Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out and About for White Wednesday

Last Saturday we made an unexpected trip to Bolivar, Missouri. I always love to head up that direction, which is on the way to Kansas City about 30 miles north of us. My favorite store to visit is "Pappy's" which is an amazing place, full of their trademark gorgeous antiques and one-of-a-kind creations using salvaged furniture and architectural pieces.

Last week when I made the statement
 about changing out my dining room for something white,
this is one of the places I would definitely head to.

I love Eastlake furniture and they do it like no one else!

I have a built in island in my kitchen,
but this one makes me want to tear mine out,
and start again.

Bookshelves, cabinets, beds, dressers, tables...
just love their pieces!

There is always so much inspiration here.
Believe me, if I thought I could master their paint technique,
I'd get my paint brush out and have a go at it.

OK, maybe I could just find room for one of these.

Hope you enjoyed the trip,
I found some great flower pots,
I'll share them soon!

Oh, and just a heads up
(bad pun after last post)

I have a 1 year anniversary coming up in a week,
and I have a super special Give Away planned!
Be sure and be on the lookout,
 I think it's something you'll really love!

I'm joining in for White Wednesday!
Say Hello to Kathleen and the rest of the gang
over at Faded Charm.

Thanks for all the well wishes,
I hate to be whiny, but this blog is about my life;
The good, the bad, and the stupid...
not just the pretty, chippy, white stuff.



  1. great store! beautiful finds! love love the island! ~lulu

  2. Gasp! Simply fabulous. I love it all. Eastlake steals my heart away.


  3. Debra, I'm so glad that you can be real in your blog! Thank you. :)
    I love the cupboards in this post thanks for sharing! So inspirational!

  4. What an amazing place! If I went there very often I would have to get a job just to shop there!

  5. all the white furniture- LOVE . and the accents, lighting and salvage, oh my!

    thanks for sharing,

  6. Hi Debra! I love Pappy's! It's one of the most gorgeous antique stores in our area! I haven't been there for awhile and your pictures are making me think I need to get back! Have a nice week! Twyla

  7. Now that is some serious eye candy!! I definitely need to add that place to my list of places to visit in Missouri!!

    Hope your ouchie is feeling better!!


  8. Hi Debra ..Oh My ..I love Pappy's too. I live in CA ..but lived in Springfield shortly and bought my Eastlake Bed and Dresser from Pappys ..still sleeping in it and loving it today. Makes me want to be there and go shopping ..!!!

    I saw you are doing melanie's blog for her ..I know her and her mom and even her husband we used to buy from them and see each other at farm sales ..if you see her tell her Sara and Abbey the CA girls say Hi ..she'll remember me by we swapped my handmade halloween items for some furniture with Melanie ..LOL !!

    Have a Beautiful week ..and oh how I'm trying not to be envious of that wonderful trip today ..!!

    Blessings ..Sara

  9. Gorgeous pieces Debra.....I WANT them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy WW!

  10. I would marry that island if not married to my Joe!


  11. What a great place with lots of goodies. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could go there.

  12. Dear Debra, I totally agree with you, that is a great place to find all we need for home, and I would definetely take that island to my kitchen too!!! Excelent pieces all over the place!!!
    And yes, you can do whatever you please with your blog, it`s yours and no one else!!
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  13. That looks like a fabulous store. I can definitely understand the desire for that island. :)

  14. Hi Debra: Everything was so pretty that I found myself forgetting to breathe! Thanks for sharing the images, and the source. If only Florida weren't such a long state...and I weren't so far south! I'd love to take a trip to this place in my Explorer. I'd bring home everything that would fit...and then rent a U-haul! lol
    Have a great week. I hope you're healing up, too.

  15. Hello Debra, I am still around...Thank you for the lovely trip into the great store. What beautiful white pieces, love to have some of them myself. Blessings, sandi

  16. How is the head divet coming along?
    Double checked my Target today and they did have the oil, so maybe yours will too, that's assuming you have one nearby?


  17. I hope your head is feeling better. Pappy's looks like a great place to shop. I love the name. That's what we called my great grandfather and we called her granny. They were such sweet people and I have many childhood memories of the.

    Thanks for being so loyal to WW. I thought you had participated in most of them and I really appreciate it.

    Take care,


  18. Oh that tall skinny cabinet is amazing! It's all wonderful and makes me want to paint everything white! Thanks for sharing! Theresa

  19. I think I could have a lot of fun in that place. You sure do have a lot of beautiful things to look through. Thanks for sharing,

  20. That place looks like it's just full of ideas and inspiration! I especially like that tall skinny cabinet and that island. I've been wanting to paint everything white lately, but unfortunately certain family members keep talking me out of it!
    Happy WW!

