Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving?, no wait... Christmas?

I think that I'm having symptoms of something that's going around. Are you feelin' it? Confusion, dizziness, listlessness, sweaty-ness, hyperactivity? Yes, you are? You feel "torn" and undecided? A little like Jim Carrey in the movie "Me, Myself and Irene"? ...yes, I'm talking schizophrenia here. Multiple personality disorder.
I'm talking, do I decorate for Christmas early, so I can enjoy it for a little longer, or do I stay true to my traditionalist roots and just hunker down and wait for Thanksgiving to be celebrated in a proper manner?
Ooohhh, I'm just having the worst time trying to decide!

The happy side says, "yes, go on, you know you don't have enough time after Thanksgiving and you are always in a rush." The unhappy side says. "What are you thinking? You have some wonderful vintage Turkeys and Thanksgiving decor. You've never done this before. Snap out of it!!!!"

So to try to alleviate the indecision and tug of war, I have decided to make a little compromise, just a smidgen of a compromise. I'm removing the colorful fall foliage, all the bright neon orange (I love it, but I'm ready to move on) and I'm adding in some faux evergreen, pine cones and hydrangeas. I'm on the edge, but trying to be sensitive to my love of this special holiday, Thanksgiving.

(image Martha Stewart Living)

Why, oh why, couldn't our founding fathers and government officials have realized that the last week in November is just too late for us decor people. Men, they just don't think of these important concepts!!
So I'm working toward making the transition a little easier. Usually I spend a week trying to change it all up, only to be exhausted and cranky, with a million boxes and a big mess. I'm trying to ease into it, so when November 29th gets here (when the kids go back to St. Louis) I can at least have a little "jump" on things!

I will keep the hydrangeas and the winter greenery,
 and just change out the white pumpkins
 for something more Christmas-y.

(more on this little tree later)

Living room mantle with a few vintage turkeys
and new evergreen topiaries bagged in burlap.
(my new "favorite thing")

Now tell me, how could I not give these cute fellas their "moment"?

The turkeys will probably be replaced
with a few of my Christmas churches,
and I will add some tiny twinkle lights.

Sunroom wreath that is my new header photo

Like I have said, the sunroom is the first place
in the house that feels the change of season.

Favorite quilt without the pillow
(usually, there is a cat attached)

Little vintage partridge

Kitchen centerpiece is still filled with fall pumpkins,
 but when November 29 gets here...

...out they go, with a hurricane glass,
 candle, and some holly berries replacing it.

OK, now I'm feeling better that I have opened
 up about my decorating dilemma.
But, I'm still feeling a little like Jim...

Have a great day!

p.s. No disrespect to the mental health community or anyone suffering from this problem, just a little levity here.

p.p.s. If you haven't seen the previous post on the Christmas Open House at Inspirational Home, be sure and scroll down. I will have more photos of this great store for "White Wednesday"


  1. I think we're all feeling it Debra!

    It is so hard to decorate in a rush. I thing I will start slowly also. I'm going to convince myself that it's the whole Holiday SEASON that means so much and it's ok if the decorations co-habitate for a while!


  2. Oh my, what a dilemna indeed. Not for me, I am doing the same as always. After Thanksgiving... that weekend, Christmas decorations up:) My Sister put her tree up yesterday. So, I hope whatever you do, makes you happy. I love all of your transitional pieces! Have a blessed day!

  3. I knew's the men's fault. What were they thinking? LOL it is tough to barely get one thing up just to pull it down and move on to another holiday. I still hold on to the tradition of not putting up anything up for Christmas until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Love the photos, everything is lovely.

  4. Every problem is a man's fault. lol. I fell your dilemna. But since I have Thanksgiving at my house, I always wait until the day after to put up Christmas decor. Last year I was sick from Thanksgiving to almost Christmas. I only got my decor up with the help of my niece a few days before Christmas. Since I had the flu in October I'm hoping that I'll be well this year to decorate the day after Thanksgiving.

    And I adore your vintage turkeys. As well as the addition of the few wintery things that can be jazzed up for Christmas. It all still looks Thanksgiving to me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, my goodness, Debra! Where have I been? I have similar mental dishevelment re. the two holiday and solve it similarly to you....albeit with less talent than you! I have garnered many an idea from this post and look forward to hearing the story of the Christmas tree....

  6. I completely understand your dilemma!! My stuff comes out the day after Thanksgiving. My hubby wouldn't have it any other way and I respect that, after all he does all the cooking (except desserts). I have been slowly adding mercury glass here and there for a little sparkle!

  7. That made me laugh hard... I have been working on my Christmas decor for about two weeks now... Other than my Tuscan post I have never decorated for Autumn, never even bought a single pumpkin. Shocking isn't it.

    I am throwing a girlfriend party and nobody has time the last three weeks of December... so I am early this year. However, we enjoy Thanksgiving elswhere.

  8. Christmas comes after Thanksgiving in our house - always has - and Thanksgiving comes after Halloween - and the Christmas tree doesn't go up until Thanksgiving evening or the day after - and it doesn't come down until after New Years Day -
    It is hard though - it didn't help that we had a ton of Christmas decorations in our recent sale - and i had to price and sort them all - today at walmart - i had to hunt down Thanksgiving/Fall decorations to decorate a friends room at a nursing home - made me a little angry - better now -
    what was i talking about?
    oh yeah, Christmas - bah humbug ... lol!
    joking .. love Christmas, but it gets harder every year to remind the little ones of the reason for the season -
    but it is a magical time of year - i love it all!!

