Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cinderella had her slippers...

I have a pair of tennis shoes which I do believe contain "supernatural" powers. I can be dreading and putting off a project or job around the house, but all I need to do is put on my tennies and "something" happens. I can then accomplish amazing feats of stamina and fortitude! Yes, Cinderella had her slippers, but my Nike's are the next best thing.

I'm not one to keep my Christmas decor up long after Christmas. I like to have everything down and put away by the January 1. So for the last few days I have been cleaning and organizing (?) a little, trying to get things to some state of near normalcy.
We have a great L-shaped storage room that is literally filled from bottom to top with boxes of "Christmas", "Fall", and shelves of floral arrangements, boxes of faux flowers, wreaths... you name it. My husband won't go in there. He's afraid for his life.

What lurks behind the creaking door????
(Que organ music and maniacal laughter)

OK, so here is just the tip of the proverbial "iceberg" of Christmas tubs and boxes. Imagine 10 X this and you'll have the picture. I try to do some cleaning while I'm putting away, so then that causes the "domino effect". You know you start one thing, then to be able to do that, something else must be done first....

And of course, here is what Anne has been waiting to see! I've thought how much fun it would be to have a blog party called "What you didn't see" and then show all the "stuff" that we have to shoot around or crop out of photos. Like my honkin' gas grill on the deck or the dish drainer I just cannot live without. (Now I'm telling all my dirty little secrets) So here's my favorite little vacuum. I have one just like it for upstairs too, so I don't have to drag it up and down the stairs. And just as a side note. I've had all kinds of vacuums, but this little Hoover cutie that I paid  $70 for has been the best one!

And thought I'd show you what my helpers do when I'm not looking. My little white feather tree came downstairs to wait to be packed up, but in the meantime the girls had managed to pull off the little crystal prism ornaments and were having a great time with them. Vintage cat toys!

Just wanted to share some of my exciting life in the "Keepin' it Real" segment.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Oh my if I showed my storage area... I would probably get on one of those shows:) you know to help me get it organized! Hey, that might be a good idea. OR NOT! Anyway, we all have those areas. Problem with me is I have several of those areas. I don't mind having the storage areas but on my list is to get them more organized. Enjoy your day whatever you do!

  2. Hi Deb, your new header is gorgeous! I loved the keeping real post... we have a room just off our bedroom that I hope to someday soon have remodeled but for now we call it the Scarey Attic Closet! Only because there are no shelves and so I now have to clear a path to get to all of the stuff in there! I don't know that I am as brave as you to take pictures of it for everyone to see...give yourself a gold star!! ~ Theresa

  3. Debra, this is so funny. I love the supernatural tennis shoes. You know that explains why when I put mine on I get so busy. MMMMMM, may stay clear of those things for a bit. Oh my gosh I don't know if I would be brave enough to post a picture of what my closet looks like. I took down all the Christmas stuff as well. Half is boxed up and the other half is sitting on the guest bed waiting for me. Lol, I just ran out of steam and come to think of it, I know why. I wasn't wearing my tennies...I had on my fuzzy slippers. Oh well.

  4. I can't put the Christmas stuff away until hubby goes up into the loft areas above the bathrooms to bring down the boxes. We have to use a ladder to get in there and it's no easy task. Maybe I can get him to do that this evening. One more day off and then back to school on Monday. Would be nice to sort of be organized before them. I need me some of those tennie shoes to get going. :) Have a great weekend. Blessings, Tammy

  5. What a cute post, Debra! I especially like your Nikes with the secret, hidden powers. I'll have to look for a pair like that this year! It's also nice to see that you have "helpers", too. Kes loves sleeping in the middle of the floor in the studio. (I'm sure you can guess just how convenient THAT is!)
    Have a great day.

  6. I'm right there with you! Christmas is all gone. Still need to poof some spots on tablestops. Let's not even talk about my floors with all this snow though. Man! I need to do some serious mopping.

    We've had too many huge and delicious meals...I'm ready to eat normally now.

