Friday, July 31, 2009

Out on the Town

We had some really great fun this last weekend. The kids are up on all the trendy places to eat and hang-out. (Wow, that kind of slang really dates me) Erin really went all out on showing us some great spots. I think everyone in St. Louis was out Saturday, so there were no parking spots at a couple of places we wanted to try, but we did get into a great spot called "Vin de Set", which is somewhat close to the Arch. These murals were painted on the walls inside, but we headed out to the rooftop for drinks and coffee with a few crepes thrown in for good measure.

This picture is on the rooftop with the Arch in the background.
All that you can see of it is a tiny silver sliver over hubby's right shoulder.
It was all lit up, but hard to see in a photo.

Saturday morning we headed out for coffee at one of the neighborhood spots, Winslow Home. At one time it had been an old storefront, so they kept the idea and turned it in to a "general store" of sorts. They served bakery items and lunch and then had the best displays of home items, linens, chocolates, candies, stationary, etc. Tons of organic produce...really a cool place. The sunflowers were the largest I have seen, that came from the farm that morning.

Just look at that tin ceiling.

Then we headed to the "Central West End", which is kind of Hippie, Boho, Arty. You know the kind of place. Little pubs and outdoor cafes...antique shops, and oh my, a cupcake shop! It was a lot of walking and oogling and window shopping, so we stopped at an outside spot for a yummy little lunch.

The weather was PERFECT this last weekend with upper 70's and low 80's,
a bunch of little clouds and a heavenly breeze. perfect.

Great old buildings everywhere you looked.

These kids cannot take a bad picture!

Below is the storefront to one of Erin's favorite stores, "Cassie's". Here you can have perfumes, lotions, creams all mixed for you personally. I love her concoction of cherry-almond. Wonderful!
She was showcasing her "Harry Potter" potions here in the front window.

These are just a few of the hydrangea bushes that were everywhere in Forest Park.

These are a few of the houses in the neighborhood. Tudor Style has always
been my favorite, along with English Country furnishings.
I would have paid good money just to have been invited in for a tour
of some of these amazing places.

This looks like a place out of Hansel and Gretel or some other fairytale or nursery rhyme.
It is directly behind Erin and Keith.

Sunday we headed to the Galleria to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory,
another beautiful day to eat al fresco.

Next to Forest Park at the Boathouse. Kayaks and paddleboats could be rented,
but we sat in the shade and sipped our favorite beverages.
St. Louis made diet root beer.

This was a dog-friendly zone, as is most of the park, so we had lots of laughs watching
all the dogs, and how they related to each other.

trying to cool off.

This guy was just too cute

We visited Anthropologie, where I found an awesome scarf,
Restoration Hardware, where I bought my favorite "Crack Cream" so good for dry skin, Brighton, where I just had to get new earrings, and Dillards,
where the salesman of the year talked my man into a new pair of great shoes...
not to mention tons of other great places, where I was so busy oohing
and aahing that I actually forgot to get my camera out.
St. Louis is amazingly beautiful with all the old buildings, and architecture,
great places to eat and shop.
Thanks for coming with us.


  1. Thanks for taking me on your fun tour:)

  2. What cute couples! ;-) And great pictures! Thanks for taking us along!

  3. it looks wonderful there...i loved looking at all of the beautiful homes...thanks for taking me along...and thank you so much for stopping over to visit me today!!!

  4. fab pictures, now I want to visit St. Louis, what a great post!!

  5. I'm with David. Handsome couples, y'all are! And I love me that general store. Great place. Thanks for all these fun pics. You DO know you look great in white, don't you? ~Mindy

  6. I can tell you went to some great places and had a great time I'm sure. Your daughter and hubby make a cute couple. Hope you have a great weekend, T

  7. Hi Debra,
    I was going to come by and say thank you for coming by my blog (and commenting this time ;), but I am loving this field trip so much. From the Pierrot Absinthe painting to the organics store, the pub (I am a huge fan of fish 'n chips) to the apothecary store... it all looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Great minds do think alike... twinkly lights for sure!

  8. Thank you, Merci, Grazie... by the way!!

  9. Hi Debra!
    Wow! St. Louis is a beautiful city indeed! I love the walls on the resturaunt! My kind of place!!!
    As for Keith...I think he looks like a young Patrick Swayze! They make such a sweet couple!
    I have to tell you though, walking through the park, I probably would have been arrested for cutting some of those hydrangeas! I would have had to take at least one home!!!!
    And now you have me all hungry for cheese cake! Not cool at 9:30 at night for this little fat girl! ;)
    everything vintage

  10. So great to be able to put a face with a "voice"! Wonderful photos and such a beautiful city!
    I would love to be able to lay like the B&W cocker outside...but I'd probably get arrested!


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