Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Watercolor Prints

I showed one of my Mary Gold Mother's Day Verse Prints.
Today I thought I'd share my other three prints that are "Marygold".

They are usually hanging in my bedroom hallway where the light is poor,
so I brought them into my new favorite spot;
my dining room.

( I'm just loving the new paint and paper!!)

Below is "Love's Siesta".

Mary Gold was a painter and watercolorist from the teens and 1920's. Many of her subjects use a black background depicting nighttime. They have the same lovely ladies, dressed in crinolines in romantic settings.

Below, is "Arabian Love".

So sorry for the glare on these, the glass is so reflective.

"The Mother" was a Mother's Day gift to me from my
sweet younger daughter several years ago.
I was so surprised, and I credit her for starting my
passion for Mary Gold.

Say Hello to my really old wire plantstand.
The original yellow paint is barely visible,
but so yummy!


I'm linking up with Vintage Black Friday
at the French Cupboard.

My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday

over at My Favorite Things.

at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie.

My head is better, but still bruising, some swelling
 and I need spackling for my "divot".

I've been in hiding for the last few days.

It felt like a broken nose,
with an all-week headache to go with it,
but hey...
what can you do for that?

I'm surviving!

Hope you all are staying "boo boo free"

love ya,


  1. I've never heard of Mary Gold but, I'm a fan of her work now. Those are beautiful. I love your plant stand too! Glad your feeling a little better!!

  2. Oh what an enjoyable grouping. Love's Siesta is just beautiful.... the hats sure captured my eye and interest.

  3. Hi Debra,
    I love your watercolors and they look so pretty displayed on your vintage plant stand. I was so glad that you showed it because I was thinking how much I wanted to see it and when I scrolled down, there it was. It's so yummy! I want one!


  4. Oh my goodness, I love this artist. That particular style is always so beautiful to me. Thanks for educating me, Debra!


  5. Hi Debra,

    Lovely water colors and so relaxing to look at too!

    I am sorry you are not feeling very well.
    I hope you will heal very soon!



  6. Wallpaper is rocking the casba Debra. Those watercolors are smashing and different. Have a great weekend and rest your boo boo for goodness sake.


  7. Poor thing, I've done similar with my "stack em' high piles", so I feel your pain. I enjoyed the information on the paintings. My sister in law has a couple, which I have admired, but didn't know the history.

  8. I'm sorry I missed the post where you wrote of your injury! It does NOT sound fun!! I'm glad you are recuperating! I love your Marygold collection!

  9. Oh, I love your Mary Gold prints! I have 4 or 5 of her framed Mother Mottos and just love them! Yours are just beautiful!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  10. Those are beautiful Debra. I have quite a few "mother" pictures and I just think they are so neat. I'll have to look for Mary Gold paintings, it's nice to learn something new!

  11. I've never heard of Mary Gold before...but I will certainly be on the lookout for her art now. Yours are sooo sweet. I always dreamed of dressing like that when I was a little girl........I wanted to waltz and wear big fluffy gowns with hoop skirts. I think I saw Gone with the Wind too many times. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend... :-)


  12. What a special artist she was. Your grouping looks wonderful and I am coveting your plant stand ♥
    We're having a giveaway, please stop by and join in! Jane T.

  13. such beautiful prints! love them all. thanks for sharing and happy Friday!

  14. so charming and romantic! Take care of that head...

  15. These are lovely Debra! Glad you are enjoying your new dining room!! Happy VBF!

  16. Very lovely prints! I can see why you like them. I have not heard of Mary Gold, but I really like her style! They look wonderful displayed on the vintage plant stand.

  17. Beautiful prints!!

    I had never heard of Mary Gold before!!



  18. oohhh! your vintage prints are so beautiful. I love how you displayed them on and above that AMAZING wire plant stand. just lovely, as is your blog....

  19. Oh Gosh Debra ~ I didn't know you got hurt. I hope you are feeling much better very soon. I do love your prints ~ very special and unique . Thank you for the art lesson. Feel better and have a fantastic weekend.

  20. Love the prints. I have seen Mary Gold prints but didn't know how many lovely ones there are. It is so special that your Mom started your collection. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi Debra, I'm playing catch up around here. So sorry to hear about your accident. Yikes! That had to hurt. HOpe you are much better by now. Love that Arabian Nights painting. Congrats on the catalogue photos. You always have lovely things to share. Best wishes for your weekend. Don't be digging around in any precarious piles of goodies. :) Tammy

  22. So gorgeous!!! All of them! I have never heard of them - but now I will watch for one!!!

    Have a great week-end!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  23. What wonderful pictures, Debra. I also really like the metal stand they are on in the last picture. Happy VBF~

  24. These are very sweet, Debra. I've never seen any like it before.

    I'm playing along today also.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  25. Hi Debra,
    Love these vintage pictures!
    Happy VBF!

  26. Debra,

    Those are lovely watercolors. They remind me of other artist of the 20's. So romantic. So sorry you were injured. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
    Come by my blog and win $50 CSN giveaway.

  27. Lovely watercolors! How special that your mother got you started with the collection, makes them even more beautiful!


  28. Those are all gorgeous and I love your wire plant stand!!!

  29. Thanks for visiting!! Yes, those deer eat most everything. My brother is just trying different things that say they are deer-resistent. He has learned that wire over the first tender shoots will save some plants and they don't eat the mature growth. I wish I had his green-thumb, but I think it's his willingness to work really hard that I should desire!
    I'm in love with your plant stand!!

  30. those are really neat pieces of artwork. Enjoyed them much!

  31. I have never heard of Mary Gold before today. What a talented artist. I will be on the lookout for her now:)Have a great weekend.
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  32. Wow this is fabulous!! I would love for you to visit My blog. I am also hosting a Giveaway from CSN for $40 dollars !!

  33. Pretty Pretty Miss Debra-
    I hope you on mending well and having a wonderful weekend.

    I am still baby sitting! Yikes!


  34. Your prints are beautiful and with that new wallpaper PERFECT! You have really pulled together a beautiful beautiful room!

  35. All 3 pictures are lovely! Fun to look at! I do think I could look at the first one all day...Besides who wouldn't want a love siesta? :) I do!

  36. Hi Debra ... you always amaze me with your knowledge ... I've learned a lot from you!! The watercolors are very pretty and I love the black "night" backgrounds.

    I'll be back to catch up some more ... hope your well, talk soon.


  37. Oh Debra, Love the pictures... my favorite is the "Arabian Love":) I love the black background. Hope your booboo gets all better and you'll be back to your old self soon! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  38. Debra, thank you for introducing me to Mary Gold's work. It is so unique and lovely. I had to say to myself several times durin this post "Laurie, you are not starting another collection!" I adore your plant stand. I'm so glad you linked this to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  39. Hi Debra,
    I was at an estate sale today and saw a collection of Marygold, I had never seen her work and just fell in love with her work! the prints were 120$ each most were about the size you have is this a fair price? seemed high for an estate sale, I didn't know so I came home and googled, then found your lovely blog!

  40. Hi Debra,
    I was at an estate sale today and saw a collection of Marygold, I had never seen her work and just fell in love with her work! the prints were 120$ each most were about the size you have is this a fair price? seemed high for an estate sale, I didn't know so I came home and googled, then found your lovely blog!


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