Monday, November 30, 2009

A personal story...

I just posted on the Bible Study blog my personal story of healing. This is my personal, amazing account of God's love. If you haven't come by the Bible Study blog that is listed on my side-bar, please do. I think you will find it an easy read. It's "not your grandmother's" Bible Study. It's fresh and relevant, and we discuss and interact with each other. Please come by and join the group!

As we dive in to the Christmas Season, with decorating and family and parties, let's not forget who this is all about. We celebrate Jesus and His birth. Get to know Him on a more personal level. If you love "Christmas", but do not know Jesus, I'm inviting you to come by and meet Him, then get to know His love for you as His Child.



  1. Sweet! You are so kind and I am happy to say, I know him and love him:) Can't ever tell, someone might not! "Christ"-mas is a special time! Love to all!

  2. Hi Debra,
    My most favorite part of Christmas is Christmas eve in His house to worship and adore HIM. Everything else pales.
    You are in my prayers.

  3. so true-it is so easy to get up and forget what Christmas is all about, thanks...

  4. Christmas - my favorite!!! It's a Birthday Celebration for sure!!! My FAVORITE thing? Candlelight service on Christmas just brings home who the holiday is ALL about each and every year!!!

    I'm on my way to your other blog dear Debra!!!

    Have a beautiful Monday!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  5. Debra this is so true, our Lord is why we celebrate Christmas and his birthday. I love the holidays and seeing all the nativities put on peoples homes, and the churches during the holidays; it really brightens my day.



  6. Every Christmas the boys and I celebrate the birth of our savior by making a b-day cake. That way the boys know the REAL reason of Christmas.

  7. Absolutely, 100% correct, dear Debra!
    No "Happy Holidays" for me, it's Merry Christmas (or as we radical Catholics like to spell it, "Christ-Mass", all the way!
    Keep preachin' it, sista!

  8. Good Day Dear Debra...I am loving the pictures you have been using for your posts of late!
    Thank you for sharing this invitation at both study and grow closer and the more subtle "Let me tell you about Jesus"
    I spend most of my year preparing for this Glorious Season and am always looking for ways to share the Lord...Your blogs are doing just that!

    I am now giving them your blog address. Letting them know that you and all who attend are there with open arms!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS! dear friend...donna
    You and your mission are in my prayers!...donna

  9. You must go to the Gresham Barn Sale blog and look at their Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas Tree. It is such a wonderful way to teach children why we celebrate this day above all others. I read your other post and I'm still stretching to find the right words for a comment...yours were perfect.

  10. Debra - this is awesome.
    How are you? Long time no talk to! Too long!
    I have you singed up for Dec Doors of Welcome. Yes?
    HAGD! Karen

  11. Hi Debra! I hope your week is going well. I would love to read your story, I'll hop over now!

  12. Advent was upon us before Thanksgiving week was even past this year. Christmas is a beautiful time of renewal for us each year. You are doing what we should all do. Spread the news of Jesus' birth to those who do not know Him. This is not news we are to hoard to ourselves. This is the best news for the entire Earth.
    You are a good and kind soul. Keep on spreading the message.


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