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Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Your Own Give Away

What a better way to say thank you to all my great bloggy friends,
 and to introduce you to my new Etsy Store,
than to have a

 "Design Your Own" Give Away

 I've been filling up the store with some unique new pieces
 and I'd love for you to go take a peek and see if there is anything that you'd like.

 And the fun thing is this:
 As the winner, you get to choose up to $45.00 in jewelry,
 or let me put together something special;
 "designed" by you!

Here are just a few of the pieces I've been working on:

And because I don't want to miss even one

I'd like you to meet Irma
 in her new vintage attire.

She's been my muse and model for my new Etsy Store.
I not only want you to see the jewelry,
but how it compliments your clothing and
the graceful way it can be worn.

So thank you Kathleen,
for always having the party that makes Wednesdays so special!
I'm your biggest fan!

Now, for the Give Away:

You can have up to 3 entries!

1. leave a comment letting me know you're a follower.

2. Go take a peek at my new Etsy store,

 and find something you'd love.
Then let me know you've been there with another comment.

3. And for a 3rd entry, blog or link back to the Give Away on your sidebar.

Remember to please leave a separate comment for each entry,
as I go by the corresponding number.

Thanks so much for sharing all the bloggy love!

Deadline is midnight August 16!

Hugs and love to you all,
knowing you makes my life so much better!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Bloggerettes

When I saw that Karen at Some Days Are Diamonds
was initiating a Blogging Sorority
I just had to join in with the fun.

Our "Rush Project" was to take this photo...

And use it in a way of our choosing.

And since I really find that paper collage is my first love,
I dug through all my vintage die cuts and post cards, stamps,
and images to put together what I wanted to look like a
sorority girl's college bulletin board.

And of course...
it had to be pink!

Oh, and another part of rush
was to include our photo with our project!

Add a little antique lace for a ribbon hanger.

I'm even wearing my pink "pledge ribbon"!

The sorority is still open,
just stop by Karen's to join!
No snooty cliques here!
She has lots of plans for "girlfriend" fun.

OK, is everbody ready for the "car wash"?

And if you haven't entered my Blog Anniversary Give Away.
Click here to enter.
Ends June 30.

2 winners will receive a copy of the soon to be released
book by Carolyn Westbrook!


Please scroll down to the next post for the Bridal Blog Party
hosted by sweet Stephanie of Angelic Accents.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Purse Alert!

Hi Everyone! No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, but I STILL am in some sort of alternate universe where my house is in chaos, projects are half finished, and oh doodle, I have company coming on Thursday! Can this situation be saved by anyone except the "Lone Wallpaper Ranger" and a faithful wallpaper companion, or two?

Well, I'm not really complaining, just antsy to get the rest of the Dining Room done, before I go cuckoo and load a dumpster full of nic nacs and mismatched china!

So taking a break from insanity, I wanted to share some photos of a purse I purchased from

She's having a give away too, so be sure and enter!!!
last week.  I had been stalking her blog and then her new website for weeks! I finally decided on one that is in neutrals, so it would "go with everything", which seems to be my new mantra for not only decorating, clothing, accessories, and now life in general. Is it age? Hmmmm....? Maybe I won't go there.

I could have posed with it and taken pictures, but good grief, it's almost 2:00 in the afternoon, and I'm still in my pajamas, so I'll save us all the embarrassment and just hang this cutie on my TV armoire door.

Honestly, I'm not lazy, just worked all weekend outside in cleaning up the pool area, washing outside furniture, planting, painting misc. "stuff", and generally being the energizer bunny. So today, I'm being a bum.

Enough about me, look at this darling specimen of vintage yumminess! The attention to detail! The handcraftsmanship, (whew, big word for, dang, this girl does great work!) Ooodles of vintage charm...a brooch, lace, fringe, oh golly I'm just in love with it!!!

You can have one too, just not one like mine,
since all are one-of-a-kind fabulousness!

So. Go. Check. Out. Daphne's wonderful creations! She will even let you have a hand in sharing your own ideas for creating something fabulous, just for yourself!

OK, got's to get on the ball around here!
Hey, I have more projects to start that I can only get half done.
Hope you are having a great week,
it's hotter than Texas here right now!

love you all!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Space at Spring Creek

It's finally here!
I moved in to my new space at
Spring Creek Antiques and Tea Room
in Ozark, Missouri
this week.

I had a little anxiety over posting these photos.
There are so many fabulous
and talented people out here.
A little intimidation, to say the least.

I began to wonder what had gotten in to me
to even talk about it...
Excitement I guess.

One thing I have learned in this last year
 of blogging is that we are all different...
And that's a good thing.
(at least I keep telling myself that)
So here are my humble offerings,
a lot cottage and a little shabby,
but hopefully something fun for everyone.

Just in time for Spring!


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