Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Soooo Ready!

I wanted to show you a little something
 that I put together today to take to my soon to be
 new and expanded booth space at

Spring Creek Antiques.

I'm "holding my breath" to get in there...

having "ants in my pants"...

and driving everyone else crazy!

I like to "play" with jewelry pieces.
I'm not a "professional jewelry person"
like so many of you fabulous gals out there,

I just like to have a little fun
with some odds and ends.

(just so you won't worry about me,
these are 3 separate pieces)

so don't look too close...

And then, I won't show you

 the stacks of plastic tubs...

and boxes...
in the garage and hallway...

waiting to be taken...

or my dirty kitchen floor...

or the baskets of laundry...

or my unmade bed...

Trust me,

this feels like having a baby...

I just want it done!!!

But I WILL tell you about Inspirational Home's

Spring Open House
next weekend March 19-21.

More info and photos of what's "In Store"
coming next week.

Check out my friend Debra's wonderful store
Inspirational Home, in Springfield, Missouri
if you have a minute.

(yes, her name is Debra, too)

OK, keep a good thought for me this weekend...
I have no more fingernails!

hugs and love,


  1. Hope you get in there soon. I know those ants in your pants can be uncomfortable! Love your jewelry pieces and that sweet birdie bucket REALLY needs to have a good home with me!

  2. Well, let me try this again:) I typed it twice and lost it:( Stormy weather here. I love the necklaces, you have the most talents ever. I also love the bluebird bucket. You are gonna do great in your new space. I wish I lived close enough to shop there. Perhaps someday... Have a blessed day My friend!

  3. I can understand your excitement!! I will check out your friend's site!


  4. How exciting!!! Looks like you will have no problem filling up the space! Such pretty jewelry. Blessings... Daphne

  5. Pretty necklaces! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, T

  6. Beautiful necklaces, I love the way you displayed them! Your blog is wonderful! I am a newbie, will check out your friends too.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hey Debra
    Beautiful necklaces!
    Hope all turns out well and it will!

  8. Wish I could stop in for a visit, but I'm sure you will do fine! Hey, and the nails will always grow back!!

  9. Girl, you cannot help but do good. You have fabulous things and besides that...with all the blessings you pour on everybody, you are going to be showered with rewards! I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer that you sell out the first day. 'Course if you do, you may have to start on the toenails!

  10. HAHA!!! Well now, don't we all have something waiting to be done while we're having fun? I love what you did with those necklaces! You are talented, girl. Woo hoo!

  11. Going to Ozark, Spring Creek and Leola's tomorrow. When will your new stuff be down there? We'll also go to Inspirational Home! Haven't been there yet.

  12. Just be glad you don't groom dogs in your home...little dust bunnies(dog hair) swirl around all the totes packed and priced and take to the shops...I feel your pain...and thrill...HAVE FUN!!!

  13. Hi Debra,
    I know what you mean. I work on my booth several days a week and I am always creating something or looking for vintage things. It can be exhausting, but I love every minute of it!
    Your booth is going to look wonderful, especially with the mannequin covered in vintage jewelry. What a centerpiece!

    Best of luck to you and be sure and show us pictures.


  14. Just know you'll have a great time arranging your space!

  15. You haven't entered for my 100th post and I don't want anybody to miss it! Here's the direct link:

  16. You Go Girl!
    Next you need a THIRD blog that is a catalogue of your wares.

    Add that in your spare time- say from midnight to 6 AM.

    Laura Belle

  17. I am excited for you! I like the look of the necklaces and the blue bird is just too cute.

  18. Just love all the Bling!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I just love yours. I look forward to blogging with you...
    Enjoy the Weekend!!

  19. Debra, your jewelry is so beautifully displayed on this form! Just Gorgeous! And that little bird pail is to die for! Best of luck with your new shop ~ how exciting! I've always dreamed.....

    Thanks for stopping by my place today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  20. Wow Debra, such beautiful jewels!!! Isn't making jewelry fun? Especially out of old found fav!
    I'm sure your booth is beautiful and jam packed full of goodies...enjoy your "soon to be" expanded booth!
    Have a wonderful weekend and don't worry about the dirty floors :)


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