Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fashion Time Warp...or, I really wasn't crazy!

I've had some good laughs reading through the comments for my last post. I knew that the 70's fashion might be a little vague for some of us, and that you younger gals might not be familiar with what was popular back in 1972. Often times fashion comes full circle...the early 70's, not so much.

So I thought I'd give a little fashion show from the time machine, just so some of the younger girls wouldn't think I had totally lost my marbles, or was some kind of "hillbilly gone wild"!

Phrases like "Prairie Dress", "Maxie Dress",
"Gunne Sax" and "Hippie Dress"
were used to describe the height of fashion!

Look familiar?

Now just add the apron!

OK, now I feel better!
Just didn't want anyone out there
to think I was alone on the planet...

"What were you Thinking"!

love ALL you guys,



  1. Hi Debra,

    Just enjoyed getting caught up on your posts and enjoyed every one. And I do love the red plaid theme for your wedding. You were quite the visionary to step out of the box like that back then. And I do recognize the styles and love that you showed some old patterns as I began sewing my own clothes in junior high and these have a familiar ring. Wishing you peace, joy and abundance in the New Year. ~jermaine~

  2. Its too bad that the younger girls missed out on the truly best fashion and style of all time that we had back then. I still love it. Rosie

  3. I remember these!!! I still love clothes from the 70's! Great post.

  4. Debra,
    I really did love that post. Guess 'cause I could relate! The patterns and plaid dress are a hoot. Of course we all had to "HAVE" the Prairie Dress. Have wonderful New Year!
    smiles, alice

  5. Talk about a blast from the past!I loved me some maxi skirts, didn't you? LOL! You could NOT tell us we weren't fabulous! Thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane. :)

  6. I don't remember any of them, but then I was born in the 70's so that's why! Kinda wish the prairie dress would come back in style, I think they are cute! Thanks for the fun post! ~Jessa

  7. Wow was that ever a skip down memory lane!! In fact if you owned a gunny sax you were pretty much among the who's who...especially if you had platform shoes to match! (And of course the back ache that went with wearing those monsters.ha!)

  8. Debra:
    I have photos of me from a local pageant from the 70's. I wore a dress like the one on the left in the last pattern - in lavender floral! Whew! But that's what as "in" then. Let 'em laugh, this too shall come around again! (Starting with Candies shoes and midi coats!lol)

    Thanks for my anniversary wishes. Glad you stopped by!


  9. I knew exactly where you were coming from and STILL have some of those clothes. The fashion comes full circle ya' know? Hugs!

  10. I so remember these!!! :)
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  11. Girl I still have some of those dresses and you know what I had a ton of leggings and cowl neck sweaters that my granddaughter who is 27 just took home because they are in style again and that was from the early ninety...so what old is new again ha ha!! Many Blessings to you and your family in 2010 my friend...its been so great getting to know you this year and looking forward to next year....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. I think 70's clothes were so much fun. Everything from tight jeans to flowing shirts. We wore overalls and hippie dresses. Every outfit had a bit of flower power!! It was a great era!! Thanks Debra!!


  13. Law, but you are really putting me in the "way back machine" seat! Gunne Sax was The dress to have. I was still buying Jessica McClintock for my daughter for parties in the late 80's! Is it my imagination or did the fabric back then wear like iron? Clothes just didn't seem to fade or wear out like they do now. I couldn't wear the leg o' mutton sleeves...I had shoulders like a football player...even when I was a size 3! Fun, fun, triple fun!

  14. I loved those plaid bridesmaids dresses, I looked especially snappy in my "junior" bridesmaid dress. You know something really crazy? The price on that pattern is $1.25 What! I paid $14.95 for that apron pattern for Erin & Aly. Crazy!


  15. Okay girl, I'm back with my blinders on as I see I am getting another dose of the 70's!!!! haha
    Just Kidding!!!!
    I see that EVERYONE just loves this plaid stuff so that means everyone wins me over...I love it too but...
    I'm just going to pray this doesn't come full circle back in style...it reminds me of a Scottish Terrier! hahahaha
    Afterall...I am "everything vintage" right?
    hhmmmmm...maybe it's time for a name change???

    everything vintage (well, most of the time)

  16. ugh....why did we? LOL. Remember Gaucho Pants...thank goodness that was a short phase. But I think each time period can look back and laugh....just as the baggy trouser/underwear showing bunch will surely do as well! :D

    yapping cat

  17. Howdy!
    Just took a few minutes to get caught up with your posts ... Kinda crazy with holidays and a bout of "somethin" ... Your Gunne Sax plaid had me smiling ... my wedding dress was a Jessica McClintock and same style .... red velvet "ribbons" hung down from the flowers. Pastor was sick with heart attack so we had to move our wedding to November ... and didn't do quite the Christmas theme we had planned! Thanks for taking me on a walk down memory lane ... and congratulations on your Anniversary!
    Many Hugs and Happy New Year!
    Betty :)

  18. I have the dress that you posted about hanging in my closet. It has always been my favorite and I just kept it thinging that one day I would have a granddaughter who could play dress up in it. lol

  19. Wow... those patterns bring back memories!! My mom sewed all our church clothes in the 60's and 70's. I had two older sisters and us girls never wore a "store bought" dress to church. The first store bought dress I remember wearing to church was probably when I was about 12 or 13. Honestly, I didn't like the home-made stuff. I just wanted to be like my friends and go to a department store and pick out something beautiful (and not double knit)... :O) Thanks for the flashback!

  20. Debra...my wedding dress was a Gunne Sax, lol. Love these blasts from the past :)

    Happy New Year & Blessings!

  21. My wedding dress was white dotted swiss with white dots and lots of cotton lace, no train, very simple and I just loved it. My Maid of Honor made it for me, oh so custom, doncha know! The attendents had a similar style in a small floral with pink, lavender and yellow flowers. Those make me cringe to think about!

  22. love it and wore it!!! Happy New Year



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