  7. Hi Debra! Oh, to get those Christmas decorations down! We're about to take off again in the morning for a trip so decorations will be up for a while. What a great closet though! That's a good idea for a party! Show us the before stuff!! Happy New Year, Dear One.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. ohhh Debra, My favorite feature when downloading pictures is "Crop Picture"! My project for 2010 is to clean out the junk!!!! Ya know at one time my thinking was, "maybe the kids will want some of the stuff I put away when they get their own houses."
    Nope,,, they don't want any of it!!!!
    I have a decoration room/attic also and I tell my husband if he is going in there, tie a rope around your waist so I can pull him out if necessary!!!
    I too, take down all my Christmas stuff by January 1, so I was quite busy yesterday, but it is done and I am ready for a fresh start for 2010.
    Happy New Year to your family and prayers for good health and happiness in 2010.

  9. Hi Debra,
    I know we all have the same amount of time...but again... how do you have enough to do three or four or even six post to my one.
    I love your clock tree, January, New Years, inspiration.
    I remember the "gunnysack" SP? namebrand... dresses.
    If you have an "L" shaped prop room your house plan is magnifico, if you have a walk in pantry... perfecto!!!
    Alas, Nike's hurt my feet! Go figure. I like that blue vacumn...might try one of those next.

  10. LOLOL I'm so glad to know you are like me... or I am like you... either way, we both totally rock. hee-hee

    I can't show a picture of my storage room 'cause I can't get the door open... I'm going to the Nike shoe store now to see if that helps! hahaha!

    Those are some smart girls! LOL Happy Happy New Year!!!

    much love, robelyn

  11. So funny today! The magic tennis shoes, and the idea of 'what you didn't see' for a blog party - love it!!! You are amazing!

  12. Aren't you lucky to have all that storage! It's probably a good thing your husband won't go in there, he might want to steal some of your storage space for himself!

    Have a terrific weekend now that your Christmas stuff is all down!

  13. Hi Debra... I love seeing the "keep it real" segment! My closets where I store Christmas, Autumn, etc are like that too... Jack calls them our Fibber McGee's closet!.. Thanks for showing the way things really are!!! I love it! xoxo Julie Marie

  14. well of course it is all in the shoes...happy new year, jules

  15. Oh how I love this post! We all have our little secrets. I keep my Christmas in totes in the guest bathroom bath tub! It really works out well, but I sure envy you that nice room,

  16. Ha! This post cracked me up! I am amazed at what I have to "crop out" at times!

  17. Thanks for sharing! Here I thought all of you ladies in blogland had picture perfect homes with no hidden closets like mine! I am feeling so much better now. Loved the cats helping with the tree!

  18. Hi Debra first I wanted to thank you for visiting my lil blog and becoming a follower, because I then was able to visit you and find your wonderful blog and become a follower myself :) Now....please tell me what are these shoes called???I sooo need a pair lol I just can't seem to find the umph to get past the starting point on ANY of my projects...but I also wanted to thank you for the Keeping It Real post because I feel so much better now, knowing that everyones homes aren't so perfect and prestine as they look in their pictures...I have the moving things out of the shot down but now I just have to work on the "cropping" part..WOW how wonderful is that, as soon as I figure out how to use our photo editor software...look out,I will be able to show much more of our mess err home :) Thank you for having such a great blog to visit! Besos, Rose

    Oh one last thing...when I saw the pictures of your closet, I had to do a double take, I thought I was looking at my bebe studio lol

  19. Welllll, my shoes are New Balance, but my storage building looks about the same :^)
    RedNeckChic can provide the maniacal laughter, I'll take care of the organ music and we'll come to help you out!!
    I need some new pictures of your pretty home so that I will know what to do with mine now that the Christmas things are being packed away. It all looks kinda' blah!
    Blessings to you in this new year,

  20. I love it! One of us finally had the cojones to post the infamous vacuum pic! You are my HERO! ;-)


  21. Hi Debra,
    I like to have all the holiday decor packed away by the first as well. Then the cleaning begins... Love the 'real' shots around the house my dear. You just crop stuff outta your photos...boy have I ever got to get an editing program, cause I always have to clean the whole dang house to get my pics LOL! That's why I do so many close ups.

  22. Hilarious! I can sooooo relate. I would NEVER show pix of my garage, that's for sure. Scary!

    Happy New Year!

    Warm hugs,


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