Monday, May 30, 2011

What I've been up to this weekend...

I love inviting you all into my sunroom;
My 80's "seen better days" sunroom.

It's my fun spot in the house,
where quilts and nic nacs and color schemes change each season.

But guess who I found out here this weekend?

(me on left, Debbie on right)

Deb and her other half, the infamous Cat Daddy,
decided to make a weekend trip up through Oklahoma,
then into Missouri in search of junk gold.
They came by the house,
then we headed out for an Italian dinner.
I haven't laughed and hugged this much for a long time!

If you don't know Debbie,
then please go visit her at Talking Trash.
They are seasoned veterans of Warrenton,
and dealers at Winnie and Tulula's in Athens, Texas.
Talent extraordinaire!!
(and kindred spirits)

The reason I didn't get to spend more time with the dynamic duo
was due to something that had been in the works for awhile.

I've had a great booth space at Spring Creek Antiques and Tea room,
in Ozark Missouri for the last three years.
But it's not an easy place to navigate
 with furniture and tubs of merchandise.

And as some of you know,
I have a little issue with my heart;
a hereditary thingy, which has been kicking up lately.
The result of which has meant letting go of that space.

So Saturday me, hubbs, and daughter #2 Alyson,
headed down to pack it up and move it out.

But as we were about to unload it all in the garage,
I just couldn't make myself let all the "stuff" come back inside.
A quick decision and we were on the road again to Relics
where I have two other spaces.

There just happened to be an available space
 on the same aisle as my other two spots,
so I grabbed it up and we hurriedly put together this new booth;
a little more girly and white.

With 30 minutes left until closing we started unpacking tubs of smalls.
Aly is great at display so she threw it all together in record time.

See the window on the dollhouse here on the upper right?
that's how I felt by 6:00 that evening.
A little "wonky"!

But, thank you Lord, it's not in the garage!!!!

love you all,
off to buy white geraniums...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 39 Scandinavian Design

Most of us are aware of the current influences of Scandinavian design.
Anyone who dabbles in the world of "white and chippy"
 is familiar with at least a few of their blogs. 

Whether you are a full blown devotee, or like me, 
one who loves white and neutrals as a base,
we all can find something from their aesthetic
 that can be appreciated and incorporated
into our own personal design philosophy.

Here are just a sampling of blogs that I personally find as favorites.

Inspiration i vitt

l antlif

(which literally means "flower stand")

I have to say that of all the Scandinavian blogs this is my favorite.
The flea market vibe and the colorful use of plants and blooms
 gives me a lift each time I go there.

I think I'm more attracted to the French influence in their design:
slightly more elegant and curvy.

I'm not a stark and minimalist kind of gal,
but I do appreciate the clean, vintage look.

Let us know what you think...
Are you influenced by the current
Scandinavian Country look?

There are so many wonderful and creative posts
from last week that it's hard to just choose four,
Gosh, I could feature 10 or 15 of you easy each week!

Faye at Wild Rose Vintage
found some rose dish beauties at an Old Barn Sale

Rosemary at Villa Barnes
found some cuckoo clock elements for an

Terry from Forever Decorating
 showed us how she designed her Garden Cupola

and Deneen from dreamingincolor
showed us how to take a trash chandelier
and turn it into the perfect dessert tray

I'm linking up with these gals for Friday Parties:

Hope you can join the party today at
Vintage Inspiration Friday
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"

and you have until May 29 to enter my May Give Away,

lots of love,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it just me...?

Blogger aka Google
seems to be at it again.
For the last 2 days I've been trying to comment on blogs
and not being able to...

but I've just now learned something interesting.
Instead of choosing "Google Account"
just choose "anonymous".
then leave your blog name.

While I may not be doing the "Happy Dance"
at least we can adapt until they can get it fixed!!

See ya tomorrow with

love ya,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Comfort of White

I was hoping to share some outside photos of the flowers on my back deck,
but the storms of the last few days have them beaten down and sad.

My heart is still heavy over the loss that has occurred in our area.
We have a beautiful sunny day today,
but they are saying that it could cause more storms to "fire up" this evening.

Late Spring is a beautiful time of the year,
but the threat of tornadoes and storms
are always in the back of our mind.

I collect old frames of every shape and size;
you never know when an opportunity will come along
to frame some sweet prints or book pages.

This is a page of a wedding album
The white roses and sweet verse about May
sent me searching thru my stash.

And the little antique gift book
expresses my thoughts today,
for all those who are facing tragedy and loss.

(Photo Feature Friday)

A little antique drawstring purse
that is aged, but still so sweet.

Lacey, leafy ironwork on the back of the baker's rack...

And some angel vine in a cottage teapot.

I buy anything that resembles a birdhouse.
A whitewash for Spring and it's heading outside. 

an image from a Catholic church in Joplin, Missouri.

Thank you each and every one of you,
who left such sweet comments and prayers
on my last post.
Bless You!


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