Tuesday, December 1, 2009

White Wednesday, Step Inside the Seed Box Open House

Welcome back!
I hope you're ready for more of the photos from

 It's so mean to have made you all wait for these. It's like being given two bites of a delicious dessert and then the waiter grabs it away from you and says, "Sorry, you have to wait until next week for the rest". Mean, mean, mean. I think we went around in circles at least three times, and we still didn't "see" it all. Meloney is just an amazing decorator! Look close for some great ideas for display. Find the "Part One" here.

The lighting was low and it was in the evening, so I apologize for the quality of some of the photos. I had to use a flash on most of the pictures, but this one of a tree in the entry I liked without the flash. The silhouettes against the lights and white tree were just beautiful.


Living Room

This pottery is just amazing!

This is one of my favorite ideas.
Urns with branches and Christmas bulbs.

Another cupboard with more white pottery

Chalkboard wall in a bedroom

Ceiling in the bathroom papered with old book pages,
 and the gorgeous tin "molding".

Kenda, her daughter Olivia,
and Carolyn were my " buds"  for the evening!

Please go see all the other "White Wednesday"
at Faded Charm and say "Hi" to Kathleen!

Hope you all are having fun
with all the Christmas decorating...

Most everything is in place and
I'm about ready to get to "clean up" mode.
Blessings to all...HO HO HO!!


  1. love love love love the kitchen - and that bedroom with the chalkboards!!!

    awesome images!!

    thank you so much for sharing ..

    troy & rod

  2. I love everything...wow! chippy white, cozy, shabby rustic too.

  3. Debra, worth the wait my dear! OMG how sweet are all these beauties. Love them all, my favorite is Ceiling in the bathroom papered with old book pages, and the gorgeous tin "molding". Thanks and can't wait for more! Love to all!

  4. Hey Deb. What a fun evening full of lots of creative ideas.

    I hope your doing well. I hope to post this week. I've printed out the bible study posts from yesterday and plan on enjoying them tonight.

    Hugs & Love Dear Deb!!!
    Tracy :)

  5. This was a feast for the eyes, Debra! There wasn't one picture, or one room I wasn't fascinated by!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. OMG, Mel and Brian's house is super awesome, she's really changed it a lot. Just gorgeous!!

  7. I would be bumping into everything just staring up at that ceiling. Makes my arms ache just thinking about trying to replicate it. Nope, I can't even go there. It would kill me. I'll just have to be happy looking at Mel's!

  8. I love all that pottery and the pots and the white, chippy furniture and the wig heads and the EVERYTHING! Lucky you to get to go and see everything live and in person. Thank you for sharing. Indeed, if you came to Texas, I'd share my mason jar with you! he he he ~Mindy

  9. Love all those display cabinet!!! Man oh man! Storage too!How much fun is that?

  10. I love it ALL Debra!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to take these photos to share with us ~ I so wish I could visit! xxoo, Dawn

  11. OMG Deb...what a treat! I've missed so many of your posts....I just did a quick run thru..... your killing me with all this great "stuff"...it's really wonderful...so many great ideas. The book paper ceiling it super.

  12. Oh wow, I love the pottery and the kitchen!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing.


  13. OMG! Beautiful and very unique display ideas. Love the chalboard in the bedroom!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Holidays~

  14. Seriously WOW!!! Love all of the chippy white (duh)! That ceiling with the old book pages is so cool...what an incredible amount of creativity everywhere!!

    :) T

  15. What fun!! It is all just so pretty.
    I would love to see it in person!

  16. Love it, love it, love it!!! She is really amazing. I want my house to look just like that! Thank you so much Debra for taking us along.

  17. Oh, my...I love it all, thanks for sharing! I first heard of Seed Box Antiques this fall from the blogs at the Texas Shows, and I was immediately drawn to their style...their booth was one of my favorites! I'm definitely a fan! Isn't this just so much fun!

    Have a blessed week!

  18. What soft, beautiful creams and whites Miss Debra.
    Your photos just made me relax!

    Now I am sleepy,


  19. Debra,
    Just read about the sweet care package you mailed to Fiona. How lovely! What a treasure you are! Love in a box is what you need to call it. And love the shop! So beautifully decorated.

  20. You ARE mean, shame on you for making us wait!

    j/k, WOW, I hardly know where to start! I love the urns with the branches and bulbs, and the papered ceiling. Guess that's the classy way to do your reading in the loo!

    I pooped out for a 5 hour nap this evening, so I'm sorry if you tried to call and missed me. I should be back in action tomorrow.
    Love ya! XOX,

  21. Thank you Ms. Debra for stopping by !! I like, no no, adore, no that's not it. I lOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the pictures!! Simply Divine!!

  22. I just L-O-V-E Brian and Melony!!!
    They always have amazing stuff.
    SoOO jealous that you got to go and I didn't...sniff...sniff.

  23. Oh Debra...this is just beautiful! I can't say which room is my favorite as I love them all!!!
    I love love LOVE your banner photo also! I need to go catch up and read what I've missed for the past 2 weeks...I am soooo lonesome for you!!!!
    I'm going catch up...I feel like it's Christmas!!! ;)
    everything vintage

  24. what an incredible place!!! thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Debra!

  25. Thank you for the beautiful tour! So many beautiful pictures and such wonderful inspiration! I've got to copy that chalkboard idea. :)

  26. So.........do you think anyone would notice my sudden appearance in the house? I REALLY think I see my name written above the bed on the left.

    Yep...I'm certain my name is there...

    GORGEOUSNESS!!! Thank You for gettin' me droolin'!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. OMG Debra! These pictures and the previous post are just FAB!! Hope your holiday decorating is going well! Andrea

  28. Wow that was a treat! Just gorgeous...every detail!

  29. I love everything!
    I can't get over the booked pages on the ceiling!
    I also love the chalkboard wall behind the twin beds!
    This is one really creative place...If I lived closer...it would be a favorite of mine!
    Hope you are doing well...I haven't heard from you in a bit...It looks like your busy!
    Take care...I am thinking about you...donna

  30. Debra,
    I really like the kitchen area. Great pictures, would have loved to visit. Did you see I was having a little gift drawing this coming Friday?

  31. The inside is even more fabulous! I like the idea of the chalkboard wall. I love all the white, but think I'd have to throw i some color somewhere somehow!

  32. Hi Deb~ Thanks for stopping by, If you give a moose a muffin is a chidrens book that goes if you give amoose a muffin he'll want some jam and that leads to him needing more and more things( like the snowball effect!) I love all of the pics of the seed box open house- you go to so many great places, I live vicariously through you! Thanks for that! Time to tweek! ~ Theresa

  33. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful! Each picture gets prettier and prettier! Love it!


  34. Hi Deb
    WOW that's all I can say...cooool stuff. Love the cained chair and all the pottery and....
    Hope your Christmas season has started off well with you

  35. Yummy, yummy creams and browns. I love this look, so soothing and calming! I'm afraid though, that if I tried it....color would begin to s-l-o-w-l-y seep in. :D Their home is just gorgeous though!

    yapping cat


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