Sunday, June 27, 2010

Borrowing a Little Inspiration from a Friend

We had a few showers yesterday afternoon, and they were welcome relief from the dry spell and heat that we've been having. Upper 90's isn't normal for June here. With all the projects I've been doing inside, I've been behind in planting my flower pots and working outside.

I have a smallish deck outside the sunroom, since the sunroom was added on top of the deck probably 20 years ago. The kitchen window above the sink looks out onto the deck, so I enjoy having my "jungle" in view. Last year all my flowers were pink or white. This year I decided to add a little more color.

One of the trends here at the little satellite greenhouses, which are on every corner, is to mix plants for a real burst of color and texture. I have a lot of sun out on the deck, so I added million bells, zinnias, daisies, alyssum, vinca, and some others all together in some pots to really liven it up.

I have several of these old tin picnic baskets, (none of them in great condition) so I thought I'd use one to hold one of my variety plantings.

I want to show a little of the inspiration from a new friend, Sara, from Sweet Magnolias Farm in California, and then share it with you.

Sara and I made a connection after I started the blog for The Seed Box.
She emailed me and told me how she had previously lived in the area and knew Meloney and Brian,
and had purchased several pieces of furniture from them.

I've truly been amazed at how the blogging world, big as it is, can bring us together with connections from the past and then make connections as new friends.

So, if you don't know Sara, please do yourself a favor and visit her beautiful and inspiring blog, Sweet Magnolias Farm. She is part of a group of inspiring women that participate in an occasional sale called Chateau De Fleurs, held just this last weekend.

These are a few photos of her inspiration pieces.
She takes a variety of flowers and packs them in like
a bunch of sweet little babies in a crib!
Her container plantings are really unique and original.
Suitcases and boxes, all with embellishments that add to the fun.

You'll love all her show photos, of not only her own space,
but photos of all her creative gal pals, many of whom have blogs and
are familiar friends.

There's just something about live flowers
in all their glorious colors that lift the mood
and bring great joy to our everyday lives.

So run by and say Hi to Sara, browse through her last several posts and enjoy the photos of the most recent show. Then go meet her friends, see all their show photos and enjoy their blogs. Great way to spend an inspiring afternoon!

Oh, and take a look at this photo note card from Inspriational Home.
My inspiration for the pink watering can!

Just three more days...
if you haven't entered my Anniversary Give Away

The soon to be released book,
The French Inspired Home
by Carolyn Westbrook.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. Debra ~
    I love all of the wonderful pictures of flowers in different things ~ that is such a fun thing to do and so very pretty !
    Thank you for the beautiful inspiration ~

  2. Good Morning Sister,
    I love that pink watering can. That tin picnic basket holding the flowers is a great idea. I went over to visit Sweet Magnolia Farm and became a follower of hers. Such beautiful things and her displays just make you want to look. Thanks,

  3. Hi Debra,
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to be surrounded by all that loveliness all the time!

    I love what you did with your watering can and the tin picnic baskets. They look beautiful!
    Your photos are also very pretty.

    I sure wish that I cold go to that wonderful event, but I'll settle for photos. I'll hop on over and take a look.


  4. Cute pots Debra! I'm so behind in my yard with all the rain we had!
    Love the pink watering can! I have a collection, maybe I should paint a few???
    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs and love,

  5. Hi Debra-
    I am finally back from the beach and your deck display has inspired me to hit my garden this afternoon.
    It has been hot, hasn't it?

    Of course that is normal around here!


  6. Hi Debra! Your flowers in the picnic basket are adorable! and now that I've seen your pink watering can, I'm remembering a can of ballet slipper pink spray paint in my barn that has been waiting for just the right project, thanks!! I am going over to Sweet Magnolia Farm right now to see all of the goodness, thanks again! Theresa

  7. Oh how gorgeous. I love all of your flowers and the watering can and picnic basket are just fabulous. What super ideas. All of the pics you are showing are stunning, such wonderful inspiration. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  8. Loved your container gardens. A lot of the plants you mention just melt here in May. Even here in Texas it is a different hot...early hot! The weather man says we may be looking at a record...just what I wanted to hear!
    Thanks for sharing the links.

