Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silver Sunday, I wish these were mine...

I really love these little silver clocks
made of teapots and other silver "accoutrements"

 Sorry to say they aren't mine,
 but folks,
 my exciting silver items are running thin,
so here are a couple of images of my silver "wants".

(Romantic Homes)

Oh yes, and this gorgeous silver trophy cup.

(Country Living)


Oh, excuse me, now back to reality.

I hadn't really been "into" silver
before our 25th "Silver Wedding Anniversary".
Our children bought this silver tea set
 for us to celebrate appropriately.

Here are some flea market finds of silver bud vases
and one of my many random silver teapots.

This antique silver-plate monogrammed ladies inkwell set
was given to me by my brother,
for my Birthday about 7 years ago.

I love the detail of the roses.

silver flea market candle holders.

Now, please disregard any and all dust that may have
inadvertently been shown in the taking of these photos,
and do not check back to see me
 in my pink thermal pajamas.
(the management)

Run on over to Gypsy Fish Journal
to see the rest of the fabuloso silver goodies!

Have a great Silver Sunday!


  1. They are all so pretty...but I really love that ink well. So sweet that your brother gave it to you! Have a great weekend and Happy SS!

  2. Oh how I do love that silver trophy!! The silver tea set your children got for you on your 25th Anniversary is beautiful. Your kids have great taste! Wonderful silver pieces.

  3. Hi Debra! You have lots of beautiful silver things! Love, love, love that inkwell! And those candlesticks in the last picture!

  4. Gorgeous post! The pictures are breathtaking. I love antique silver...

  5. So you are running out of silver thingees are you???? Well, there is only one solution for, shop, shop!
    I love all your gorgeous silvers you are showing today. Your teaset given to you by your children is devine. The inkwell is so pretty.

    Lovely post.


  6. Once again....I feel as though I should polish my silver! I'm getting ready to do a combo silver/rug hooking piece. We'll see how well the two mix!


  7. Yikes!
    It's already Silver Sunday again!
    i may be a day late and a dollar short-
    I love the set your girls gave you.
    It is stunning.

    We need to talk friend.


  8. Be still my heart...that ink well is so beautiful, Debra....NICE brother you have there :). My goodness you have some wonderful piece of silver and I love your pink outfit!!

  9. Sounds like a lot of us have been spending the weekend in our jammies. I personally attribute it to the snow and ice here. We were hit fairly hard. Hope you don't get as much as we did! Love all of your silver goodies and I, too, could have any of those silver clocks, and I LOVE the silver trophy!

  10. Unique and pretty silver pieces Debra.

    thanks for sharing them with us.

    barbara jean

  11. Hi Debra,
    Those teapot clocks are have given me some all your pictures!
    Happy SS!

  12. Wow, Debra, You are sharing so many beautiful pieces today that I don't know where to start. The tea set that your children gave you is very pretty and I love the inkwell set too! The candle holders are lovely also. I definetely would like to have such a teapot clock too!
    Have a wonderful Silver Sunday!

  13. Love it all and those pjs, honey too cute...hehe! Love your tea service and what a sweet gift. I don't have much silver at all, can't keep it clean:) Have a blessed day dear Debra!

  14. Oh I love your silver pieces. They are all just gorgeous. Love the inkwell, what a gorgoeus piece. The clocks are so unusual. Your coffee/tea set is stunning. Such a precious gift. Hugs, marty

  15. Hey Debra!
    Quit wishing! I have seen some of the most beautiful treasures, that are yours, that you have posted! We all wish we had some of them! WOW!!! You are amazing, and your diplays are to live for!
    Barb C.

  16. Good Morning
    Your silver is beautiful, I absolutely love the ink well! It is really cool. The candle sticks are great also but I really love the inkwell oh did I say I really loved the inkwell :)

  17. You have some beautiful photo shots, you did a nice job. Ditto on the above comment, love the inkwell.

  18. Hi Debra! If I'm not mistaken, I think those are my initials on that pretty inkwell?

  19. You sure did find some fabulous silver items. You have an excellent eye!

  20. I want one of those clocks, too! Love the tea service.

  21. Beautiful finds and gifts, especially that beautiful silver coffee and tea service!

  22. HI Debra! That silver trophy cup is gorgeous but your ladies ink well set is nothing to sneeze at!!! Your pictures are all wonderful! Happy Silver Sunday! Theresa

  23. Debra that inkwell and teaset are beautiful. I love all your pieces of silver...and those little bud vases are so sweet. I am loving the SS thing, I get to see some amazing pieces of silver and I don't have to store it all.

  24. I just found your beautiful blog I'm so excited. Your pictures are beautiful and I really like the way you stage them. I will be visiting you often.
    New follower,

  25. Beautiful ~ Beautiful ~ Beautiful..... I think I am Coveting a few of those Treasures. I really Love the Teapot turned Clock~

  26. Oh I so heart that inkwell....Thanks for being part of Silver Sunday....see you next week~
    {{gypsy hugs}}
    Beth.just gorgeous!

  27. I love it all, Your stuff is always so pretty, you are an inspiration. Thanks for always sharing.

    God Bless,
    Cha Cha

  28. Loved it all....especially the silver clocks.



  29. Great silver things -- love the inkwell. And a beautiful tea set!

  30. I had to leave for a moment and get my dictionary, but I'm back now. Oh mylanta...I love that inkwell and the thought behind it.
    P.S. I kept seeing little glimmers of pink reflected and was all pink! Hey, at least your top and bottom should see what I'm wearing!

  31. Loved the peek at all of your wonderful silver pieces. Those clocks really are fabulous.


  32. I'm really liking those silver pieces made into clocks. Are you surprised? Hope you have a wonderful week.


  33. I don't have any silver at my house, it all seems to end up at the shop...sigh...

  34. I do believe that I see a pink thermal reflection in one of those last pictures! ;-)

    I really love the inkwell, too!


  35. Oh I love those candle holders....LOVE!! Great post,all the best Chrissy

  36. Hmmm....a vintage silver wish list. Why didn't I think of that? Greattttt post and Happy belated Silver Sunday. xo Lynn

  37. All such lovely silver pieces. When I see what others post, I'm like, hey, I have something like that. Of course, I have the eclectic and unusual stuff too. But when you really look around, it's like, where did all this silver come from? :) Have a wonderful day. Tammy (PS all my silvers have dust too. :)


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