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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Planners, Calendars and Journals: Starting a Daily Prayer Journal

Hi Friends, How's the first week of the New Year going? Could we say any week of year 2021 might be more hopeful than 2020? I've noticed that there aren't many "Word for the Year" posts in blogland like we've seen in past years. Not many posts on resolutions either or many posts on plans for this new year. I think we all feel like we've been kicked in the proverbial pants by 2020 and are a little apprehensive about making huge plans (or even small ones) for awhile.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

White Wednesday, Small reminders...

Sometimes we look at something,
 or someone with new eyes.

I have had this little bisque figurine of praying hands
at my booth space for months.
I think it was once a night light as it is hollow
and has a place where a cord could once have been.

I always admired it,
but had one similar at home painted gold.
I never could understand why no one wanted it.
It was only a few dollars.
No one saw in it what I saw.

Last week when I made a visit, it was still there.
I had determined it would come home with me,
where it belonged.

I like to make vignettes of concepts and ideas;
Things I'm thinking about.
This last week with the tragedy in Haiti,
I have been reminded about the importance of prayer.

That God is a "light unto our path",
and that our hands can work
and also pray.

So today we pray not only for the people of Haiti,
but for our neighbors next door...
our friends
 and families...

And for all those we do not know.

May God's peace and presence surround you...

...and may we be aware of all the
little reminders there are in our life,
that we can help others who are in need.

Please visit Kathleen at Faded Charm.

Have a blessed White Wednesday.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Wednesday,The Gift of Time

24 hours in a day

7 days in a week

52 weeks in a year

we are all given the same amount

my desire is to see my time well spent

an hour with a friend

a tradition with a sister

a morning with a mother

an afternoon with a daughter

an evening with my beloved

hours become days

days turn into weeks

weeks become months

and months flow into a year

My prayer is for joy,

for peace,

for love,

for commitment,

for favor.

Thank you God, for one more year.

A year spent well and wisely with You.

May God's blessing for the New Year
fall gently like snow.


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