Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meet an Old Friend

I have an old friend that lives in my family room,
He's a quiet unassuming little fellow.
My parents bought him for me when I was just a baby,
as he had been gifted to others years and years before.

I brought him up to the Dining Room where the light is better. I'm so glad my parents didn't repaint him or change him. He was given to me again back in the early 80's. I didn't remember him, but he had been kept safe in the loft of my Dad's garage workshop. I'm so glad that we were reunited all those years ago. He has been a joy to have, and each time I see him I think who might have climbed upon his little sturdy body and ridden off into the world of their imagination.

May you remember lovely images
of your childhood Christmases,



  1. What a beauty! One of these days you need to show full shots of some of your rooms. Your vignettes are so pretty and I'd love to see how it goes together. I'm just saying. :)

  2. what memories you must have on such an incredible gift! What a beauty, how lucky you are to still have it. tis the season for memories. I just posted a picture of myself as a little girl with my Santa doll...


  3. Your horse is an amazing treasure. But for it to have been your own toy as a child, that is even more wonderful. It must seem like a dear old friend you can use to access those prescious childhood memories.

  4. What a cutie! I just love him and would love to take a ride on him:) Have a blessed evening!

  5. Such a sweet rocking horse. Blessings!

  6. I love your rocking horse and the story that goes with it! The one I posted today came in from our garage. The story is that we were visiting friends who had just moved and we noticed this horse lying on a burn pile. Upon inquiring we found it needed minor repair which my husband did swiftly. Now it resides on a wooden box in front of our stairway, under the eight stockings hung for our grandchildren.

  7. Oh, lovely blog!! Glad to have found you!! Need to run, but will certainly be back.


  8. what a wonderful gift of the past!
    it's absolutely beautiful, debra. i love it and i can only imagine how much you're in love with it!

    i got your check for tina today:)
    thank you, sweet friend, for being so fierce!!

    i'll let you know when i mail her her $$ or i might be able to deliver it personally immediately after Christmas on my way to Michigan. We'll see what happens.

    I need your email address, too:)

    xoxo, jan

  9. Oh he is wonderful. How special for your parents to have saved him for you all those years. I just love him and he looks right at home!


  10. Your rocking horse is beautiful and was meant just for you! :) Blessings, Tammy

  11. Your horse is wonderful! And yes, so glad he still sports the original white paint....what a perfect treasure...

  12. My heart did a little flutter .....what a beautiful horse!!!! What a blessing to have a gift from your parents come back full circle!!!

  13. superbes photos!!!!je découvre...très poétique,beaucoup de charme j'adore....

  14. Just love your blog, We have an old Rocking horse also, right now it's packed away, but I think I will bring it back out again. Love your style! it's so homey and confortable looking. Have a great Sunday. Hugs, Carol

  15. What a thoughtful thing for your folks to do. Explains where you get your good heart from.
    I just have to that a Ginny skate in your header? Ginny is one of my favorite Christmas memories!

  16. Awwwwwwwe...sweet story! I'm sure the little horse is sooooo glad to be "home" again with you! He looks like he's been loved for many many years. He's beautiful.
    Speaking of beautiful...I love your header photo! How precious and unique!
    Have a simple Sunday Debra~
    everything vintage

  17. He is precious, but what is his name?

    Yes, I agree with what someone else posted, you must post pics of your entire rooms. Epecially the vacuum cleaner shots. ;-)

    Love ya!

  18. Oh I love him!!! I especially love the fact that you got him when you were a baby! So special!!!

  19. Debra what a treasure this is. Oh the places you must have gone on your trusty steed when you were a tot. He is beautiful!

  20. Your blog is beautiful, very sweet and tender
    very nice to show what is truly an inspiration, Chany

  21. Your blog is beautiful, very sweet and tender
    very nice to show what is truly an inspiration, Chany


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