Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Easter Hop

Joan at Anything Goes Here is having a Party.

A Vintage Easter Blog Hop
to celebrate all the great vintage Easter goods.

I don't have many really vintage Easter things,
but I can't wait to see everyone else's!

This is a vintage Spring wheelbarrow
that I've had several years
that always comes out at Easter.

My helpers are here in the sunroom
enjoying the faux carrots.

A vintage "Sees" candy container,

And a vintage Strawberry flat
with a very old pair of bunnies.

This old pottery rabbit planter

Old chalk nativity lambs

And because Easter is also known as
 "Resurrection Sunday"...

This is a print on a mirror under glass
of the Last Supper.

And an old crucifix that hangs
on a mirror in the Entry Hall.

Please visit with Joan and all the "hoppers"

Blessings to you and yours on this Palm Sunday.
May we all remember the real meaning of Easter.
Rebirth and renewal of our own hearts
through our Lord's great sacrifice for us.



  1. Lovely vintage Easter display.
    You have some wonderful items!!!

  2. Deb, I love all your Easter vignettes, it all looks so sweet!!! I really like the picture of the Last Supper, I love how it is on a mirror under glass, very pretty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I think you have a lot of vintage Easter things and I love it all!! The wagon is adorable. I love peat pots with the flowers spilling over, a sure sign of spring!! All of the bunnies are adorable and the mirror with the Last Supper on it is exquisite!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Debra!


  4. AGGH!!! Want to the bunny that is side glancing, she (he?) is *adorable!!*

  5. A pretty post Deb.
    Your all ready for Easter...
    God Bless,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. I like the stuffed rabbit. Ant the vintage gardening tools. Ive been on the hunt for some. Have a good day. Julian

  7. Catching up on your last several posts here. You have so many lovely things to share from White Wednesday to lambs and now bunnies! That old stuffed bunny is so cute and the Last Supper painting on the mirror is just beautiful! Hope you are having a most wonderful weekend. :) Tammy

  8. Debra....Your Easter collection is so much fun! So many pretty things. I have a vintage See's Candy tin but it is not an Easter one....yours is so cute! And I'll have to make sure my cousin sees your lovely chalk lambs. She collects them and she will be so envious of yours. ;)

    Honestly, my impression right away was that your Easter collection was so "joyful" which is what I think Easter is all about. As Christians we have so much to celebrate this time of year, don't we?

    Happy Easter!
    Elaine :)

  9. Debra, you've got some really nice vintage pieces! Those old rabbits are so sweet, love the candy tin, and that Last Supper print is just gorgeous. But my favorite things are your furry helpers!
    Happy Easter!

  10. Love the cloth bunnies, but everything is lovely. Have a great holiday.


  11. Lovely vintage Easter stuff, Debra! Your kitties seem to be enjoying it :)


  12. Cute displays! I especially like the lambs. And the cats are pretty cute too.

  13. Thanks Debra for sharing your wonderful things with us...I love was all a joy to see....blessings

  14. Pretty vintage Easter stuff and all presented so lovely.


  15. Hi Debra,

    Love your Easter displays. Love the vintage candy box.

    Have a blessed Easter!


  16. Dear Debra,
    What a lovely wheel barrow. i love the color. Blue is a favorite of mine. And those faux carrots look so real. Any bunny would fall for them I'm sure. I love your Last Supper! I never saw one under glass. Happy Easter!

  17. Very nice photos you shared today!

  18. Oh, I love your things. Some of them do look vintage, very nice!

  19. thank you for posting such delightful items!
    I enjoyed my visit!

  20. Hi Debra,
    I really enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful Easter decorations. I loved the old bunnies!
    The crucifix in your entry hall is fabulous!

  21. Hello Debra,
    Just hopping over from the Vintage Easter Blog Hop. I just love all of your Easter items. I can't decide which I love more. The picture of the Last Super is amazing!!! and that sweet little rabbit planter is just adorable. I really enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Have a Blessed Easter,

  22. Hi Debra,
    What wonderful treasures you have. The wheelbarrow is adorable and I love your carrots...I collect them, I know that's odd but I have them made of all materials. Yours are great! Enjoy the hop!

  23. Beautiful vintage Easter items! Even tho I'm a bunny-lover, I must say the lambs are my favorite! Your Last Supper print/mirror is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing, and have a blessed Holy Week!


  24. Love your vintage wheel barrow & decor. Great decorating ideas!

  25. Debra,
    Lovely cloth bunnies and lambs and love the little wheelbarrel. Blessed Palm Sunday as we start the holiest week for Christiams and celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ's death for us on the cross and a glorious risen Lord!

  26. Hi Debra, you have a great collection of vintage Easter.. The stuffed bunnies are too sweet & I love that little garden cart!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  27. Hi Debra,
    I love what you did for Easter. I can't just comment on one thing here, I love them all. I hope you are having a good weekend.
    The Swedish Room

  28. It isn't the amount of vintage goodies you have... oh how I love all of yours! Those sweet lambs are my favorite:) Have a blessed day dear Debra and thanks for your continued prayers!

  29. Debra it is all put together so beautifully and I really enjoyed looking at your goodies ~ the print under glass is really amazing! Happy Easter ~ Judi

  30. I love the chalk sheep. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I love all your vignettes. But my favorite part of your blog would be the last line of your post---rebirth and renewal of our hearts....that is the TRUE meaning of Easter. Thank you.

  32. I love your sheep, what a patina! And so too on your beautiful last supper picture, all is so lovely! It's fun seeing everyone's goodies! Suzie

  33. Hi Debra,
    What a lovely selection of Easter decorations! I absolutely love your vintage bunnies. And of course your beautiful crucifix, what this holiday really means!
    Have a great day!

  34. All your treasures are beautiful and I nice reminder of what Easter means:)

  35. Cute wheelbarrow full of goodies! Love your bunny and lambs too

  36. Such pretty Easter goodies! I love your little white cake plate...we have those too and use them all the time! I like that they are metal and thus more durable. Thanks so much for sharing your collection with us.
    P.S.Your background is really the writing!

  37. Hi Debra, you have the best vintage items. I adore that rabbit planter! It's so unique!

  38. Oh I love everything! You've got some great vintage Easter things! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  39. I so love the easter wagon, sweet! I see your cats do as well LOL :)
    thanks for sharing
    happy spring

  40. Oh, Debra! They're wonderful! As always, you have a beautiful collection! Isn't this fun?
    ~ Debbi

  41. I love the pair of stuffed bunnies. I have a real weakness for well loved animals.

    Thank you for taking part again in a Vintage Party. Do you think people would have enough to Vintage Mother's Day? My thought is no, and that Vintage Fourth of July should be next. What do you think?

    xo Joan@anythinggoeshere AKA your hostess


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