Friday, January 27, 2012

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 74 Sunburst Mirrors

So...what comes to mind when you see these next few images
 of Sunburst, or Starburst Mirrors?

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

do you think fabulous and hip,
 or do you think retro and ho hum...?

I grew up in the 60's, and when I first started seeing these
reappearing on the home decor scene
I shuddered and grimaced. 

But take a look at this article from the
Winter 2011 Edition of Romantic Country Magazine
(yes, put your cute little readers on!)

according to RC I needed to take a second look
and then learn a little "history".

This article says that during the French Revolution 
antique dealers re-purposed church possessions for their own use.

(I think this translates as pillage and confiscate...)
but I DO have to admit that some of the new styles 
ARE reminiscent of old French antiquities.
Are you interested?

 this subject to be continued ...

but for now, let's see what was happening last week:

Kristin from Sophia's shared her daughter's adorable new room
with an amazing bed, settee, and dresser; just beautiful!
This is a wonderful blog, you need to run by and see for yourself,
Kristin is soooo talented!

Linda from Nina's Nest shared her d-i-l's great take
on Subway Signs. just love this!

Denise from Pink Postcard shared her very first upholstered chair,
and she did a great job!

I collect vintage candy boxes, so Robin's (from Highpoint Circle ) wonderful
Godiva Valentine Heart boxes have me on the hunt for more!

There are times when my blog visits take me back in time
 and bring sweet memories to transport me to my childhood.
Such was the visit to Laurie's farmhouse for a  "wintry gift".
(I grew up in an 1840's farmhouse with an old barn,
so these photos of Laurie's place just took my breath away!)

What a perfect photo!

OK now, what's been inspiring YOU this week?
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"

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to be able to link to the party

And remember February 9-12
for the Vintage Valentine Party!

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  1. Just try and buy a sunburst at an auction...I double dog dare you. Decorators snap them up like they are solid gold here in Dallas and have for the past 10 years. I can't even get a whiff of one...though I try!

  2. Hello Debra, I enjoyed today post and enjoyed the pic's. I been trying to link up but having a problem. I hope I didnt try too much. Or caused any problems on your link. Have a great evening.....Tallulah

  3. Love the mirrors! I remember them the first time around! Does that make me vintage? lol Thanks for hosting!...hugs...Debbie

  4. They are beautiful and the last photo really is perfect!! I tried to link up but I get a message saying my post doesn't have a backlink, but it does so I'm not sure what the problem is.

  5. I've got the same problem with the backlink issue. On a side note, LOVE the sunbursts. I never used to like them, but people are using them so well nowadays that I can't help it. They feel so new and fun now. :)

  6. Great post! I love sunburst/starburst mirrors! When I see them I think retro and cool and hip all at the same time! No ho hum about it! I love them so much I linked a DIY Starburst Tutorial for anyone else who loves them and would like to make one. Thanks for hosting the party ~ Barbara

  7. Love those mirrors! Thanks for hosting Debra!

  8. I see those mirrors everywhere! They are so chic. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home and thank you for hosting!

  9. Thanks so much for featuring my daughter's bedroom and for your sweet comments! I feel honored! I just love those wintery barn pictures too...I grew up on a dairy farm with old barns so these images bring back a lot of memories!

    Thanks again for hosting,


  10. love the features today, debra:) thanks for hosting!

  11. Oh I LOVE sunburst mirrors...I have a Minnie Size one and Love it.. Just finished linking up the DIY Mason Jar Pin Cushion.. I just started a new linky party called FURSday devoted to all things FURRY in our lives... Old and New post are welcome..

  12. Beautiful features, specially Sophia's daughter's bed. I love those mirrors, my MIL had a gorgeous one, but unfortunately she left it to another son, lol!
    Thank you for hosting. Hugs,

  13. Having dealt in French antiques for a while now, I think French when I see these great mirrors. I have a couple myself, and I think they are timeless. Yes, the history is fascinating.

  14. I loved Laurie's post as was beautiful..just like she is! Thanks for hosting this lovely party!

  15. Thanks so much for featuring my DIL's subway art. Also, thanks for hosting the party....I always enjoy it. Love your blog header, too. Linda

  16. Hi Debra... I actually have one very similar to the 4th one down... it was my family's when I was a little girl... when we sorted through my daddy's things, no one else wanted it... I could not bear to see it go to the trash so I brought it home and right now it lives in my craftsroom closet... time to bring it out!... It holds so many memories for me as well... as YES, I ALWAYS have my cute little readers on or I would not be able to see if you were showing me a clock or a lawnmower!... I even have the little necklace thingy that holds them...(I even found a blingy one!) yep, I am not ashamed of that either!!! Makes it easy to type and take them off and on... xoxo Julie Marie PS Maybe you could make some cute little thingies to hold readers for your shop and bling them up??? I would order the first one!

  17. I am just swooning over your pretty banner! I want to live on that wonderful porch of yours! Thank you for hosting Debra, xo, Andrea

  18. Great mirrors. Nice features too. Thanks for hosting.

  19. Hi Debra,

    To be honest, I'm not all that into sunburst mirrors...maybe one day! :)

    Love all the vintage inspiration on your page/link ups. And your VDay inspired header is just so pretty! :)

    Thank you kindly for hosting, it's a delight to link up!


  20. Thank you for hosting. BTW, I love your new header, so pretty! Little Bit from

  21. I have been looking for another starburst mirror that doesn't break the bank. The nice ones are so expensive. Thanks for hosting.

