Monday, January 2, 2012

Can you guess where this is going...?

I love the use of the "double entrende"...

I found this great frenchy burlap runner this Fall at Robin's and knew that it would end up on my Dining Room table after Christmas. But I also knew that once it was there, you wouldn't be able to see the wonderful graphics, so here it is draped across one of my slipcovered chairs in the Living Room.

Very heavy linen-y hemp-y burlap-y goodness.
So here is where the fun "other meaning" comes in...
look in the lower right corner.

My little companion, the burlap addict. 

Her brain is being taken over by the desire for burlap indulgence.

"Hmmm....what's my  next move?
Hey mom, don't you have someplace else to be?"


So, once I removed the slobbering mess,
the burlap went to it's proper destination.
sans cat.

I'm trying to transition from Christmas to "Winter"
more later from the zoo...

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  1. Debra:

    Love the burlap runner in your dining room. Also love the chair that the burlap is lying on, is that a slipcovered chair with ruffle? It is gorgeous!

    Have a great day!

  2. It must be the smell of the burlap, I had a long length wrapped around for a tree skirt, but, soon found that my weiner dog was wee weeing on it. So much for that!

  3. Beautiful, Debra! I love it on your dining table. Your kitty has taste for the finer things, I see! :) My new kitten would just about shred it to bits. Ask my sweater. hehe

    Happy New Year!

  4. Oh I love that piece....always have!So many ways to use it....I know how you feel about trying to rid of Christmas and decorate for winter..not easy is it? x0x0

  5. I love burlap accents mixed with the elegant. Your table looks lovely. I'm still working on ideas for a transition to a winter tablescape. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. think that adorable cat needs a burlap bed made just for kitty...........btw nice find!!

  7. Beautiful runner and kitty is so cute! Good luck keeping kitty off of the table!

  8. The runner is fabulous, love it and your little kitty is so precious. Great pics. I love your table display, it is so pretty. I need to work on a few here. Hugs, Marty

  9. Love it Debra, you just can't go wrong with burlap!

  10. What is it about burlap? It's so versatile. I bet that cat will be creepin up on that table next time you are away, just sneakin an indulgent wallow all over your table. ;) Hehe.

  11. That is hysterical!!!! It reminds me of the time I placed a fur throw draped just so on my sofa. I went out to water my flower garden and when I came back in my dogs had drug it off the sofa and onto the floor where one was laying on each end!!! Needless to say that was the end of the fur throw on the sofa. The vignette on your dining room table with your new burlap table runner is gorgeous!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  12. This reminded me of our Bentley...he loves a pile of freshly dried clothes....he rolls around, and snorts, having a wonderful time....don't tell anybody...but sometimes...I just let it sit on the couch for awhile for him to enjoy...shhh, our secret!

  13. Ooh, wonderful burlap runner, and I love the paperwhites!

  14. Adore the burlap as a runner and a throw! It's so versatile! You table is gorgeous! Mine has a revamped dough bowl, but nothing other than that as it is still in daily use for a few more days til all my company leaves!

  15. Love the burlap runner! I have one very similar...use it everywhere :) How did you get yours so smooth, did you iron it?
    Love that sweet kitty :)

  16. Your burlap piece reminds me of my burlap floor cloth in my kitchen that I got from French Larkspur. I bet you could use it that way too if it is 3x5. Mine has different lettering on it, but otherwise looks the same. I like it on your table too. Your centerpiece looks very pretty on top of it.

  17. Just beautiful! I'm trying to get inspired to get moving on changing some things out! Your pictures are such a help!!

  18. I love it. Beautiful.

    Hugs Bente

  19. Wow, that last shot of your dining table is stunning! Truly magazine- or showroom-worthy! Cute kitty, too -- ours would definitely love burlap.

  20. Beautiful find! I like it draped across the chair as well as on the table. By the way, your centerpiece is fabulous!

  21. Hey Debra,
    What a cute post. My kitties seem to love on burlap too, wonder what's up with that!

    Love love beautiful runner. Kitty has good taste.


  22. Love the kitty action! Such a lovely addition to your home.

  23. Beautiful Table Runner and adorable kitty! Your dining room looks fantastic! XO Cindy

  24. DEBRA!!!!!

    Sorry, I have been SO Busy, I haven't had time to Catch up!

