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Monday, March 23, 2015

A French Country Inspired Spring Brunch Buffet

Hello Everyone, 
we're all so excited to start off this special week of our
 Share Your Style Spring Blog Hop!

This week all eight of us will be sharing some fresh new Spring Inspiration and we hope you'll share what you've been doing to transform your spaces for this brand new Season.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Magazine Copy Cat Challenge

You know I love a good challenge...
and magazine inspiration is at the top of my list.
is hosting a magazine copy cat challenge.

Julie from Idyllhours reminded me last week
that I had this old rake that I had found a few years ago.
It's been around for a few leaf seasons and I actually use it when I have to.
I had a few twigs of bittersweet left
and a little faux cedar from a Christmas branch.

my original attempt was too sparse,
so I added in some Fall leaves to help out.

sorta blah...

So here it is,
and I think for Christmas I'll just take out the bittersweet and leaves,
then add more evergreens with red berries and holly.

This is where it ended up.
Love the way the light shines through the leaves.

Now run by Debbie's Party and see the rest of the fun!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Take a Walk on the Dark Side

I love my white and shabby, and my white and frenchy, and my white and cottage-y, but I also love my "black".  Especially when this time of year rolls around.  We drag out the jack-o-lanterns, and the creepy and spooky, so I'm lovin' all things dark, Victorian, and a little off beat. The Victorians knew how to use "dark" so well in decor; heavy tapestries, lush fabrics, dark woods, and vibrant hues of the deepest colors.

These are the things that have inspired me this time around,
putting together my outside soiree. 

Actually, this very old parlor table cloth was my inspiration.
I found it several years ago and have used it as a base 
for many Fall and Halloween displays.

It's made entirely of silks with so many wonderful fabrics.
All edged and banded in black.
It's tattered and threadbare in places,
but it has always reminded me of a "party"
 with it's gorgeous pieced patterns and festive "banner" design.

I rummaged through my storage room
 dragging out this large black mirrored candle sconce.
I'd found these two sets of orange cups and saucers too,
they had to be used!

A couple of vintage cabinet cards
sugar and creamer,
old wire basket with some Fall flowers,
and of course my fine feathered friends are here.

The two caned seat antique chairs are a set that I keep downstairs 
at a round table for games or computer work when the kids are visiting.

The small table is an old sewing machine base with a wood top,
which usually sets behind my loveseat in the fireplace tv viewing area.

An antique luggage stand with an old tray holds my heavy pottery teapot.

My napkins and silver are tied up with a jute string and a
freshly picked soft maple leaf or two.

I have a funny story to tell you. I'm my dad's daughter and I don't like to let things go to waste, so I tear up old bread and throw it toward the back of the yard for the birds and critters. We live by the lake and woods and we have "critters". The crows have been my lunch guests lately as they love the organic sprouted grain bread that I buy. The whole time I was out here setting up the table they were perched in the trees "talking" to me. If you've been around crows for long, you know they have a variety of "voices" that they use. It's a real chorus of strange and creepy...

So....I had taken some photos and came inside to download them, checking to see how things were looking. When I came back downstairs my husband said it had been really noisy outside and that the cats were spooked. I go back out to take some more photos and one crow was knocked over and the other one was on the ground; nothing else out of place. We think they saw my fake crows as interlopers and didn't want them to share in the goodies. very strange...

So glad you dropped by for the fun...
watch out for the crows!

I'm partying with

I'm up to my eyeballs in Fall!!!

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