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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fashion Finds for Summer

Hi Friends, just wanted to share a little post on some Fun Summer Fashion I've found. I love to go shopping, but lately I've let my fingers do the walking and just browse around the Internet. That can lead to finding some great pieces, and some trendy boutique items that are still at good prices. This isn't a sponsored post, just sharing some things I like and have purchased. I love to see what you all are wearing and get some ideas for myself. 

I like a bigger bag, no matter what the season. I have a lot of "stuff" that I seem to need to carry around with me: make-up, meds, contact lens paraphernalia, phone, glasses, sometimes a camera... the list goes on and on. I also like to change out my purses to match my outfit; color coordinate, especially in Spring and Summer when I tend to wear brighter colors.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I guess I'm on board...

I've been showing my age this week by admitting
 that Sunburst Mirrors are a throwback to my youth. 
Even as a little kid, I much preferred antiques to trends.

But I have to admit that the resurgence of this particular design 
has been swaying me a little.

They're starting to look good...
really good...
and I decided that I wanted to get on board of the train.

My older daughter does trends "well".
She knows when to jump in,
and in a conversation just yesterday she said,
"Mom, you might as well go for it,
cause you're going to end up liking them anyway,
Don't be late to the party."

I like how the design can go from these more formal rooms...

to a more "informal" setting.
Classic or trendy...

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

and made from some alternative sources...

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

I guess they are a decor accessory that's here to stay...
at least for awhile.

I'll show you where mine is going next week!

Don't forget Vintage Inspiration is still going strong,
just scroll down to the next post.


Vintage Inspiration Friday # 74 Sunburst Mirrors

So...what comes to mind when you see these next few images
 of Sunburst, or Starburst Mirrors?

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

do you think fabulous and hip,
 or do you think retro and ho hum...?

I grew up in the 60's, and when I first started seeing these
reappearing on the home decor scene
I shuddered and grimaced. 

But take a look at this article from the
Winter 2011 Edition of Romantic Country Magazine
(yes, put your cute little readers on!)

according to RC I needed to take a second look
and then learn a little "history".

This article says that during the French Revolution 
antique dealers re-purposed church possessions for their own use.

(I think this translates as pillage and confiscate...)
but I DO have to admit that some of the new styles 
ARE reminiscent of old French antiquities.
Are you interested?

 this subject to be continued ...

but for now, let's see what was happening last week:

Kristin from Sophia's shared her daughter's adorable new room
with an amazing bed, settee, and dresser; just beautiful!
This is a wonderful blog, you need to run by and see for yourself,
Kristin is soooo talented!

Linda from Nina's Nest shared her d-i-l's great take
on Subway Signs. just love this!

Denise from Pink Postcard shared her very first upholstered chair,
and she did a great job!

I collect vintage candy boxes, so Robin's (from Highpoint Circle ) wonderful
Godiva Valentine Heart boxes have me on the hunt for more!

There are times when my blog visits take me back in time
 and bring sweet memories to transport me to my childhood.
Such was the visit to Laurie's farmhouse for a  "wintry gift".
(I grew up in an 1840's farmhouse with an old barn,
so these photos of Laurie's place just took my breath away!)

What a perfect photo!

OK now, what's been inspiring YOU this week?
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"

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to be able to link to the party

And remember February 9-12
for the Vintage Valentine Party!

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