Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look Familiar?

Do you know where we are?

Yes, we're back in the studio.

And I have a confession to make.

I wasn't happy with the way my photos turned
out for the party last weekend.

If you remember, my walls were gold;
a great color for my kitchen,
but my studio...not so much.

I'd been wanting to paint in here,
since the paint bug bit me.

But I didn't know if we could move the heavy computer desk.(?)

We had our kids here over the weekend,
and since 30 year old backs are stronger than %* year old backs,
we had some help with the furniture.

So I decided to jump in and go for it.
I hate to waste paint,
and I had a gallon left over from the
 Dining Room extravaganza!

Ta Da!!

no more gold.
just my favorite creamy white.

Like I said, I'm happy (for now) with my kitchen color.
I was so inspired with all the great studio spaces,
I just was ready for the change.

I'm soooo much happier.

Everything looks so much better against this light and fresh wall color.

Even Baby is happy!!

Thank you, Kathleen,
for giving us an endless inspiration
of whites!

And thank you, Cindy for Show and Tell

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Have a wonderful first week of Summer!


  1. Debra: So happy that this makes YOU happy!
    It does look very fresh, doesn't it? All
    your goodies seem to be happy, to : ) How
    nice that you had helpers to make it all
    come true. Happy day! xx Suzanne

  2. Wow, Debra, I'm impressed that you repainted so quickly! I think I better get moving when I get back home and finally paint our walls. It looks lovely, by the way. I love the sweet doll.


  3. It looks beautiful! I love all the creamy whiteness of it all!


  4. Hi Debra,
    Oh you are not lazy ,dear,
    and such a lovely studio you have,----I loved it before, but this cream beautifull color makes it even more gorgeus.
    Happy creating inside there.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  5. I do love it!! It looks great. I think I want to change MY wall color now!!

  6. Hi. It looks so beautiful and inviting! Color makes such a difference doesn't it? I had been thinking about painting my studio a golden pale yellow hue with blue at the top... and after bringing home every paint chip sample and even a couple of small jars of paint to try, and the yellows were too yellow and the blues too bright, I decided to just keep my creamy golden color after all. For now anyway, until the paint bug bites again!

    Your room is beautiful as are your photos.

    ~ Violet

  7. I agree the white is better. You have a wonderful space and such beautiful things in it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Such a fabulous difference!!!!
    LOVE the white...
    What would we do without it?
    Your creative space is inspiring to say the least...
    every detail.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. It looks beautiful, Debra~ so fresh! Inspires me!

  10. Oh, I love the change. The creamy white sets everything off so well! If the party was meant to inspire, it sure did with you!! I am loving seeing everone's studio's and yours it fabulous. Love the floral chair!


  11. You are too funny!
    I can't believe you hauled ALL that stuff away from the wall, painted like a mad woman, then re-set everything up picture perfect. Seriously, whatever you're on, you'd better share. AND be ready to help me paint a 2400 ft Victorian, too. ;-)

    Looks great!

  12. It does look so fresh, you are fast!... I am taking pics of my room, because I'm about to take everything out for new floors and I want to remember where I had it all, lol. Always something! Lezlee

  13. I love the new color. The old color is the post before this and what a difference. Great job. If you are ever trying to move furniture by yourself, try the moving pads, you get them at any hardware, walmart store. They work wonders, I have moved large cabinets by myself.

  14. Debra,

    Girl, do you ever sit still? I am getting winded just reading about all your activities.

    When you get tired of painting around your home, or when you have repainted everything, my exterior needs some work. Are you affordable? There's a Vegas vacation thrown in....

    : }


  15. So pretty Debra! Perhaps you'd like to come over and share your painting prowess if/when I attempt to paint the new stairs and lattice off my back patio one day this week? :) Hope you're having a good day...

  16. Wow, what a productive weekend! I didn't even get to half the creative spaces just sitting on my butt. The gold was pretty, but the white, wow!

  17. I was noticing all the whites in many of the studios and creative spaces of everyone who shared their spaces, Debra. I was really taken with it myself and I'm not sure if it is because it just showed all the tools of the creativity off so much better or made the rooms appear brighter. At any rate, I did like the way they looked, too.

  18. It would make me happy, too. It's so lovely! Thanks for sharing your beautiful studio.


  19. Wow, now I want new paint!!! Of course I would have helped you....well maybe for a couple of those sweet squirrels!!! Looks fabulous!!!
    Margaret B

  20. I love a freshly painted room! So inspiring, lika a clean slate!

  21. Beautiful facelift! White on white is always right....it's so much more serene....


  22. Hi Debra!
    Where did you get all that energy! Your room looks so pretty with those creamy white walls.
    It's more you for sure. You know the old saying, "if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy," so I just bet a little turned down lip and a sniff, sniff and a little tear got hubby to get out the paintbrush! Now Debra's happy!!!

    All kidding aside, your room is devine. I thought it was lovely the first time and even more lovely now.


