Monday, May 31, 2010

Vintage Bird Figurines

I was inspired to attend a few parties today
after a long weekend,

So I thought I'd share a few of my vintage birdie figurines.

These two little vases made in Czechoslovakia,
 are in my dining room,
keeping all the lambs company.

Eeeeck. Look at those darling parakeet cheeks!

And 3-D plates in a bathroom grouping

I think these are supposed to be goldfinches.
Of which we have tons of here in SW Missouri.
They love thistle in a feeder and can eat you out of house and home!

These little fellas are being adopted
by Erin and Keith for their anniversary.
They are vintage Stangle Pottery,
and I bought them from an elderly neighbor.
They had belonged to her mother and are from the 40's.
On ebay they carry a high price tag...

But E and K have an eclectic decor with
vintage parrot prints above their mantle.
I thought these guys would be right at home.

And I almost forgot this little Lefton beauty;
A flycatcher, with  gorgeous coloring,
in pristine condition.

Vintage Summer Monday's
is a new weekly party that Alabaster Rose Designs is hosting.
This is only the second Monday and I wanted to join in the fun.

So run by and say Hello
To Melinda at Alabaster Rose Designs.


And say Hi to Marty of A Stroll Thru Life over at

Hope you had a Happy Memorial Day ,
Sending prayers for all of those "in service" to our Country.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Re-do, almost done...

Nothing like a deadline to flat out make you move, to get something accomplished. Our St. Louis kids came in yesterday evening at 6:00 and it was literally 5:59 that I finished vacuuming my new light and bright dining room. Bigger project than I like to admit. I cleaned and rearranged and that was as much work as the paint and papering. But I'm happy with the results.

When we moved here 7 years ago we bought new dining room furniture. It's no secret this was not my choice. I don't like all the scrolly fancy schmancy big dark wood. My husband did and he chose it. I prefer a more frenchy style, and if I had my way and unlimited budget we'd have something else. But...I let him have the final say. Now after seven years as our tastes have changed, he likes the white distressed look himself. Anyway... I knew I needed a lighter look and feel to the room, so if furniture won't change at least the walls could.

So the lighter paint and wallpaper has gone a long way to making me happier. If you remember I had a sage-green paint and paper up, pretty but too dark for my taste now.


Oh, and after 2 loads on the delicate cycle (thank you Lezlee) and some paring down, my china cabinet is back together; sticking with my white china and just a few odds and ends.


And I traded out my antique Belgian tapestry table runner for a new favorite antique linen one.


I will change out the chair covers for a linen look, when I find the right material, and find some white or brown transferware plates for my plateholders under the sconces, but at least for now I don't feel like it is a cave.
I can't say enough for Benjamin Moore paint. It is expensive, but never a drip or run on the roller, doesn't splatter and the coverage is really great. And thanks to Heather and Denise from Bella Dreams, who gave me a hint on "Shieldz" tinted wallpaper primer. That way I just wallpapered over the existing paper and saved me tons of time and mess.



Didn't want you to think I had lost it, and that I would have to spend my weekend in the fetal position. OK, I'm off to start enjoying the holiday weekend. Hope yours is a great one! Be safe.

love ya,

p.s. Now that life is back to "semi-normal" I hope to catch up with you all. Please don't think I'm a bad friend if I haven't made it by lately. You all really brighten my day and I love and read each comment as you can tell from this last post. You guys are a real joy to me, so please know that I care about each of you.

linking to Decor Mamma at Finding Fabulous

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She ain't heavy...she's my fountain

Look at this lovely old fountain...
isn't she just the sweetest?

I found her in St. Louis a few weeks ago.
She called to me from an alleyway amidst other concrete treasures.
I had to have her.

Who would think that she could make a grown man
cower in pain and agony?

And then be blamed (along with me)
for a week's worth of discomfort
...I'm just sayin...

Here's another back breaker from a couple of years ago...

What is it with the heavy stuff,
that just makes me swoon?

This little fella isn't quite so heavy
but he's definitely a "two hander".

Not too heavy,
but wouldn't want this concrete doorstop
landing on my tootsies.

And speaking of sweet husbands...
This is my Birthday clock,
wonder why he likes to remind me what time it is?
I've stopped counting Birthdays!

Love the detail.

And finally, an urn that sweet husband bought for me
from Pottery Barn.

When he first saw it he complained that there wasn't any way
EVER he was carrying that sucker out to the car.

But that was before my dear sweetheart
realized it wasn't heavy,
just made to look that way...

Oh, the joys of shopping,
old or new,
heavy or light.

But wouldn't trade my guy for anything...
not anything.

Say Hi to...

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life

Kathleen at Faded Charm

Thanks Gals!

Hope you're having a fun week!
I'm still waiting for the wallpaper I ordered to get in...

Thanks for letting me share this random post
to keep myself from storming the home decor store.

love ya,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Purse Alert!

Hi Everyone! No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, but I STILL am in some sort of alternate universe where my house is in chaos, projects are half finished, and oh doodle, I have company coming on Thursday! Can this situation be saved by anyone except the "Lone Wallpaper Ranger" and a faithful wallpaper companion, or two?

Well, I'm not really complaining, just antsy to get the rest of the Dining Room done, before I go cuckoo and load a dumpster full of nic nacs and mismatched china!

So taking a break from insanity, I wanted to share some photos of a purse I purchased from

She's having a give away too, so be sure and enter!!!
last week.  I had been stalking her blog and then her new website for weeks! I finally decided on one that is in neutrals, so it would "go with everything", which seems to be my new mantra for not only decorating, clothing, accessories, and now life in general. Is it age? Hmmmm....? Maybe I won't go there.

I could have posed with it and taken pictures, but good grief, it's almost 2:00 in the afternoon, and I'm still in my pajamas, so I'll save us all the embarrassment and just hang this cutie on my TV armoire door.

Honestly, I'm not lazy, just worked all weekend outside in cleaning up the pool area, washing outside furniture, planting, painting misc. "stuff", and generally being the energizer bunny. So today, I'm being a bum.

Enough about me, look at this darling specimen of vintage yumminess! The attention to detail! The handcraftsmanship, (whew, big word for, dang, this girl does great work!) Ooodles of vintage charm...a brooch, lace, fringe, oh golly I'm just in love with it!!!

You can have one too, just not one like mine,
since all are one-of-a-kind fabulousness!

So. Go. Check. Out. Daphne's wonderful creations! She will even let you have a hand in sharing your own ideas for creating something fabulous, just for yourself!

OK, got's to get on the ball around here!
Hey, I have more projects to start that I can only get half done.
Hope you are having a great week,
it's hotter than Texas here right now!

love you all!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making Progress

I've been painting for 7 hours straight.
Hit the big honkin' breakfront,
so now I have to wait for my guys to move it.

(I'm prayin' here folks, my husband hurt his back
on our St. Louis trip carrying in some garden statuary,
and he's not thrilled with this idea)

Notice the orange mouse?
My helpers again.

 The green toile looks gaggy with this creamy cappucino,
but I have a sample of wallpaper in the lower left hand corner.
See? So I think it will be pretty when it all comes together.

Anyone up for washing 7 years of dust off my china and crystal?... didn't think so.
Remember when I said I didn't have anything major planned for redecorating?
cancel that...

See ya later.

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