Tuesday, November 10, 2009

White Wednesday at Leola's Vintage Home and Garden

As promised I have all the fabulous "whites" from Leola's Christmas Open House. There are lot's of photos for you to enjoy. Remember that you can click on them to enlarge, and they are certainly worth a closer look. The sight of these vintage bloomers all tied up in bows, sets the stage for all the fun!

This incredible counter and double cabinets take up a good portion of one wall. It is filled with the most amazing array of vintage Christmas goodies, from Santas to churches and everything in between.

Adorable "pinkish-white" feather tree

Great collection of vintage white pitchers

Vintage Santas galore!

Dressed for a vintage bedtime

Gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklaces

Basket full of Christmas kitsch

Love this white chandelier with tinsel garland

Even the moose are white

Wonderful white cabinet

If you missed Monday's post be sure and check it out
for more photos of Leola's great Open House.

I have another post planned for Pam's wonderful
T-shirts, jackets, hats and accessories.

See who else is over at Faded Charm
and say "Hello" to our wonderful Hostess, Kathleen!

Have a wonderful White Wednesday!


  1. I've died and gone to Heaven (sigh). Beautiful photos of gorgeous treasures!! Thanks for sharing :) You are right, they were all worth a closer look :)
    The Tattered Cottage

  2. Bloomers!?! I'm cracking up over here! That's one heck of a store there, Debra! How do you end up NOT spending all your money there every month? I'd be perpetually broke if I lived within a days driving distance!

  3. WOW! I want ALL of these goodies:) Sure would love to stay the day at Leola's. I would like to open that wall cabinet and stare for hours at all those treasures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good Morning Debra!
    This looks to be one of those stores where you could spend the whole day!
    So many wonderful things!
    I love you photos...as always!
    Have a wonderful day...donna
    (keep us close in thoughts and prayers...I up this morning to see about a flight to Texas) Hugs!

  5. Ohhhhh! I sooooo wish we were headed to Missouri this Christmas! Leola's looks like it is filled to the brim with great vintage holiday goods! Well, maybe next year! The in-laws from Missouri are coming to Ohio this year for Christmas! Thanks for sharing Debra!

  6. WOW how I wish I could be there to touch things. I'm a toucher!
    Spent a little time traveling all the way down the page looking at your recent posts and funny mouse episode.
    Great booth sporting all the vintage Christmas treats.
    Happy White Blessings ;-)

  7. Thanks so much for all the great pictures. And thanks too for being so supportive of Leola's. Everything looks so great it makes me want to go shopping there. Jan

  8. Looks like Cat Daddy and I need to make a trip y'alls way. Maybe after the holidays, we'll do just that! He will have a hissy fit (yes, he throws hissys) over that huge cabinet and counter. If it's a boat anchor, he's in love!

  9. Great pictures Debra...thanks for the tour.

  10. LOVE IT! I love that basket of kitsch! And the feather tree! And all that GLITTER!!!

    Love me some GLITTER!!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda :)

  11. Oh..........I can't talk, I'm drooling all over my keyboard.....I want to go to Leola's!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for teasin' me with THE GORGEOUSNESS of her store!!!

    ;) Happy Wednesday!!!

  12. Good morning Debra! What a fun place to get in "trouble"!!!

  13. Oh so many wonderful images! There is nothing like this around my town...*sigh* I have to live vicariously thru other bloggers :o)

  14. Hey chickadee!!!
    I love the pictures. Oh how I wish I could go in that store and just shop till my heart is content! hehe Big hugs


  15. I would be in senses overload......

    and i want that built in cabinet on the green wall

  16. Hi Debra
    Hope you are well!
    This shop is amazing and all their Christmas up! Oh how I wish I was that ready...
    Thanks for the amazing tour

  17. Sure enjoying your post for WW. Love all the whites and great Christmas displays. I can't believe it's time for Christmas...ahhhhhh! I already feel behind! Have an awesome day.

  18. These photos are great eye candy! That wall sconce is to die for and for some reason I would like to have a pink tree this year.....

  19. Debra, I couldn't wait for this post and it did not disappoint. This shop is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures so that we could all enjoy Leola's.
    There's so much to see, so I will be going back though these pictures again. s-l-o-w-l-y.

  20. So glad I found your blog today, Debra! I'm a vintage-loving girl and cardmaker...just love everything vintage! So these images you're sharing just make me happy! I'm your newest follower, so I'll be back often to see what new beautiful vintage things you've found!

  21. Great stuff Debra! That crystal sconce and that birdcage are my fave!

    Happy WW!


  22. What pure pretty whiteness! Yes indeedy, I think I could spend some time shopping here!

  23. Debra
    Thank you for stopping by today and for the inspiration. You always warm my heart.

    Hugs and blessings to you

  24. Hi Debra,
    What awesome pictures to drool over! So wish I could be there shopping! Tons of treasures....Don't you just love shopping in antique stores during the Christmas season?
    Thanks so much for stopping by today. And for your kind wishes for my sick daughter. She's got some kind of nasty flu. Major chills then fever..& back & forth between the two. She's just miserable. :{
    So good to have all you bloggy friends..hugs & kisses


  25. Lots of great Christmas goodies in this shop. Thanks for sharing so we can all drool.

    Take care,


  26. Hi Debra! What a great place! Those bloomers are such fun. Made me think of Petticoat Junction.
    All those vintage items were really cute too.

  27. Just stunning............
    Blessings, GG

  28. Wonderful! I would LOVE to shop there. That Frenchy sconce with the crystal drops took my breath away!

  29. P.S. Can't wait to tell my dad about your dad's service on the Essex. Thank you for sharing that with me! Sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. Hope your memories of him comfort you.

  30. only you could take a photo that would wish one to hang laundry! Really YOUR photo's of exceptional displays should be published...

  31. Went over to check more of the shop. What a treat to see a pic of you and your shopping friend. Loved everything and especially the Debbie Thibault doll in the last shot.
    Thanks for taking us along!

  32. What a wonderful shop, looks like one that I could spend many hours and lots of $$$ in. :D Thanks for the field trip!

    yapping cat

  33. Just gorgeous! What a treat. Thank you!



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