  9. All your decor is gorgeous, what fun you will have with all those corners and mantles. I think with all the current decor you already have you should just leave it up and then decorate after Thanksgiving. I know Christmas is so fun decorating and celebrating the birth of Jesus, but I would just go with what you feel.

    God bless,

  10. I think the turkey and green mix looks beautiful. It's a great compromise and will definitely save you some stress later.

    I am also reminding everyone about my Name Party this Thursday if you would still like to participate. I hope to see you there!

  11. Debra,
    I love the mirrors on your mantel and the reflection of your beams and chandelier. I showed my husband and told him that is what I have thought of doing with my cathedral ceiling. He doesn't "get" it. Rats.
    P.S. Thanks for the encouragement to press on.

  12. Debra~~
    Love the vintage Turkeys. What a beautiful blend of pieces.
    Blessings, GG

  13. Nope, not until the day after Thanksgiving. And when my girls were little and we bought a live tree not until my birthday in December. That was how my girls and I celebrated by spending the evening decorating the tree. Christmas is the one holiday I do decorate for. I do put out a little for fall and a little for spring but not a lot. Your home is lovely.

  14. Wow...what a great compromise!!! Your decor is perfection...can't wait to see what you do when you are all in for Christmas!!!

    Really...really beautiful!!!


  15. Great post! I was torn too, until my daughter made me a Christmas header for my blog that I couldn't bear to take down! And I feel like I'm already behind, and will be crafting and decorating for Christmas 'til New Years! It's this blog world that does it to us!

  16. My goodness girl, do you EVER sleep? Not only are you the wiz when it comes to all the blogging you do, but you decorate too! Oh my!! And so very nicely at that!! Hey, I just love those huge open beamed celings...Wow! You're on the right tract for sure with you decorating, Deb!
    My best

  17. Debra~ Ooooh, I love your's soooo pretty! Love those turkeys too! Hope you have a wonderful week.


  18. Hi Deb,
    I know how you feel. I'm guilty of the forgotten Holiday syndrome...I don't decorate for Thanksgiving at all. Is that the little tree you painted??? if it's great!


  19. I too start early as we have our first Christmas party at our house the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is definitely no fun to try to put Christmas up in a day. Just love your decorations!

  20. I agree, it needs to be re calendared for a variety of reasons...but the compromise you have fashioned is wonderful and I so enjoyed the tour through your gorgeous home...and your dining room table looks amazing!


  21. You tickle me, Debra! But at least you have the decency to at least hold out until late November to start your Christmas decorating, unlike our increasingly materialistic friends in retail. I mean, they start even before Halloween some places!
    Your home looks glorious, I love your trees in burlap and little gobblers, too!

  22. Your home is gorgeous! So it must look great no matter what the holiday. Our street looked like the movie this weekend, my neighbors were decorating for Christmas and turned a zillion lights on that night (definetly a zillion-I counted!) while I was putting my pumpkin topiary back on the porches that I painted. It did make me think are they ahead or am I behind? I love my turkeys and like to focus on the one day where everyone is reflecting on why they are grateful, blessed, and love abounds!
    Good luck with your dilemma, I think it's starting to confuse the kids too! ~ Theresa

  23. Oh leave it to the men to cause us women to get all in a 'tizzy' (what IS a tizzy anyway???).
    Your decorations are so beautiful that I feel as if I've visited a lovely tea shop! I can see why you're facing such a dilemma.
    Thank you for opening your door and allowing us to peek inside.

  24. You are one smart cookie! Both merit attention, but since I don't have to host Thanksgiving this year, it's a problem I'm not even addressing. It's onward to Christmas for me. Pulling out boxes and stuff for the W&T's open house is giving me a head start this year! Now if I had such gorgeous fall decos as you, I WOULD be on the horns of a dilemna (can you say cornucopia?). Love the little burlap wrapped trees...where did you find those?

  25. Dearest Debra,

    Personality One says - GO FOR IT!

    Personality Two says - are you crazy? Luvin' the Turkeys!

    #3 says - What's takin' you so long? I've got my tree toppers lined up and rarin' to go!

    #4 says - why oh why did Santa steer along reindeers instead of Turkeys? Why was rudolph the red nose instead of the red beak?

    I feel you - the's a tough one!

    I LOVE your house! EVERY. SINGLE. BIT. OF. IT.

    Now, go hang some lights around the Turkey's neck.

    HA! ;-)

  26. Thank you for stopping by My Heart's Ease & I loved your post today! Oh I FEEL your pain!!!! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much work to create a magical place in our homes with so little time to do it. Great POST & I love your idea of easing into the decorating. But, I'm with you we MUST give Thanksgiving it's due.~Charlene

  27. Well,I guess that makes me happy our Thanksgiving is long gone!!No confusion here,its Christmas all the way!! Thank you by the way for the lovely note you left me today,made me feel so good!! x0x00x


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