Tuesday, January 19, 2010

White Wednesday, Small reminders...

Sometimes we look at something,
 or someone with new eyes.

I have had this little bisque figurine of praying hands
at my booth space for months.
I think it was once a night light as it is hollow
and has a place where a cord could once have been.

I always admired it,
but had one similar at home painted gold.
I never could understand why no one wanted it.
It was only a few dollars.
No one saw in it what I saw.

Last week when I made a visit, it was still there.
I had determined it would come home with me,
where it belonged.

I like to make vignettes of concepts and ideas;
Things I'm thinking about.
This last week with the tragedy in Haiti,
I have been reminded about the importance of prayer.

That God is a "light unto our path",
and that our hands can work
and also pray.

So today we pray not only for the people of Haiti,
but for our neighbors next door...
our friends
 and families...

And for all those we do not know.

May God's peace and presence surround you...

...and may we be aware of all the
little reminders there are in our life,
that we can help others who are in need.

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Have a blessed White Wednesday.


  1. Thanks for in inspiring post! Yes, indeed, those beautiful hands clasped in prayer do belong with you!

  2. Oh, this was beautifully said.. I love your vignette..the hands are beautiful... how are things down your way? Have you had the heavy fog like we've had up here around the Kansas City area? Gosh girl.. we're ready for some sun... hope all is well your way..
    hugs ~lynne~

  3. Beautiful post, Deb! I am so glad that you brought the praying hands home. They look beautiful in your holy vignette.


  4. Such a beautiful post sweet Debra...and so the sweet praying hands SHOULD be with you ~ and they do remind us to humble ourselves in prayer...hugs and love, Dawn

  5. Lovely post, and even though we can't be there in person to help in Haiti, we can all remember to pray. God answers prayer!

  6. What an absolutely beautiful post Debra (inside and out!)---guess that is why they never sold--they were meant for you to keep. I so love decorating with religious artifacts and noticed lots and lots in the Jean D'Arc magazine.
    Happy day...thinking of you!

  7. This is so beautiful.
    (I have my computer in Laredo-)

    So, so beautiful.

  8. Beautiful!
    Surrounded by HIS peace,

  9. A very meaningful post Debra,the praying hands are so serene looking...your words so true....Please,remember my friend and dear sister in Christ Tammy...she lost her sweet grandson yesterday in a drowning accident....he was just two years old.....so much to pray for....blessings

  10. That is gorgeous, Debra!
    When you described it to me earlier today, I couldn't have imagined how lovely it truly is.

    Beautiful photos, beautiful message.
    Beautiful friend!


  11. Beautiful thoughts for this lovely day. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. The hands of prayer are right where they need to be. Lovely vignette, wonderful message! Blessings, Tammy

  12. Hello Debra
    Wonderful post...the hands are beautiful and look lovely on your table. They were meant to be yours.

  13. Thank you! I love those praying hands. I seen them before. I love the scripture you photographed. stunning vignette. thank you for reminding us of what is most important. God, Family and friends. lulu

  14. Hi Debra,
    It always amazes me that when something doesn't make sense (like those hands not selling) and then later it does make sense (those hands were suppose to be yours) God had a time for them to be in your house, and that time was obiviously now. They were meant to be in your home! Beautiful and meaningful vignette!

  15. Oh how beautiful! Great words... yours and HIS! Love those hands and your sweet vignette. Enjoy your day, dear Debra!

  16. Debra~
    Wonderful post ... thank you.
    I agree,the praying hands were meant for you to keep ... they complete this vignette perfectly ... adding so much significance.

  17. Debra, Holding hands, holding hearts - together in prayer - lovely post - thank you. Jennifer

  18. Oh Debra what a truly special vignette!!! It's just beautiful! I love it!!

    Glad you decided to bring it home and keep it for yourself!

    :) T

  19. What a truly beautiful and serene post. Just reading it gave me such a peaceful feeling.
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. Beautiful post, Debra...and very special vignette. We are glad the praying hands went home with you!

  21. A Beautiful vignette for Haiti. And of course our prayers are with them.

  22. Thanks so much for the beautiful and moving post. It is inspiring. I'm so glad you did go back and get the praying hands. They speak without saying a word. And I loved the vignette with the lantern and the Scriptures and the cross and the Hands. The entire tabletop is lovely. Prayer is the pipeline between our heart's cries and desires and hopes and dreams.. and the most Holy ear of our Heavenly Father. He IS always listening. What a sacred blessing. Truly He loves us.
    Thank you for sharing eye and heart beauty today.

  23. Debra
    You are such a precious blessing to my heart what a truly uplifting post. The power of prayer often goes unspoken yet we all need that reminder how powerful it is to lift our voices and hands unto Him. Have a day filled with love and joy.


  24. A truly beautiful, beautiful post Debra. And I love every picture in it too my friend. Right now is the time to use our hands for praying and for helping those in need.

  25. What a thoughtful and special vignette you've created. I love how it turned out. Hope you are having a nice week.


  26. Loved this entire post. From the Bible verse to your vignettes. I do the same things sometimes. I take something to my booth and can't understand why it won't sell and end up taking it home. You will enjoy your praying hands for some time to come I am sure.

  27. A beautiful vignette, and a concrete reminder to be vigilant with our prayers!

  28. Debra,
    This was beautiful. My grandmother has had a praying hands sculpture for as long as I've been alive. I love it. It always seemed so calm and confident. The sight of the praying hands makes me pause and breathe a prayer.

    Thank you for the pause today,


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