Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage Inspiration Friday #72 Antique Heart Charms

I have to tell you the truth, this has been a busy week.
 With announcing my opening Common Ground 
My little pea brain has been in a whirlwind...

So when I saw this feature in the February issue of
Martha Stewart Living
I knew I had to share it with you.

I totally fell in love with these images of vintage jewelry hearts (in a heart)

"Charmed, I'm sure..."

When I was young we all had a charm bracelet that told our stories.
Oh how I'd love to find a stash of these now!
Bring back memories?
So let's see what was happening last week...

Holly at Down to Earth Style has redone her mantle for winter
with a nature inspired theme. Love the window screen and sign.

Barbara Jean from Treasures from the Heart has found the sweetest spot
for a little nest...her coin purse!

If you want to have your socks knocked off then
be sure and check out the house reno at Classic Casual Home

Dana over at Circa Dee found a new toy this Christmas
check out using it to make some great vintage look signs.

 Linda from It All Started with Paint shows off some of her 
mad crafting and painting skills in her wonderful Entry.

AND,You all know how much I love me some sheep,
well, go check out the funny story about painting these adorable guys
over at Pumpkin Pie Painter, really a cute post!

New Year and some new things happening here. I switched to the format of requiring a "link back" to my blog in your VIF party posts. I know it takes a few minutes to do this, but I join lots of parties too, so I have to do it as well. Besides, it's only right that if we link to a party that we give the hostess a nod for joining in. So please be sure there is a link back in your post, otherwise you won't be able to link up. (insert smiley and happy face)

Love you guys bunches, thanks so much for partying over here. I may not get to leave  a comment on every blog, but I do try to drop by. Thanks for making Vintage Inspiration such a success!

And remember, you have until Saturday Night January 14

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  1. Hi Debra, the charms are sweet and I love the moose sign. Thanks for be the host with the most. hugs♥O

  2. What adorable charms! I love charm bracelets. Thank you for hosting and joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  3. I still have my charm bracelet! After seeing this post, I'm thinking I need to add a few heart charms to it and start wearing it again.


  4. Debra, I love the charm bracelet....still have mine from years ago!

    Thanks for hosting.


  5. Debra, THANK YOU so much for mentioning our renovation. Very kind! Love the charm bracelet! And I have always wanted to have a heart necklace.

  6. Hello Debra, This has been a whirlwind week! I can't believe we've nearly finished 2 weeks into the new year! Congratulations on all the good things going your way! God Bless,

  7. I love charm bracelets on others- the clinking on my wrist drives me nuts and get in my way. I talk WAY too much with my hands, I guess! LOL I am seeing some great entries as I peruse down the list. Thanks so much for hosting, Debra. hugs, Sue

  8. Love the little hearts! Great features! Thanks for hosting!...hugs...Debbie

  9. love all the features
    and all linked up for the week!


  10. You always pick the most beautiful features Debra. Each one unique and lovely. Thank you for hosting! Always love being part of the Friday party group with you!


  11. Great features and thank you so much for hosting each week!

  12. Deborah, we all love you too! I haven't had as much time to junk, sew, craft, goof-off, or post lately, but I always try to join when I have an appropriate post. This is one of my favorite parties.

  13. Yes, I am charmed by your post! Thank you for being a gracious hostess and for linking to Potpourri Friday!

  14. I adore those little hearts so! Thank you for hosting us every week!
    xo, Andrea

  15. I love the hearts! Martha does find good stuff! I hope your week slows down so you can relax!
    Hugs, Lisa
    ps I had to start a new blog my other one was hacked please visit when you get a chance

  16. Love those charms! Thanks for hosting.

    Susan and Bentley

  17. I love charm bracelets - and those hearts are fab! Linking up again - thanks!

  18. Hi Girlie
    So much going on around here!
    Love the heart charms
    Talk to you soon
    Love ya

  19. Hi Debra! I saw that MSL issue and thought the same thing! I love a charm bracelet and that one is wonderful. Wouldn't it be awesome to have all of those vintage charms in your stash? Thanks for the party! t.xoxoxo

  20. Debra, I love charm bracelets and this one is wonderful! You always have the greatest features! Thanks for hosting this weekly party!

  21. I look forward to checking all the blogs out!

  22. Debra, so sorry I'm so late to the party ... crazy day here! But thank you so much for including my entry in the features. I'm honored and humbled to be pictured alongside such talented women! And I'll be linking up ... hmmm ... I don't think I've shared my drop cloth pillow yet here ...


  23. Debra, the vintage jewelry is beautiful. In fact, I'm wearing one of your necklaces as I write this. Thanks for hosting!

  24. Hi Debra,
    Oh, do I Love that first photo of the Hearts
    all in a Heart.... Perfect! I am so happy
    that I am able to participate again, been awhile
    & glad to be back at the computer~ PS, I made
    another Snow Person "Snowbody" all vintage & Fun
    I had such a blast creating yours, I did it again,
    It's a Give~Away, a Celebration for being back
    online~ Hope you will stop by!

  25. Debra,
    congrats on your new ventures. May they all be successful and may you be richly blessed in all you do.

  26. Hi lovely lady.
    I love looking at all your photos you post. I would like to thank you for having your linky party ever week.
    XXOO Diane

  27. Thank you for being the hostess with the mostest, Debra!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  28. I have my charm bracelet from my youth - it has several hearts on it including 5 tiny hearts that spell out my name which was a gift from my father one Valentine's Day in the 1950s. Thanks for hosting one of my favorite parties. Sally

  29. I think anyone who hosts a party each week definitely deserves to have her blog acknowledged. I try to always do that, although a few times I've forgotten. Re: charm bracelets, I still have mines from the 60s, no hearts but great charms from many places around the US that I visited. Thanks for hostessing the party, I linked about something I copied from my Pinterest boards. Hugs ~ Mary

  30. Thanks so much for hosting! Happy New Year!

  31. I love the Martha's heart collage, and esp. the charm braclets. Thanks for hosting the party. I love your banner. Kathy

  32. Hi Debra, You are such a gracious host. Love the parties and viewing the links, Kathy


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