Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's A Girl to Do...?

...when she has some really pretty plates, that are mismatched orphans? I love old dishes of all kinds and I have random bits and pieces of sets. I love any kind of transferware, especially brown and green. When I find a plate that catches my eye, I usually buy it, then not know what to do with it.
I found these two Austrian gold rimmed plates several years ago and they have been in a drawer of my china cabinet. They are just so sweet and feminine.
I have wanted to try this little, and I do mean "little", project for a long time and just never got around to it until last week when I saw a couple of other blog posts showing their beautiful plate pedestals. So I dug around to find some glass candlesticks that I had and voila! Look what I have!

This little salad plate pattern is called "Coronet".
Something plain now can take center stage, or center "table".

I'm sure that many of you have created these,
but there are a few of us late bloomers out there that either didn't have the time
or the motivation to try it.

And if you don't have any fabulous cakes, cupcakes or desserts,
why not try something else just as sweet, with no calories.

I have found a wonderful blog that I'm sure many of you know about,
French-Kissed. Jermaine was my motivation to get busy on these.
Her blog and photos are beautiful, and you can get lost for a few minutes
in her lovely home and French-Kissed philosophy.
Her entry of July 10 highlights her masterpieces. She is a real inspiration.

I used E6000 adhesive to bond the plate and candlestick.
Many of you craft gals are very familiar with this brand.

Have a fun and creative weekend.



  1. What a nice way to display plates that otherwise would be in a cabinet unseen. Love the lamb and sweet!

    Thanks for the visit, come back soon!

    Peace and Love~

  2. I have created these kinds of 'stands' many times for our shop. They are fun & great to create. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. What pretty cake pedestals you have created.
    This was my first visit, and I will be back- I am now a follower.


  4. Hi there!
    I'm popping over from Pam @ Frippery and I've been catching up on your blog...welcome girl, it's already been 2 months!!! Your blog is so delightful and I enjoyed my visit. I'll be back often as I am a new follower of your "common ground" :)
    Those stands are so addicting to make...I've made some for me, friends and family and every household I know of...I just love them and yours are VERY pretty with those elegant plates!!!!
    See ya soon,
    everything vintage

  5. these would be great at holiday time to take cookies for a hostess gift. OK, now I have another project. Yours are adorable. Have a good Sunday. Jan

  6. Debra...darling post my friend. Fabulous ideas that have inspired me to something that will HOPEFULLY come out as charming!

    Thank you...loved it!


  7. Hi,
    Such lovely pics on a lovely idea! Have seen it before but never done that succesfully. Thanks for sharing...

  8. I don't create anything but havoc...haven't you noticed. You, on the other hand, have created something that you will be able to use time and time again. Bravo!

  9. Debra,
    Your cake pedestals are just beautiful. You are right ~ these gorgeous plates are far too pretty to be tucked away in a drawer or cabinet somewhere. And I love how you displayed the little lamb. Thanks so much for mentioning me and French-Kissed. You have a great eye and I am enjoying following your posts.

  10. You have such inspiring ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!



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