  9. Hi Debra!
    I just love how you have arranged your flowers in those vintage containters...the tin is I am inspired too...tons of that kind of stuff! I think I will pop over to Sweet Magnolia Farm and then drag out some of my old containers and start playing! As always, thank you for your inspiration and your generous spirit.
    Take care,

  10. Beautiful, my dear!
    Thank you for your faithfulness to encourage!

  11. Hello Debra... your flowers are just beautiful! I love your vintage watering can full of pretties... and I will check out your friends blog again... so many lovely things to look at... wishing you a beautiful Sunday... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. sara is sooooooo talented, I fell in love with her planted treasures, I know that pink one would of came home with me if I was at that show!!!!! I hope everyone goes and visits her blog and sees how talented they are.

  13. Thanks for sharing, Debra...I'm going to head over for a visit!

  14. Good Morning Debra and Thank You so much for posting about my blog and our work. What a blessing to have such sweet Blog Friends it is !

    I love your picnic basket you have planted ...Great Idea !!! Your deck looks so lovely ..that is just one thing I miss among many others about MO are the beautiful decks. We really don't have too many decks out here ..mainly concrete patios. The Wood decks just bring a warmth and feeling of nature that draws one in. We are unseasonable cool for June which I am truly enjoying. We have endured the last 3 years of 100 plus temperatures for 4 and 5 months straight this has been such a wonderful treat to only be in the hight 80s and low 90's.

    The Pink Watering Can is Great and I too have that wonderful Ballet Slipper Pink paint and will have to peek into my garden and choose a can that gets some new life added to it this week.

    I look forward to all those that come to visit our blog ....because of your post !

    Blessing s..Sara

  15. I thoroughly approve of your pink watering can, I think every girl should have one. Hmm. Might give my old watering can a coat of paint. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Oh, and I have had Sarah's Sweet Magnolias Farm blog on my reading list for a while now. You are so right, its a gorgeous blog.

  16. Beautiful, I love those tin picnic baskets and the flowers are gorgeous!

    There are so many incredibly talented bloggers out there, I am truly amazed!

    Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  17. Hi Debra.
    We went camping last weekend for Fathers Day down in Temecula. And My friend Joy & I met up with Kim Caldwell and a few other gals and went to visit everyone at Chateau de Fleurs. They have a great set up there. It was very fun! Lots of inspiration!
    Love your outdoor vignettes. I wish we had sunroom or covered porch.
    NEXT HOUSE! :)
    Enjoy your day! karen

  18. The pink watering can is off the chain! I'll come and get it when you are done, not normally in the nineties in June and all. The flowers are lovely♥


  19. I'll be right over, get my favorite chair ready for your small-ish deck ...

    I've been flying below the fifi radar ... but I'm back

    stop over for a chat

  20. Deborah, LOVE the pink watering can!!!! And the containers filled with flowers! They do indeed brighten the soul! It was soooooooo good to talk to you on the phone the other night when we were all in the room at Paper Cowgirls. My roommate that night was Lisa(Tarnishe & Tattered) but, we went down to Jodi's(Everything Vintage) room & Ann (Fiona & Twig), Cami (Creating Myself) & I all got to pass you around the room to talk too. Almost like you were there with us! Have a great week! Charlene

  21. Love the flowers in the tin picnic basket! I never saw a tin basket like that. Where did you get it? I am from Blogging Society! Just joined today.

  22. Hi Debra, As a lover of flowers, I loved this post! Such fun and beautiful plantings and I love your pink watering can! If you have a minute, hop on over to my blog ~ I'm having a giveaway! Love, Julie

  23. Oh how beautiful are all your pictures. I love all these flowers.
    Since my accident everything of mine out side have died.
    Great post. Hope you are doing well

  24. Hi Debra, So glad I found your blog and a chance to win that fabulous book! I'm a new follower, so please count me in! Thanks, Marcia

  25. Just love the way you planted the flowers in the cute picnic basket tin and that pink watering can is adorable. Flowers do have a way of lifting our spirits. Hope you have a wonderful week, Debra.


  26. Hey Sweet Pea!
    Your blog is amazing... Sorry I haven't been chatting, lately.... but... I found I need to sleep, sometime... I have been running so hard, that, it seems I am meeting myself coming and going... For everything, there is a season.... This crazinees shall slow down, and I'll be back to catch up...
    My Love to Ya,,,,
    Barb C.

  27. I just looove the pink vintage watering can!! That is so lovely and goes perfect with the other decor! Happy Monday!!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  28. Awesome pink watering can, girl!

    I missed you, about to all you to give you all the deets on my weekend! :-)

  29. Such gorgeous flowers and so inspirational, Debra. Just love it all!

  30. Such wonderful post, Debra! I love your blog and passing you this Beautiful Blogger Award: ~Tanya


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