Tuesday, November 3, 2009

White Wednesday, Little Girl Lost

With the brilliance of October behind us, I am transitioning from bright oranges and golds, and moving into more subtle tones. I'm letting go of the masses of fall leaves and foliage and starting to appreciate the later fall tones of browns, and then adding back in my whites and creams.

I found this little French girl a few years ago at an antique store in Hollister, Missouri. She captured my heart from the moment I saw her. She had been a "bust" on a pedestal, but that had broken away many years ago. Now it was just her sweet head and delicate neck and shoulders. She is so very pristine, even in her current state of neglect and disrepair.

I don't have any history on her, but she looks as if she may have suffered the same fate as Lot's wife, in the book of Genesis. She is so lifelike, she could have been turned into a pillar of salt, or in this case, plaster, I assume. She has several layers of material. I would love to know about the age and composition of a bust such as this. I'd love to hear from you if you have information on this.

My fall floral arrangement in the entry,
faux hydrangeas and stems.

And the chippy wicker settee in the Dining Room
has found a new cream coverlet.

Mercury glass globe in an iron urn in the Dining Room.

 This is just the start of my transition from fall into winter.

Please visit Kathleen over at her wonderful cottage,

Hope you're enjoying the season.

If you live in southwest Missouri or nearby
be sure and visit Leola's in Ozark
and Inspirational Home in Springfield.

This is the Christmas Open House weekend!


  1. Your new look is beautiful, very crisp and clean. I can't wait to see the transition when it's complete!

  2. Your girl is so beautiful! She really does look almost lifelike. Not a chance in heck you'd ever sell her, is there? If so, I'm your gal!
    Lovely transitioning going on there, Debra!

  3. Hi Debra. Everything is just so pretty. I love the bust. She is beautiful, the eyes just draw you to her. I love the way you have her displayed in the urn with the berries. I love the way you see things. The hydrange arrangement is just gorgeous. Like I said I love it all.

    Thanks for sharing...Tracy :)

  4. What a beautiful girl and all of your transitions:) Love them all, especially the settee! Have a blessed day!

  5. Lovely arrangements...beautiful features on the bust of the young girl...Loving your colors and new fall into winter look!
    Have a wonderful day, Debra!
    Take care,

  6. I too have a sweet girl who lost her head and I love her anyway...it does kind of add to her charm. Everything looks so pretty, your home must be amazing! Happy Fall~~ Theresa

  7. Do not know anything about the bust except she is beautiful. Great changes going on at your home.

  8. Her face is so finely detailed...makes me wonder if she could have been a store display.
    Loving the way you're heading over the river and through the woods for fall!

  9. Your girl has such great patina, really pretty! Loved seeing all your Fall changes and you're a florist too! Pretty arrangement.

  10. I love the bust, she really is lifelike. Your new arrangements with all the creams and whites look fantastic.

  11. I just love the little glimps into your beautiful home , I love love hydrangeas and your arrangement is stunning ! Now I am off to check oout your Bible study link !!
    Have a blessed day !
    The Little Things

  12. Your off to a great start Debra.
    Just beautiful.
    Love the bust.

    Just fyi... if my comments on your other blog seem too abrasive even if it's the truth... it won't hurt my feelings if you don't publish them. You are the keeper of the blog after all.
    I just don't water things down. Which doesn't always go over so good. I guess to thine on self be true.

  13. Debra, I don't even know where to begin. Your bust is so beautiful. So lifelike. Oh boy is that hydrangea bouquet gorgeous! I love all the soft tones you are bringing in here, and I love your banner too!

  14. Debra, we are in love with your girl! She is just so special and gorgeous! We are glad you adopted her!

  15. She is wonderful just the way she is...none of us are perfect, love her in the old urn...very clever!!!

  16. such remarkable photos....went through Hollister years ago. you got a great find.

  17. This is all beautiful! Love the bust!! I always think of the stories she could tell....

    Just beautiful!

    Lou Cinda :)

  18. I love the girl; I think she looks like Katherine Heigl. Perhaps you should name her Katherine or perhaps Izzie for her character on Grey's Anatomy.

    Love your subtle tones for lat (sigh)fall.

  19. Debra, I really love what you've done with that girl - fabulous!

  20. Oh my goodness - I have no information on her, but she is just incredibly breath taking!!! It's so fun to just THINK about how she came to be!!!

    Beautiful transition you have going!!! ALL of it gorgeous!!!

    ;-) Robelyn

  21. Loving that sweet face. I'm just starting to de'Weening my house against my husbands wishes. Your doing a great job transitioning the colors.

  22. she is beautiful, she has such a sweet face. i love all your pics, jules

  23. That girl is just stunning and she looks beautiful sitting on your urn. I'm so excited about my sale. They are so fun to do this time of year and I have tons of ideas. Now to find the time to make them all happen. Thanks for playing along today.

    Take care,


  24. How pretty and I love the softer colors.

    Everything looks wonderful.

    I am back in town so I'll be back on track with the Bible study-


  25. Love that cream cover. Makes me want to wrap up and read a good book.

  26. The bust is sweet and dreamy - endearing in a soft kind of way - great idea. The arrangement is earthy and stylish - wild and perfect - you have a great look and I love it all! Jennifer

  27. love your bust and arrangement. Love her just the way she is. Do you think it could be French, she ahs that look to me. Is it plaster through or is it terracotta covered in plaster?
    lovely as always...

  28. Debra, I see now that you've added a blurb as to where your header photo is taken from, I would have thought it was somewhere in your home. I just added a button where my header was taken from and you can check it out. I wish it were of my home, isn't it gorgeous.

  29. yuuhhmmmmm, everything looks so cream and calm. I love your (LOL, I was going to say that I love your bust, and while that would have been befitting since you DID like my rack, lol, it just "sounded" funny!) so rephrasing...Love the bust of the damaged girl...yes, very much like Lot's wife I guess...she is so beautiful, damage and all. :D

    yapping cat


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