  21. Okay, that is one serious store!! I'm really liking that sparkly chandy!

  22. Hi Debra
    How is the Head? Hope it heals quickly! I have been under the weather myself with a hacking cough, I sound like an old man...
    Looks like this place would be a great way to spend a day...
    Many Blessings

  23. I love all of it. And we can take the good and the bad. Life is not always peaches and cream.

  24. What a fantastic shop, Debra! I saw so many things I like a lot. Thank you for sharing pictures of your trip!
    Have a lovely day!

  25. Debra, that does look like a wonderful place to shop, beautiful eye candy!!! Blessings~~~Daphne

  26. Hi Debra, No wonder you love this shop~~so much creamy, dreaminess!!! I hope your "boo-boo" is feeling better! Must be the week for owies-I pinched my finger in our garage door-still purple!!Yikes~~~ Love Julie

  27. Oh, goodness, why don't we have stores like Pappy's around here?!? I love everything white and chippy that you posted today!! Do you remember how much that pretty little work island/counter thing was? Beautiful!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. I just don't think I could leave without that table! So gorgeous! Thanks for posting!

  29. I wish I could have been shopping with you, I'd let you take all the pictures while I carry all my pretties to the check out. Thanks for sharing you shopping trip. Great white Wednesday.

  30. Hey Debra, Wow what a fun shop! Thanks for sharing. Sure hope your injury is healing quickly. I will do the same type of thing...just plow right into the pile to pull something from the bottom and take my chances that it won't create an avalanche!

    Also, congratulations on winning Theresa's giveaway. Now isn't that 2 wins in just a couple'a weeks? Do you have a special prayer or something? LOL Well you are special and deserve the blessings!

    Have a wonderful WW.

  31. HI Debra ~ Gorgeous inspiration. I have often wanted to learn the craft of transforming furniture with paint. What a great place.

  32. Debra!!
    WOW!!! What a place!! I LOVED that island too! WHEW...and those beds! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy!

  33. Hey Debra...thanks for the tour...I would love to shop here! You captured some wonderful treasures!

  34. Oh Debra! This is MY kind of shop!! That ISLAND!!! Stunning!! Love it all! The details! LOVE the details!!

    Thank you for stopping by and looking at my cabinets! I do love them and wish I had done it forever ago!! I would suggest having a painting party, however, so you have other able bodied painters "helping"! It will go alot faster! lol

    Hope you are feeling better after being hit on the head by the cart! OUCH!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda :)

  35. G'Day~Hope all is better today! What an amazing Store love the white bed, pie safe and that table I sooooo want.

    Great White Wednesday.~Cheers Kim

  36. I love every bit of it Debra! The good, the bad and especially the chippy white!

  37. I can sure see "why" you love to go here! Wonderful pictures, great stuff! Now, I need to go back and stare some more!!

    Take care, Sue

  38. Debra,
    I'll take one of each. That is a great place to shop. I want that brown and white pitcher and bowl. Thanks for the tour.

  39. Thanks for the heads up, I am not far from Bolivar. I will for sure look this place up.
    I loved everything on your post.

    thanks again.

  40. WOW that island is exactly what I would have if I could in my kitchen.
    And I share your love of Eastlake.
    Great post.

  41. Oh my goodness, I can see your point about that island and everything else! Pappy's is definitely the place for great looking chippy, white dreams to come true!

  42. My, oh, my! The legs on that table...the big chest...the island...and that podium! Wonderful!

  43. I am completely out of it-
    I didn't know you conked your head , and I have never heard of Eastlake furniture.

    Get better and stay out of that garage !
    Nothing good can happen in there if it is like mine!


  44. Debra - I need to go white hunting instead of poison ivy getting - looks more fun...but then you always seem to have the best of the places to seek out. Hugs, Jennifer jennsthreegraces recovering slowly and itching

  45. This is a great store, right down to those wide plank walls! I love Eastlake too. One of my favorite pieces in my home is an Eastlake commode. Thanks for your sweet comments..Made me feel better!

  46. No word on the CT Scan yet Debra - hoping that's good - last year when it was abnormal my doctor called within 20 minutes of having it done! it's my first case of poison ivy in 56 years - who knew! Some things are not fun as a 1st time - first time for cherries jubilee - ok - hot fudge sundae ok - know what I mean! Hugs, Jennifer

  47. LOVE IT, I want to paint everything white now! XO MARY

  48. Yummmmy....every single thing!


  49. Aloha Debra, I am so happy I dropped by , I enjoyed the tour and I look forward to my next visit, I found you through Sweet Anne at Fiona and Twig...she is a doll
    warm wishes from across the sea

  50. That island would make me want to redo too!


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