Monday, January 18, 2010

Is this considered an illness...?

Great sweater... well, maybe not in red.
not for me.

I prefer not to look like the broad side
 of the proverbial barn.

As I've gotten older, and shhhhhh (wider),
I've realized darker, more subdued colors,
do more for me,
and camouflage a little better.

I found Banana Republic again this winter.
They have had a store here for at least a year,
but I just never went in.

Shopping with the girls these last holidays,
made me brave the "trendy", "hip" places
 and venture out of my middle age comfort zone.

(you don't consider BR hip or trendy?
For this gal, that's pretty hip)
OK, my question is this:
If you find something you adore,
and that looks good on you,
are you likely to buy more than one of them?

You know, maybe three of them?

Just love me a cashmere sweater...aahhhhh.
Oh, and they were on sale!

And after all...gray is so slimming!

Inquiring minds want to know.

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