Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Doors of Welcome

Merry Christmas!
Come on in.
It's pretty cold out here!

Today I'm joining in the Doors of Welcome
for Christmas.
Please drop by and say Hello to Karen
our wonderful Hostess,
at Some Days are Diamonds.

Our front porch faces south,
but we still have a lot of shade out on the walk.

My husband has a pretty time demanding job,
and the weather is so cold in January here,
that we've never done the "outside lights".

I'd rather have just my two little topiary trees
 that twinkle, and not risk having
 Christmas lights up until June.

anyone else with that problem?

I always use my "vintage themed decor"...
the park bench seat,
my watering cans tied with plaid ribbon,
and this year a large bucket filled with
the most gorgeous candy cane pointsettias.

Oh, and if you look closely in the door,
you will see the welcoming committee.

This year I had fun with this old metal
 and striped fabric shopping basket,
probably from TG&Y or Ben Franklin from the 60's.

An old window is propped up on the bench behind it.

Inside, I have a birch basket hanging on the door
 filled with greenery, roses, holly and ivy.

Hope you enjoy the tour of great outside
Christmas Cheer and Welcome!


  1.'s so very welcoming! The greenery and amazing poinsettia's really grab my eye. Thanks for sharing! ~Mindy

  2. Your front door is gorgeous!!!! So welcoming.

  3. How festive, Debra! I love the vintage look and it's a little shabby chic, which is my favorite. I don't think outdoor lights matter when your porch looks this pretty...and I love your 'welcoming committee'!!!

    Happy holidays, Debra! :-)


  4. Love your door of welcome, Debra! It is all so pretty and that basket, OH MY! We did the outside lights last year but I told my Honey not to mess with it this year. Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us!

  5. I love that old shopping basket! Do you know we still use those at our 5&10 store??? :)
    As for those candy cane poisettias...they are striking! I can't say I've ever seen anything like that before! WOW!
    You and hubby are VERY smart for not decorating the outside in fear of leaving lights up until June. That is one of my pet peeves when I see lights still hanging when it's 100 degrees outside! ;)
    Love your door of Welcome...I feel so welcome!
    everything vintage

    ps...I wish I had a welcoming committee like that...too cute!

  6. Hi Debra,
    Your entrance has so much charm. I think if I walked up to your door, I would feel welcome for sure. I would definitely like to sneak over at night and help myself to that birch cone, and wicker cone, and white bucket and...
    I'd probably leave the bench only because it would be too heavy for me to cart off.
    Very Christmassy front door.

  7. It looks like Christmas at your front porch! I haven't done ours yet. I can't bear to go outside it has been so cold! Record breaking cold. It has finally warmed up so I hope to decorate this week. You give me inspiration!

  8. Debra! Everything looks so festive and pretty! Unfortunately December for us has been one crazy cold spell (like -16 degrees right now) and snow blowing around, so I haven't done any decorating outside which is unusual. Thanks for posting such great photo's. Especially LOVE the birch basket and the shopping basket - so cool! Andrea

  9. That is very lovely - a sweet way to welcome friends and family, and passers by, too!!!

  10. Beautiful! By the way, I loved TG&Y...the good old days...sigh.

  11. Miss Debra,
    It's all porch perfect! TG&Y and Ben Franklin...OMG! Now there's a blast from the past. I miss those old 5 & dimes, don't you?

  12. Everything looks wonderful. I love the basket I bought one similar to that at my drug store in town. They have the best stuff. And was not sure how it would look with christmas arrangement in it. Will have to make a hobby lobby trip this week to get stuff for it. Thanks for the great inspiration. Merry Christmas.

  13. I would want to walk up and knock on the door to meet whom ever put together such an inticing entrance. I love the poinsetta great colors.

  14. I wish I lived closer girl. Between the two of us I bet we could do your entry...we'd be 10' tall...if one of us got on the other's shoulders!
    I know I'd feel welcome if I came to your front's all so pretty.
    On a side note, my son's first job was with TG&Y...putting bicycles together for Christmas! How funny...haven't thought of that in years.

  15. Please give a big thank you to the welcoming committee! What a lovely entry to your home. Everything is so festive. I have never seen candy cane poinsettias before. Gorgeous! Have a great day. :) Tammy

  16. Hey Debra-

    That's another thing we have in common-

    I have a black front door too.

    It looks like you have everything under control.

    Are you going to do any baking?


  17. I'm pretty sure I need that shopping basket. You do have my address, right? ;-)

    The welcoming committee! We have one, too. She likes to sit at our glass front door and attack bugs through the glass. This amuses her to end for hours. And us. :-)


  18. Good Morning Debra. Your porch is just perfect. :)

  19. Debra. I echo your feelings on the roof lights. Our roof is so flippin' high up. NO WAY! If I can't reach it, it doesn't get lit!
    Sigh. Your porch is so pretty. I love that old basket, and placing the window back there was an outstanding idea! And just leaning the wreath. How clever! It all looks wonderful!
    Thank you for joining in!
    Merry Christmas!
    Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds

  20. Debra - I adore your header! It's super sweet - you always pick the best designs! Hugs to you, Jennifer

  21. Thanks for the cheerful Christmas tour. All hail the welcoming committee! Lol.

    Have a blessed Christmas, my sister in Christ.

  22. thank you, it is warm in here! Love your style, always. All of your outdoor designs are outstanding, hehe.
    Seriously, just beautiful...


  23. Such beautiful and welcoming doors!

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  24. LOL I love your welcoming committee! haha!!! Debra - that is ALL so gorgeous and welcoming!!! I like it that there's a chair for me when I come to sit on your front porch. hee-hee And those poinsettias! My goodness - those are almost as beautiful as you!!!

    ;-) xoxo

    P.S. My Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody is on the way...that got my Mom LAUGHING and then I sent her a picture of my dining room...I'm certain she was rolling around on the floor as she hung up the phone...


  25. Hi Debra, Thanks for the nice comment. I really like your door decorations. Oh! and your blog, I visit it often. Many Hugs, Carol

  26. So lovely! I just adore your candy cane pointsetta's! Never heard of them before? So, festive. Glad I joined the party.
    Merry Christmas!
    Hugz, Z

  27. Hi Debra! I love your front door - it's gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. All very wonderful, but I especially love the old shopping basket! How fun is that? Great display with the window behind it and all.

    yapping cat

  29. Your entryway is beautiful and welcoming! Love the topiaries, the birch basket, the bench--each elements contributes to the whole!

  30. Everything about your decorations and door is absolutely gorgeous!!! I was enthralled as I walked through your home looking for you, but alas you must be out shopping or worse "at work" I hope you have yourself a super Merry Christmas and that the Light of Christ Shines Bright in you for all to see. So Fondly, Meg


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