Monday, July 27, 2009

What I Rescued this Weekend, Monday

We are on our way home from St. Louis this morning from visiting our kids,
so I don't have any "rescue" photos, but hopefully
I will have some goodies from the trip to share.

So for today I will share some old doll babies,
that I will lovingly dub Erin and Keith.

Hope you had a weekend full of great junk finds.
Get ready for photo's coming!
I've been waiting to see the kids "new" old house since last October,
but a few things got in the way.


  1. Old baby doll bodies. I think those are the two I dismembered when I was wee. Nope, mine had hair that I cut too. I sound evil but I was just curious on how they were put together. I must have been thinking about craft parts at an early age.

  2. Wow Debra...I had THREE posts of yours to catch up since the weekend! I must say they are all lovely!!! I've been being nosey in everyone's studios and I'm still not finished! They have some mega talented ladies (& gents) out there!!!!
    Anyway, I cannot wait to see all of your photos!!!!
    The dolls are precious, thanks for taking me along with you shopping and I love love love that chest in your entry!!!! It is different, that is what makes it so pretty and perfect for your entry space. Heck, I loved the pew, and the little lamb...I loved everything! I can only imagine how pretty it will be for the holidays!!!!!!
    everything vintage

  3. Woo-hoo! We're waiting ... TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Hey, are you selling your dolls? If so email me at



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