Monday, January 18, 2010

Is this considered an illness...?

Great sweater... well, maybe not in red.
not for me.

I prefer not to look like the broad side
 of the proverbial barn.

As I've gotten older, and shhhhhh (wider),
I've realized darker, more subdued colors,
do more for me,
and camouflage a little better.

I found Banana Republic again this winter.
They have had a store here for at least a year,
but I just never went in.

Shopping with the girls these last holidays,
made me brave the "trendy", "hip" places
 and venture out of my middle age comfort zone.

(you don't consider BR hip or trendy?
For this gal, that's pretty hip)
OK, my question is this:
If you find something you adore,
and that looks good on you,
are you likely to buy more than one of them?

You know, maybe three of them?

Just love me a cashmere sweater...aahhhhh.
Oh, and they were on sale!

And after all...gray is so slimming!

Inquiring minds want to know.



  1. You go girl!!

    The way I operate is that I find something I love...take it home very three days I decide I want more...then they are gone.

    I'm proud that you shopped at Banana Republic. Every once in awhile I go in there and I'm always loving what I see. We do need to break out of shopping ruts. If not then all of our clothes will look the same.

  2. LOLOL red would NOT look bad on you Mrs. Gorgeous!!! AND I LOVE YOUR NEW 3 SWEATERS!!! LOL

    I walked out of the dressing room of my favorite store yesterday - looked at the dressing room girl dead in the eyes and said, "does this look 36 to you?". LOLOLOL I'm having a mini "how do i dress myself" crisis...

    I think I'll go to BR next time with YOU!!! Then you can yay or nay me. You have great taste!!!

    Much Love!!!

  3. ALWAYS ...more than one!!!
    all neutrals love love it

  4. I would....if I did.... As it is, I shop mostly at thrift stores and seldom find 3 in the same style :) I have definitely done this in the past. I think it is a very good idea - AND I really like the choices you made. Shop on!

  5. I have been known to buy more than one of something if I can't make up my mind about the color. I think I do that a lot! But only if it's a great price.

    I think we 'mature' ladies should feel free to shop anywhere we want. Sometimes it is not the style of clothes in the trendy stores that hold us back, but the skimpy sizes. When my weight is down, I like to look up to date. My daughter are my gauge!

    I think the red would look marvelous on you!


  6. YES! I have been known to buy them all in every color if I really like it AND if it is on sale. Nothing sick about that:) If it is, then I am sick too! Have a wonderful evening!

  7. I usually don't but I think I should - it's definitely a good idea, Debra. Nice sweaters!

  8. Nothing's better then cashmere. I'd buy 3. Jan

  9. Yes. I will buy it in multiple colors and multiple sizes (just n case). ha! And I do love that sweater! ~Mindy

  10. They are really pretty. And I love cashmere. Why not get 3. They all look different...julie

  11. Oh you naughty girl you! THREE of them! Sound like a fabulous idea to me!

  12. As my husband says when I ask him a question:

    Just tell me what you want me to say.

    Buy 3
    It is soo cute.
    Why not red?

  13. Debra,
    Because I really hate retail shopping, so, yes, when I find something I like I buy as many colors as I like!...within reason that is...ha. Especially when it comes to pants/jeans! My short legs and other lower anatomy require special attention....hench my "dreaded machine"


  14. If I find a great tshirt, then I will definitely buy more than one, in all sorts of colors. I like them to have a little stretch in them, not just plain cotton. Then you can mix and match with so many things, throughout the seasons. Even if you buy three of the same, you can totally make them different with scarves and jewelry so no one would know. If it looks good, feels great and the price is right -- go for it. I think we have a Banana Republic here but way too expensive. Wishing you a wonderful day. Blessings, Tammy

  15. I love the RED one. Oooooh, you should just really go wild and buy it. YES I would buy 3 of the same thing if it fit well and I really liked it. Been there done that.
    Enjoy them!

  16. I love red - and as you get older, you are entitled to wear any color you wish - even BRIGHT PURPLE!!! Have a great day!

  17. I usually don't do the multiple thing, but my Mom does. She loves shoes at Nordstrom's and buys what she likes in every color they have. Whatever floats your boat.:)

  18. Cute post! No, I generally don't buy more than one. I wait a while - go back for more - then they ARE ALL SOLD OUT!!



  19. For now, the funds dictate I only buy one, except for the case of the bannana republic trousers. I found three pairs for 18 bucks each!!! And they were normally $80. Yep. I think that is justifiable. Love the cashmere sweaters :)



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