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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gotta Go Sale

This is a post, that I'm semi, sort of, embarrassed about, but I'm doing it anyway, hoping you don't mind looking at a few photos that are old ones from my space at Relics, (here in Springfield, Missouri) from last year. I wouldn't take pictures and post them on a bathroom wall, of what my booth space looks like right now. pretty much like a tornado went thru a junk store... yep that's pretty much it. 

These are old pics so it doesn't look anywhere
 near this good in there anymore.

I'm closing my space out by the last weekend of this month. On July 27 and 28. The reason I'm posting all this mayhem is that big architectural window in the has to go. It won't fit in the back of my husband's suv and I'm not paying someone to haul it home for me. I don't have anyplace to put it, but it's super cool piece. It's an actual window (no glass panes, though) that is probably about 7 to 7 and 1/2 foot tall, in good shape. It would be so great for an outdoor arbor, or for a gardener's many wonderful ways to use it, except I don't have a place for it. I'll probably kick myself later, but at this point in time getting my husband to try to build something wouldn't be practical.

I also have a couple of tables and small tabletop bookcases that I've used for display that now need to go too, and they're marked at a good sale price. It all has to go, so if you're local and want to see about any of it, it's at Relic's Antique Mall, on West Battlefield, just west of Kansas Expressway and the Grizzly Tools Showroom. I have $95 on the big window, a real steal. Now remember, it's big, and behind a bookcase, so it will require some manpower to untether it and haul it to a truck. First come first serve. My booth is the first row to the west of the restrooms and tearoom, it's in the middle of the store, on the west side of the aisle. 

Just about forgot that I have two or three old doors also, one is 17 or 18, the other ones are 25, (but not marked at this time) also behind furniture. I was hoping I could get those out for whoever wanted them on that tear down weekend.

Most of all of this is gone, 
except the wonderful white metal fence gate is still there, for $50 I think.
I still have some smalls for good prices, too.

OK, I'm done groveling.
 I just need to see this stuff gone
 so it's not home in my marriage won't stand it.

thanks guys,

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Industrial Lighting

Last week when I was at the Fall Open House at Leola's Vintage Home and Garden in Ozark, MO. I was knocked out by these really hip and trendy lighting designs. There are a talented group of gals there, and these are some of the fun industrial pieces made from "Found Things". Thought you might like to see them...such great ideas for using vintage bits and pieces of "junk".

Don't you just want to find a barn full of junk and have a go at it?
 Thanks gals for the fun inspiration!
 (more great inspiration coming soon from the Open House)
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is what happens when you store your "stuff" vertically...

The scene of the crime:

I was looking through this stack of old mirrors and frames,
trying to find something to put together a memory board...

when this...

lovely little chippy metal flower cart
(precariously perched on top)

fell on

(Above is the "before" picture.
I wouldn't dare show the "after" shot.
Trust me, it's scary!)
So now I look and feel like this...

It didn't require stitches because,
(I know this sounds horrible),
 it scraped the skin right off.

No bruising, but I do look like I had a run in
with a small truck... er, cart!

So if I'm a little more wonky than usual...
you'll know the reason.

I'm hoping I have no social engagements
that I will need to attend
in the next few days.

I'm thanking God that it wasn't worse,
that I have bangs,
and hoping some skin will grow back.
(sorry this is so yucky to talk about)

Great way to finish off a holiday weekend!

Love ya,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vintage Botanicals and a Garden Table

This little metal outdoor table
at one time was in my booth space at the antique mall,

funny thing...

it never sold.

And you know what happens when things sit too long,


they come to live at my house.

So now it sets right under
my kitchen window on the deck.

You can see it from the sunroom,
 so I really enjoy decorating it with my vintage
garden thingys.

A black birdcage covering some hearty ivy and my "Collegian" botanical notebook that I found several weeks ago at Spring Creek, are sharing the table with some silver of the galvanized zinc kind. I have several old watering cans, but this was a Birthday present a few years ago from my older daughter from Restoration Hardware, one of my favorite stores.

 Marion Bradway (lady or gentleman?)
must have had a Botanical assignment
to catalog wildflowers back in their college days.
My best guess is from the 1940's.

I thought about dismantling the pages and framing them out.
And I still may do that, but for now,
they are all together.

My kitties were very interested in the old pressed flowers,
but every time they went near them they started sneezing!
Funny how after so many years there is still pollen of some sort.

I love the typewritten pages and the aged tape.

You can see my white garden gate behind the table.
 I have two of them.
Can someone say ...selfish...?
And my old hose hanger.
Just gotta love that color of blue!

I'm linking up with these wonderful parties.
If you have time go visit and say Hello.

Have a Wonderful Weekend everyone!
This Mommie has some fun time planned,
with her big kids.

And if you have a few mintues and you'd like to know me better,
and you can read what I've learned by being a mother.
love you all,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just wanted to share...

A picture of my husband and I after a day of junkin'...

oh, and here's all our friends waiting for us to get home so we could


Fantasy friends photos courtesy of Dedon Furniture
Elle Decor Magazine.

Thank you Mindy.
I won a magazine giveaway she was having...te he.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Space at Spring Creek

It's finally here!
I moved in to my new space at
Spring Creek Antiques and Tea Room
in Ozark, Missouri
this week.

I had a little anxiety over posting these photos.
There are so many fabulous
and talented people out here.
A little intimidation, to say the least.

I began to wonder what had gotten in to me
to even talk about it...
Excitement I guess.

One thing I have learned in this last year
 of blogging is that we are all different...
And that's a good thing.
(at least I keep telling myself that)
So here are my humble offerings,
a lot cottage and a little shabby,
but hopefully something fun for everyone.

Just in time for Spring!


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