  22. Wonderful inspirations here! Thanks so much for hosting.

  23. I remember them from when I was a kid, after that I thought they were I kind of like them again...funny how that goes!
    Thanks for hosting!

  24. Great features Debra I love the barn photo. The snow looks so peaceful. Thanks again for another great linky party. Who'd a thunk those crazy mirrors would be back in style?

  25. The mirrors are great. I don't see them too often but they sure make a wonderful statement. Cottage and Creek is all linked up. Thanks for hosting, Debra.

  26. Oh I just love the retro look. I want a sunburst clock but alas..... I have no more wall space!! Wait.... Maybe I could build a "false wall"!! LOL!! Just kidding!!
    Have a Great Day!

  27. I love the features from last week. I also love your header. Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  28. I LOVE sunburst mirrors. I want to get one but am waiting until I find that perfect one - it's out there somewhere, I know it is!!

    Thank you so much for hosting!


  29. I love seeing the Star Burst, we had a Large Black Starburst Clock that hung above our fireplace when I was growing up {60's) it brings back Sweet memories.... I also Love little Sophia's bed, how incredible is that & of course Laurie's Beautiful Snowy barn photo, Such wonderful photos.... Have a great weekend~

  30. Love the star-burst mirrors! The features are all just fabulous! Thanks for hosting!

  31. I so remember my mother's starburst clock. I so wish that I had it..funny how i never really appreciated then when you are young..Looking for that affordable Starburst Mirror! Thank you for hosting..

  32. Thanks for the party! Have to run tonight but will be back to visit some links.

    bee blessed

  33. Love the new header Debra!
    Love all the versions of these...did the Brady's have one in their house?!

  34. Sorry Debra, #6 needs to removed, long story, but it is not a working link. Thank you, and sorry again.

  35. Great features. Thanks tons for being such a gracious hostess. Hugs, Marty

  36. Ah. The sunburst mirrors. They don't glow for me like some other vintage mirrors, but they have their place! Thanks for hosting! andrea@townandprairie

  37. Hi Debra, Great features this week. I must be vintage because I remember my mom had the clock in your last picture. Thanks for hosting. Hugs, Sherry

  38. One set of grand parents had the sunburst clock with the wood rays. I cannot say it would be a favorite but recently saw something at a home store that was quite striking but still not my style.

  39. Yes, I was thinking the same thing about star burst mirrors. Nice to read this history. Guess I'll appreciate them more. LOL
    Great features. Love Pink Postcard's chair, and I'm also one who likes vintage candy boxes. Some of my favorites are really not so vintage, but are no longer produced. They were "art" boxes made by a chocolate company. The company was bought out by a large company and the "art" boxes are no more. Really makes me treasure the ones I have. ~ Sarah

  40. There are sunburst mirrors and there are SUNBURST mirrors! You've shown some nice samples. Thanks once again Debra! xx

  41. I am rethinking the Sunburst mirrors...I'm like you... They were so 60's and 70's... but I think they are looking good in this article. :)

    Thank you for hosting! :)


  42. Hey Debra! Thank you so much for featuring my old barn this week! What a nice surprise! I'm so glad that it brought back some fond memories for you, sweetie! :) Oh....and I'm LUVING your new Valentine header! Beautiful!!

    xoxo laurie

  43. Thank you so much for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  44. My grandma had a sunburst mirror so your post brought back some great memories. Love your new header! Thanks for hosting, Debra.

  45. All linked up my friend! Fantastic features and we so appreciate you hosting us! :-)

  46. I have a sunburst in my guest room. I don't want houseful, but that one looks great there.

  47. Thanks, Debra, so much for an awesome party as always!

    I linked up a couple of projects, including the latest I'm proud of--my thrift-store knock-off of Anthro's Trinket and Treasure Candlesticks (#146).

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    ~Abbie (

  48. Love sunburst mirrors! Was browsing Etsy tonight and came across these vintage crosses. I'm not sure whether or not the price is good, but I didn't know if you would be interested, so I thought I would pass along the link. ;o)

  49. Thank you so much Debra!!! Such an honor to be featured here! Have a great weekend.

  50. Awesome features. Thanks for hosting a great party.

  51. Wonderful collecion of sunbursts!

  52. Thanks for hosting. Love the mirrors. Lots to read.

  53. Sunburst Mirror, good reminder of sunshine and summers. Thanks for hosting.

  54. Thank you for hosting. I love sunburst mirrors...they are lovely but NOT as lovely as the last picture with the snow and the red barn! I am heading over there to see more! Have a great weekend!


  55. How funny , my Mom had that 3rd starburst and wall sconces to match in the 1960's. I remember them well.also you see them everywhere now like it's something new

    thanks for bringing back memories of MOM

  56. Remember I do, always love the starburst mirrors! I linked up a rustic paint stick starburst! Thanks for hosting and really like your Header changes, I'm too chicken!

  57. Okay, we HAD that sunburst clock on the bottom, and I HATED it!! But on a happier note I do find the sunburst mirrors to be much more appealing. I love that bed you featured too!!

  58. I love mirrors and star burst mirrors do bring back my youth too. I have one in my link today too funny enough. Thanks for hosting:)

  59. Love your sunburst mirror inspirations!! Thanks for hosting! :)

  60. Fabulous features Deborah! Thanx for hosting and cant wait to see what you are up to!

  61. Thank you for hosting! I am in love with the mirror trend too! Thanks for all of the ideas!

  62. Just had to thank you once again for featuring my hearts from highpointcircle and I am so sorry this is so late in coming--I was away for a bit. You are a generous soul.


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