Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Mad for Plaid in the Sunroom

Ahhhh, magazine inspiration.
 Here are a few magazine photos
that have given me some ideas
for my winter sunroom.

Toile and tartan plaid, what a great
and love that green wicker.

country living magazine

Americana and the fresh scent of greens.

country living magazine

Plaid throws and twig furniture,

country living magazine

Pillows, baskets, suitcases, and thermoses.

country living magazine

Great for fall into winter

country living magazine

Even as a mailbox or Christmas card holder.

country home magazine

Cozy and comfortable, warm and inviting.

country living magazine

These are just a few of the elements
 that have inspired my sunroom this winter.

Quilts and blankets to cuddle in...

And a lantern for a warm winter glow.

My picnic tin and the table my Daddy built for me.

Transferware and toile speak the same language to me.

Now, let's pour a cup of Theresa's spiced tea...

While the sun streams in.

Cozy vintage wool throws...

can keep you comfy and warm...

While you're inspired for some bird watching.

More Shiny Brites in boxes...

and vintage lights for stringing.

An old birdcage and paperwhites...

With a basket full of plaid.

White stoneware pitcher with holly from the yard...

And a lunchbox, a cooler, and vintage thermoses.

Here are some labels on the tartan throws.

If it's not Scottish...
(said with an accent)

Well, then it must be Faribo from Minnesoooota...

Or Pendleton, from Oregon!

I'm joining in at Hooked on Houses for
the Holiday House Tour.
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Have a great weekend...
stay cozy and warm!



  1. I want a sunroom!!!
    You are a walking, talking, breathing inspiration file!
    How far back do your decor mags go? I used to keep all mine, but after moving twice in two years, tossed many of them out. I know, the horror! But they really do seem to be put to good use in your crafty noggin!

    Off to bed, love ya!

  2. Hey Sweet Debra! You're home looks just as warm and inviting as you are. It was so nice being able to actually talk to you today. You've touched my heart so much! I can still hear your wonderful voice and it fits you perfect. I know we're about the same age but you remind me so much of my dear ex mother-in-law who is no longer living. She was the most spiritual person I know. I mean this woman truely walked with God and had a wonderful peace about her. You give me that same comfort that she did. Always loving, never a negative word - ever! I hope you know that you gave me a feeling of being cared for when I needed that so much.

    Hugs and love...Tracy :)

  3. I love the winter look of your sunroom. I am sure it is just beautiful the rest of the year, too. Everything is lovely, cozy and inviting! It's a cold dreary day here in Kuwait. Tea and a warm blanket sound perfect to me. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  4. Well Debra, I know that you put those books and throws out for me! I could really curl up with the book, wrap up in the throw with the sun coming in? zzzzzzzzz:) Love it all dear friend! Have a blessed day!

  5. Love all the plaids and your sunroom is just wonderful. It looks so warm and inviting, what a great space you have created. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  6. Well, now I have to say that your sunroom is my favorite! What a beautiful place to show off all your sweet treasures and keepsakes. Thanks for the lovely tour and all the inspiration.

  7. woooooooolllllll, Good Mornin' Debra!!!

    How GORGEOUS is your sunroom! I have finally pin-pointed YET ANOTHER reason that I am just absolutely smotherin' you with adoration. You are my Mother, just up North. I gotta get you to Texas - that's all I'm sayin'.

    I had to start tearing pages out of magazines because I was in luuuuuvvvv with something out of each one. LOLOL So, I'm thinking... you need a lil' redneck in your sunroom - I'm on my way for some tea. hee-hee

    It is all just SO GORGEOUS!!!!!! I love your picnic tin and the table your Daddy made you and your throws...uhmmm...all of it!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  8. Ahhhhhhhh may I move in????? I am just going over and over your pictures, they are beautiful!! Thanks for posting!

  9. Oh, the woolen mills of Minnesota! I love all your magazine inspiration. I think we like many of the same magazines :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  10. Wow - that looks fabulous!!! We have talked about adding a sun room - maybe next year...We used to have one when we lived on the farm, but, when the house was sold, the new owner used it for STORAGE - what a shame!!! I loved that room!!! It was so cozy....they don't know what they are missing out on!

  11. There is absolutely nothing like plaid to give me a cozy feeling! It reminds me of Christmases spent in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at my grandparents' house. Grandpa and my Dad were always wearing a flannel shirt, and we all had plaid scarves to wrap around our faces to protect us from the -30 degree mornings! And I sure miss Country Home magazine, don't you?

  12. your photos are inspirational- your sunroom has more style than the magazines. Love the loveseat filled with pillows and the plaid thermos,
    Happy Holidays,


  13. If I ever come visit, we are going to spend lots of time in that sunroom of yours. Love it! ~Mindy

  14. You really have an eye for beauty! Everything looks simply divine.

    Luv ya, Deb!

  15. I want to come right over and sit on that sun porch with you! Yes, I would love a cup of your spiced tea! Beautiful...just beautiful!

  16. So cozy, Debra! I want one of those throws! Very inspirational pics...thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend, too!


  17. Such wonderful pictures today, Debra! I especially love the toile and plaid together. We like the same things. :)

  18. Love the inspiration and your room!! It is lovely! You have great plaids!! I love your shiny brites! I am so glad I'm not the only one who loves them displayed in the box! I really love the boxes!! hehe
    Hugs, Lisa

  19. Well Debra you already know I love your sunroom. That wreath on that mirror is to die for!!! I would love the mirror and the wreath! Whatta ya say?!

  20. I'm Scottish, so this seriously made me LOL. Nice photos! Can't wait to share pics from our Scottish shindig in January :)

  21. Your room looks like it belongs in a magazine! It's so beautifully festive and perfect for the season! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous room and have a loveleigh weekend!

  22. I am with you, most of the year I am a floral and linen freak but when it gets a bit chilly. Send in the plaids!!! Loved all the pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!!! Meg

  23. Plaid and Christmas just go hand in hand, don't they? All of your photos are beautiful.

  24. I don't think I've ever seen so much plaid in one place!

  25. The wool plaids do make your porch look so warm and comfy. A great place to get cozy with a book and some hot chocolate. What a pretty room you have. Thank you for your sweet comments. Rosie

  26. Debra,
    You out did Country Living... all American gal. Fabulous job... oh I love Pendleton, soft, soft and warm.
    Great photos and vignettes.
    What time is tea?

  27. Hi Debra, what a lovely and cozy sunroom you have, muy bonita.... your magazine inspiration did a much better work than all those pictures!!! Love what you have created!!
    Maria Cecilia

  28. Hello! What a beautiful "winter" room you have created. I love looking to magazines for inspiration also. I just save the Christmas issues and probably have about 15 years' worth! They never get dated, do they! BTW, my mother has those same "white pearl" opera glasses that you have...they were my grandmother's. Beautiful display! She has a little porch off her condo living room that is too cold to sit in these months, but can be seen through sliding glass doors. I think I'll show her what you did for some inspiration!!

  29. Your decor is amazing! I almost thought they were from a magazine like the first pics until I read your post. Love it :)


  30. Debra...I love everything, actually I wore a plaid shirt today for the show. Great peeks. i also wanted to let you know I touched I was about Sue's post and your GIVING. (taking a deep breath) How lucky I am to be a bloguette. Ciao Rita Mammabellarte


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