Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Wednesday; Spring in the Kitchen

Bunnies, chicks, and ducks oh my,
there seem to be a few of them in my kitchen.

I found this vintage Easter
 postcard print a couple of years ago
and framed it with a shabby little frame.

With the warmer weather I've opened the doors
to the sunroom and the kitties and I are enjoying
having our space back.
Don't tell them, they think it's "outside".

I found a few white things
on my flea market rounds recently and somehow
they've just landed in my kitchen.
Ever have that happen to you?

On their way to the antique mall booth...
but they just don't actually "get there"?

This old ironstone bowl, chips and all,
just needed to stay home with me.

Love those cracks and crazing.

Some napkins with a hint of spring color.

And an old concrete duckling waddled by...

I've never met a sugar bowl 
that I didn't fall in love with!
(even without the lid)

And my ironstone Homer Laughlin pitcher.

Bunn-bunn joins in the fun, too.

A few weeks ago at a city wide sale,
I found this little white cookbook holder.

Don't know what it's supposed to be,
or "used to be",
 but for now, it's a "cookbook holder".

1930 Kelvinator Fridge companion cookbook.

Everyone has room for a "Kelvinator"...

Don't ya just love these graphics?

An iron bird and a vintage bluebird tea towel
just say Spring.

Thank you Kathleen at Faded Charm!
Now go see what everyone else
is up to for White Wednesday.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

 is just a week and a half away!



  1. Love all your finds! The bunnies are to die for! I want all your ironstone! Great vignettes! So bright and happy! ~lulu

  2. So many beautiful things you've shared today, Debra--love that cookbook!

    Hope you're having a wonderful night!

  3. Beautiful!
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  4. Debra
    What a terrific WW post!!! I loved all of the photos:)) Bunny love!!! Have a terrific week and thank you again for such a wonderful WW photo slide show.

    Love and Hugs


  5. I am drooling over your finds!! LOVE the concrete and iron birds, the book holder and your decked out tureens!...and that kelvinator cookbook!!! Girl, You had a great day out there!

  6. Oh my goodness, Debra! So much beauty in one post. I love it all but my favorites are the sweet spring napkins and that cookbook. OMG what wonderful pictures. Thanks for letting me take a peek inside your lovely home. Have a blessed evening!

  7. a wonderful collection of goodies! and did you see the size of the bow on the back of the apron on the girl in the kelvinator add?! cute! my fave is the tulips in the pitcher...happy spring!

  8. Deb, you would not believe how much stuff I have bought with the intention of selling it and it ends up staying at my house, I'm running out of room!! I love all your goodies!
    Blessings... Daphne

  9. Hello
    What a wonderful Spring White Wed. post! Love all that stoneware, the bowl is awesome! I have one very similar bt mine doesn't have a mark on the bottom. Hope your having a wonderful evening

  10. Love it all, Debra!! We so could be friends...
    Deb :)

  11. Beautiful whites Debra. Your kitchen is def welcoming of Spring. Love the bunny frame too.

  12. Debra,

    I immediately spied the forsythia! I adore forsythia. It is memories of PA and my Dad loved it - so we had multiple plants everywhere. Seems we always had two huge bushes flanking the driveway no matter how many times we moved. Lucky you to be able to force those branches. I know it's supposed to be about the white, but for me it's all about the forsythia!


  13. Hi Debra, So many beautiful things! Love that duck! and I am a sucker for suga bowls too:-) Bella

  14. Oh how pretty Debra! I just LOVE the duckling!!So cute! now those yellow blooms in that tall white pitcher are wonderful too...Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  15. Hi Debra
    Well you have some beautiful white finds here.. I'm particularly taken with the sweet Easter greeting.. looks fabulous in that frame.. xx Julie

  16. That Bunny postcard is the Cutest!! Love all the white ironstone and the great vintage cookbook. You just can't beat those old graphics. Love your Blog,

    Happy Spring,

  17. Your kitchen looks very much ready for the new season! Enjoy it!!

  18. Hi Debra, It's a very special kind of magnetism, that make some things just cling to you. No surgery or meds could help, so don't fight it ;-). I love your pretty new old ironstone bowl, the cookbook holder and the iron bird.
    Have a great day!

  19. First of all Debra, I cannot tell you how much I love the pictures in this post. Beautiful! I love it when I get to glimpses into your beautiful home. And then all the white dishware...that old ironstone bowl nearly made me faint! You just have to keep that! The spring touches all over your home just made me smile.
    I love the fact that you will soon be enjoying that sunroom with the kitties as well. You know how much I love your sunroom!

  20. I loooove your cookbook holder. All of your treasures are wonderful.

  21. Dee-White-Full! What pretty pottery and linens! ...and I'm crushing on that little glitter rabbit! Hope to see you at my place soon!

  22. What wonderful, wonderful whites, and you take lovely photographs, too! The rabbits steal my heart.

  23. It is definately beginning to feel like Spring!! It's nice to have the doors and windows open, isn't it? Love all the whites, my favorites are the old whites with the cracks and chips. Something about them just calls my name.
    Take care, Sue

  24. Great finds! And oh ya, know *all* about stuff *supposed* to be going to the shop and landing here:)...love the ironwork and chippy bowl...they would have definitely landed here! Happy WW!

  25. love every thing.. you got some great tast.. the ironstone is so pretty..and the white box is perfect for cook books... thank you for sharing...

  26. Love that ironstone bowl. The cracks make it just perfect! Such beautiful goodies. And isn't it fun to keep things for awhile before we send them off to a new home!

  27. Looks like Spring has sprung at your house. Thanks for being such a die hard WW fan and supporter. I truly believe it's lasted this long because of people like you. I appreciate your dedication.

    Take care,


  28. Love you "finds". Also love white period! Also you header is so Spring-like. Very nice. Please stop by my blog when you get a chance, I have an urgent prayer request for a dear friend. Have a blessed day.

  29. What a wonderful post!!! I truly believe it is my favorite one so far. The colors are wonderful. The flowers in the white pitchers are all I could ask for. You are amazing. Keep on posting so I can keep on watching what you do.


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