and everything in between.
There's a lot to see.

They have some policies about what they allow in
so I think that will keep the quality up
and the 80's and 90's garage sale out.

Nothing wrong with that,
I just don't want to see it in an antique mall.
ya know what I mean?
I'm not interested in a used toaster or toilet seat cover.
thanks but no thanks.

This set is really incredible!
a metal dresser and chest.
too cool!

Like I said they have a great mix,
with some "industrial" thrown in.

If I had a spot for this I would have brought it home.
The paint is wonderful!

Wonderful gray armoire.

These spaces are the design work of Robin Gilmore.
She's a super talented gal
and has a fabulous turn of the century mansion here in Springfield,
which she has turned into an event center,
called Ms. Gilmore's.

I just go in here and soak up all the inspiration.

These next few photos are of two spaces of Teresa of Bluebird Vintage,
who not only has mall spaces around the area,
but she hosts a wonderful barn sale each spring on her property.
I've been trying to twist her arm to have a fall show.

I always find great things in her booth.
AND she has wonderful prices!
Thanks, Teresa!

Relics has plans to open a tea room within the mall next year.
I hope they do.
This is a really promising place,
I hope they do well.

Off to water the sad little flowers.
Have a great weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Sweet Spot

I've been busy, busy... but havin' so much fun!

I'm really excited to let all you local friends know
that my necklace pendants have found a spot at
here in Springfield.

What a great vintage display!
LOVE this old suitcase!

Just ask my friend and owner of IH, Debra,
where you can find them.

Be watching for information also about the
 Inspirational Home, Fall Open House.

These are two of the new vintage key pendants
that I just listed in my Etsy Store

Hope you'll have a chance to check out the Etsy Store!

lot's of love,

p.s. don't forget next Thursday Evening September 2,
we'll be starting the Vintage Inspiration Friday
I have some fun news that goes with this...
check out the sidebar button and stay tuned!

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