  23. Hi Debra, just came from Karen's am taking the opportunity to visit some of the sisters signed up for the Bloggerette Sorority and getting ready for 'rush' day. Your blog is so pretty and I did enjoy your recent post. I have that same picture of the dog, it was my mom's. I am looking for a mannequin for my studio but they are scarce here and very expensive online. Love the fresh look of your studio. Blessings

  24. Debra it looks beautiful, I always love the creamy white!!! Blessings~~~Daphne

  25. You...the Energizer Bunny. Yes? You painted at super speed I see. Well done, well done. I am stripping the ugliest pink wallpaper ever at the yellow house the week of the fourth. I am thinking of paint colors but cannot decide.


  26. I love it!!! It does look better. Not that your room didn't look spectacular before, just better now.

  27. I don't remember it before just because it's so gorgeous now!!!

  28. Hi Debra,
    your studio is just stunning! I really love your memo board behind the dress form, and your desk area is so gorgeous! I also really love the wire dress form in front of window. I guess that it would be easier to just say that I love it all, because I do!

  29. Great color! All of the elements you have in the room really shine against the neutral background color. You have been one busy girl....I was inspired by so many rooms from the party but all I did was buy a cool, rusty piece to use as an inspiration board.
    I said it before and I'll say it again, you have a beautiful creative space.

  30. Debra you are one crazy girl! I neeeeed you here, I have a tiny hallway that has needed painting for a month now and I still haven't done it. Now I'm ashamed of myself...but not enough to paint it,hehe
    I love it! It looks so fresh and dreamy~!

  31. You are so funny!
    I do love the color though!
    And it is always good when your friends are happy!
    That makes me happy too!
    What is it about this cream color...I love it too and just painted my new utility room in this shade, I guess it's just cozy.
    I also love the way it plays with the light.
    Hope you have a wonderful week,
    Blessings and hugs,

  32. Your photos are just lovely! I can't decide if I like the doll one or the shoes the best!


  33. Beautiful dear Debra! Always looks beautiful to me:) Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  34. The new color looks very soothing and relaxing. And very pretty!

  35. Hi Debra,

    It looks just lovely - what a wonderful work space and so inspiring!


  36. Hi Debra, Your room looks wonderful all painted in cream. I love the antique dolls and all your great accessories.
    xo, Sherry

  37. Hi Debra! I am still making my rounds for the party, whew, there are so many beautiful spaces to visit and yours is no exception! Soooo beautiful! I just looked at your last post as well, your room is spectacular and I am with you on the creamy white, it's perfect. I love your wire dress form and her crown, your mothers hat, and your vignette of you paintings and prints of Jesus, beautiful. Thanks for sharing so much inspiration! Theresa

  38. So this is amazing! How fun for you! Makes me tired just to think about it--But you did the right thing getting those youngins to help out! Nice and light! Jacqueline

  39. Looks great! So fresh and pretty!


  40. Bonjour Debra,
    You are a huge bundle of energy. It looks gorgeous. What perfect timing to put the kids to work. Isn't it amazing what a little change in paint can do? Enjoy!

  41. Debra
    Everything looks so dreamy!!! How perfect for your studio. Great post especially the finish!! Happy WW my sweet friend.

    God bless

  42. I absolutely LOVE IT! So glad baby is happier now...and so glad you are happy with the paint color. Happy WW! Hope your day is a lovely one!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  43. Debra-
    I am sitting here having my coffee (on vacation as you know) wondering

    It looks amazing.

    truth be told- I can relate.
    NOTHING stops me when I am on a tear.

    I am emailing you about photography questions right now!


  44. Very tranquil indeed! Don't you love it when you can put company to work ;)

  45. HI thank you for sharing your room . I love the colour, cream is so much more lighter ...and it makes everything in your space pop.. Warning althought if you come over to see me space bring the sun glasses my space is bright, but fun hope to see you. The kettle is on. Tea or coffee? Hugs ~Wendy @blissangels

  46. Debra, I'm new to your blog but you are just too cute! I love your sense of humor, your photos, your talent, all of it!

    Wonderful White Wednesday Post!

  47. What a great space you have to create. love the wall color.


  48. I'm Amazed ~ Loved the Gold too, can't believe you did this is such a short time ~ Does Showcase for White Wednesday Beautifully!
    Have a Wonderful Week

  49. love it before -even more now! a gorgeous color cream. Really highlights your beautiful things. I participated in White Wednesday for the first time...


  50. Love both your before and after of your studio! Gold or cream they are both dreamy! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  51. Great pics!! I would loooove to have a studio! You're a lucky gal! :)
    ~Terrell over at FrouFrouDecor~

  52. Debra, It looks great! You did a wonderful job and in such short time. You deserve a break! Have a great rest of the week!

  53. Wow that was quick! You must have gotten a spurt of energy :)
    It looks wonderful... good job.

  54. Debra!!!! I thought the first photos of your studio were beautiful but this??? GORGEOUS!!!! This calm, creamy color simply shows off all of your amazing treasures and supplies, I'm in love.....hugs and love, Dawn

  55. Debra - it's GORGEOUS!!! And - now that you are happy once more with it, just think of the trouble you're going to get in to!!! It's so pretty - I'm going back up to look again!!!

    :-D xoxo

  56. Hi Debra,

    Wow, you are talented and BUSY! Everything looks beautiful. I'm a huge fan of cream/white. Very nice.



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