Friday, November 13, 2009


The jewels of color that adorned the trees last week,
 now lay scattered on the ground,
...still beautiful.

Finding beauty in the change of seasons,



  1. Those leaves look so pretty, I think I would use that as the perfect excuse not to rake! There. Have the hubby thank me for that! ;-)

  2. I always love the way they look on the ground but decided it was time to pick them up. Trenton came over yesterday and cleaned my front yard of every leaf (I'm sure they're back this morning). That sweet boy does the best work. Have a good weekend. Jan

  3. The leaves have been so beautiful this fall, on and off the trees:) My honey was out blowing leaves just last night and there are more, plenty more. Love the golden color of the tree. Have a blessed day.

  4. How beautiful, not only the leaves but how you expressed your thoughts about them.

  5. Yes, they sure are beautiful when they first start falling, aren't they? Love that wreath in your header--simply gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. So beautiful!!! I love this season and all of it's color!!!


  7. Simply breathtaking....Oh what God can do!

    Warm hugs,

  8. How could you ever rake those up? They look so beautiful laying there with your scrolly patio furniture. I love your banner! I love coming over to see what you've changed it to next.

  9. Hey, Debra! Love the leaves!
    .... saw your comment on another blogger ... my dad was also in Korea ... Marines ... Chosin Resevoir ... he depended on air and ship support ... came home on a naval hospital ship, but most of his unit didn't make it back. Our dads did so much for so many ... glad I still have mine to pester!
    Hugs for a super weekend!
    Betty :)
    ps ... I don't comment a lot, but wanted you to know I am SO CRAZY about your vintage black goodies. if you ever get tired of them ..... lol!
    B :)

  10. Just so pretty, I love this season.
    Blessings, GG

  11. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog, entering my giveaway, and becoming a follower, I so appreciate it. Best of luck on the giveaway. I love your blog also.

  12. Oh my! All your gorgeousness! You are lucky - I live in the very dry and brown desert! But there is a certain beauty here, too! xoxo

  13. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I'm the one be holding the rake! Actually, they are lovely and provide a cool relief in the summer...but gosh I just have so many!

  14. Gorgeous pictures. And I love the header picture. All of them evoke a strong feeling of the season. Thanks for sharing.

  15. The leaves are beautiful, until they begin to turn brown and rot. Then you know it's time to bring out the rake and get to work! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. yes, we had color here for about a week, now, it's scattered all on the ground. Seems like it usually stays a little longer. IDK if it is because it has been so rainy or so warm. yours looks beautiful!

    yapping cat

  17. Crunchy carpeting... it is beautiful...God puts it down to protect from the frost and ...we rake it up. Go figure!

  18. Hi Deb
    Thanks for stopping by!
    This time of year things can change so quickly-the leaves that were so beautiful a week ago are now dried and laying in piles on the streets and the trees are bare and cast scuptures against the sky...winter is just around the corner. I love winter in December but you can have it after that.
    Blessings this Sunday to you

  19. Hi Debra~ Happy Sunday! Love your pretty fall pictures! You have such a pretty house. I love fall and the wonderful weather we've been having! Have a lovely day! ~Mandy

  20. Thanks so much for coming over to see me, leaving a comment and following me. .... are my 200th follower !! Yay.
    I love your photographs of Autumn. It is such a beautiful time of the year, isn't it ?
    Have a wonderful, autumnal Sunday. XXXX

  21. Debra,
    Thanks for stopping by. You do have a lot of leaves. They are pretty. Jeff has picked most of ours up and hauled them to the woods. But they are still surrounding us. Yes I enjoy organizing but I have to admit that things do not stay that way for long.

  22. Ozark fall is just the most gorgeous!

  23. it is the perfect reason not to rake - love all the colors - esp loving your new header photo - what a relaxing setting -



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