    I LOVE this post! Not only do I love the Burlap Runner and have something similar,,but I love your kitty,,,in 7th Heaven, no doubt!

    I used,,,well still do, but "She's not making linens like she USED to",,,LOVE April Cornell's tablecloth's and Runners......Each one was a piece of Art,,,,

    I used to buy them at Joyworks (the shop I work in, as you know) and laugh/smile a bit ans say "Holly kitty is going to LOVE this on the diningroom table!" She TRULY knew when I put something new out,,,,,,and assumed, ahem, I'd bought it for HER!

    I know, hard to keep them "off." But these days, I wish that was my biggest problem with her :(
    She's getting Senile and wasting away....

    I hope you had a GREAT Holiday, it appears you are looking foward to the New Year as much as I am!

    Having a little EARLY Valentine Giveaway, if you want to stop over!

    Oh, Big Loves to YOU and ALL of yours, including the Fuzzy Ones!! Happy New Year!

    Hugs, Love and an OFTEN Fuzz and/or Glittered "Bus" on the Cheek!


  25. Hi Debra, What an adorable little kitty you have there. Aren't they so much fun when they just sorta lounge around enjoying the same things that we enjoy? I often say i would come back as a cat! Your table looks great. I have been trying to figure what I will do with mine this winter, and I love your ideas. Your always an inspiration.

  26. What a cute post!! Your kitty is not the only one with Burlap Love...The runner is spectacular and I love your tablescape. I am trying to decide what to do with my dirning room table too.

  27. My cats do the same thing with burlap, Debra! I think it's the smell or the scratchyness or something. lol! I did my de-Christmasing a couple days ago and did some winterizing around the house, too. :) It's nice to keep a little juniper and pines around!

    xoxo laurie

  28. Oh! That is so pretty! I just love your table runner (and your burlap addict, too)! LOL!

  29. I love your runner, in fact I had the same one, but left it outside too long and it's toast now. The runner looks fantastic in your dining room! Hmmmm, I need to find another one now! Your kitty is adorable!

  30. Do let her play on the table....please.

  31. Very nice! I love how thick it is!

  32. Ohhh, just beautiful, I could slobber all over it too. The whole room looks delicious!
    I just love your centerpiece, but I think I have told you that before. Now it is even better!

  33. I really like the burlap with the white potted plants and great centerpiece. I also like that you haven't abandoned Winter and jumped into Spring like so many of the store displays have done. It is still WINTER. I'm working on a burlap inspired table for a party on January 14, so this was a good reminder at how elegant it can look. Thanks for sharing. CJ

  34. That is a great burlap runner and it looks wonderful on your beautiful table.

    Isn't it fun to play around with your stuff after Christmas is over?

  35. I LOVE your style!!! I totally want you to stop by and join my link party that just opened!!!

    XO, Aimee

  36. That is too sweet. I wonder what the fascination with burlap is. Your kitty is too cute and I love, love the table. It looks divine. I just put an ironstone pitcher on mine, but I am thinking about paperwhites now that I see yours.

  37. I love cats and their quirky personalities. How sweet. Love what you did with your bag. Hmm...I have a few of those laying around...

  38. Oooh, Debra, it's LOVELY!!! You lucky thing!

    I'm feeling very jealous that I can't enter your Shabby Apple giveaway...but will console myself by looking at your other blog now!!


  39. You know you'll always get me when you show your babies. ahhhh too cute but I know what you mean don't they just love something new in the radar they go right to it. I have the same piece and for some reason Nigella hasn't found it yet. YET!

    Happy New Year


  40. I love the runner! the kitty is funny though with rolling in the burlap. ha ha xoxo, tracie

  41. I have worked with burlap a couple of times and every time my kitties drive me nuts! It cracks me up. Like it's catnip or something. :) The runner is totally cute too. :)


  42. I love burlap myself. I bought an old coffee bean sack to cut up and use for a project months ago and it has found "residence" draped over a chair in my home too. I can't bear to cut it up at this point. I guess I'll go purchase another one.

  43. Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous!! Thanks for linking.

  44. I'm so behind in my blog reading! Ah, comfy kitty. The burlap is simply stunning. Thank you for sharing. Hope you're having a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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