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Friday, July 29, 2022

Summery Looks in the Garden Room

The end of July has me thinking about mid-Summer but with a decided shift toward winding down and bringing out a bit darker, deeper, harvest colors. Golds and darker greens and a few browns start showing up with some sunflower vibes. Out in the Garden Room I've changed up the wicker seating area to include some golds, black and white Buffalo Check, and of course my always current ticking stripes.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


There's a lot going on in my new little sitting area in the kitchen, so I'm going to share it in bitesize pieces. Most of the furniture in here you haven't seen before, and that goes for these counter height off-white chairs that match my kitchen table and china cupboard (at the other house) I didn't have a place for them upstairs at the other house, so they were at the bar downstairs, never used.

(pic from last July at the other house,
after I painted the tabletop with ASCP)

The white table has a leaf and extra chairs, 6 in all, is really heavy, and takes up a bunch of space. Space that I wanted for my cupboard and some wicker. Anyway, these two chairs fit perfectly here at the little counter height bar area of the kitchen.

I hadn't bought chair pads since we had moved to the other house 11 years ago, and I needed something new and fresh with a little pizzazz. So when Ballard Designs started their site wide 15% off sale, I jumped at getting new ones. I had to buy a set of 8 in "Medium", but then bought 4 more in "Small", as these little chairs around the round table are more petite in size.

I could have played it safe with a solid color cushion, but I'd seen this adorable toffee check, so I fell in love. I have fun mixing patterns on my wicker settee, so I thought these would go with most of my decor options.

When we knew we were going to lease this little house, I was thrilled with the larger dining area and knew that I wanted to fill it with more than an oversize table. It will more than likely just be hubby and I who will be having breakfast and lunch here, so no need for a big table "eating" up all the space. I've had this little round antique table (it does have a leaf for seating 6) for probably twenty years, but it's been in the basement at the other house. I found these chairs about 15 years ago; just perfect for this smaller size table.

Loving these Ballard chair pads, but measure carefully, they are bigger than you'd think. The "Medium" size was way too big for these chairs. I like the tailored look with the piping. What's great about these, are that you can remove the foam insert pad for cleaning, and they have lots of other colors and patterns for a new look.

Yes, that's the rug I had in the living room. 
All this dark wood flooring needed a visual break.

When I found this set of chairs, 
they had just been refurbished with repairs and new caned seats.
I'm not sure of the wood, but I love the darker cherry stain.

You can see hints of the other furniture pieces.
I'm enjoying using some things that are different than my usual white.
Lack of storage and cabinet space has had me getting a little creative.

Like many of you all out there, it's snowing this week...
we have it scheduled for every day...

I keep thinking I'll get an outside pic of the house, 
but each time I think of it, I'm inside with fuzzy socks,
so I don't want to get out.
...maybe by Spring.

But here are a couple of shots of the houses across the street, so you can at least see a little of what it's like here. Cute subdivision of houses, new, to about 6 years old. It's on the edge of town, with a lot of treed acreage around it so it's not too different from where we just came from. This one is from the front porch.

This is from the kitchen window. Sorry about the blinds, if you kinda squint you can see what I mean. The houses across the street are walk-out basement homes, this one is one level and just a two car garage, but for now it's great. Only problem, the cats and I might put on some pounds cause its' small. I may put them on the treadmill!

Don't start these videos unless you have an empty bladder.
just sayin'.

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Oh, and I'm not affiliated with Ballard Designs,
 just love these chair pads.

stay warm,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snow and lilacs...

...those two things don't go well together.
I guess I could say we were lucky as compared to others of you out there.
Lot's of precipitation, but no accumulation.

Where we are in SW Missouri, it snowed and sleeted all day yesterday but didn't stick much. At one point yesterday evening the flakes were HUGE. It was really beautiful... just not for May. So I decided since I wasn't getting out, that I'd redo the faux florals in my urn here in the entry. I'd had daffodils and forsythia in this for early Spring and Easter.


I have a teensy pet peeve...
I like to keep my faux flowers seasonal.
I can't have geraniums at Christmas
or tulips in the Fall.
They have to stay seasonal and current.
I'm sure these will be changed out again by the end of the month...
maybe daisies by then.
(I'm hoping I'll have daisies by the end of the month...)

Here's a snow pic from the deck and my kitchen window.
Can you see the lilac bush on the other side of the fence?
(bad photo, I know. I don't have a zoom lens for distance.)'s not mine, 
and it's in my neighbor's yard.
a bachelor...
and it drives me crazy. 
But my arms aren't long enough to grab a branch
and harvest a bouquet.
I have to admit I've had fleeting thoughts of sneaking over the fence by cover of darkness. We watched Zero Dark Thirty last night and I think that those high tech night vision goggles and other gear might work for this kind of mission. (just kidding...I wouldn't do that...just a little temptation of the blooming kind). What can I say...I was spoiled when I was young. We had two massive bushes of lilacs and we had fresh bouquets all over the house, this time of year.

So I just have to look at it and imagine a wonderful fragrant lilac bouquet
filling an ironstone pitcher or a large crystal vase.
I've thought of planting my own bush, 
but I haven't found a good spot for one.

so I'll try to enjoy some silk ones and maybe find a room spray 
or candle that will make me think they're real.

and while we're here,
you can see that some of my birdies are back here in the Entry.

This is what you do if it's too cold for the sunporch...

...and you're really lazy.

good thing there are two sofas...
one for each lazy kit kat.

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Hope you're having a great weekend,
I'll try to behave...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

What you do if you're iced in...

Well, you hang around your kitchen window
 looking at all the critters and birdies who are looking for a snack...

Critter feeding is pretty messy business.

This is the frosty view outside my kitchen window above the sink.

It seems a certain little somebody was trapped when the icy rain started coming down in buckets. She had to take cover under the wagon. Looks pretty chilly...and uncomfortable.

can you see her?

As soon as it let up the bluebirds were back. I've lived here 10 years and only seen bluebirds a handful of times, but a little Bluebird "couple" have taken a liking to the feeder up here, so now they're regulars.

Now, look who's back...

She didn't like all the ice pellets in her food pan.

It was a battle all afternoon, 
birds vs. squirrel.

I don't have a zoom telephoto lens, so I just had to use my regular lens. These aren't the best photos, but if you look closely you'll see the variety I had on the feeder. Purple finch and Sparrow on the feeder, a goldfinch on top of the faux evergreen and a little wren waiting turns. some fluff going on here.

My little female bluebird on the feeder again.
The bluebird is the Missouri State Bird

 and speaking of "state birds" we couldn't leave out the Cardinals...

And yes, I had a little help from the "Official" Bird Watcher.

We never lost our power, but it did cut out off and on for awhile.
This has been a long week of feeling lousy, 
but I'm better now.
I think I slept about 16 hours a day most of the week.
and that's with having a flu shot.
I guess if you are going to be sick it's best
when it's snowy and icy,
...a good time to be snuggled up at home.
I hope the rest of you are making it through the snowstorm.
Stay warm.
Spring will be here soon...
I think.

p.s. EpicLinen is still having a discount 
on all orders until March 3.
Head over and look around.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

They only look innocent...

Uh, huh...
don't let the peaceful little gray face fool you...

I've been giving the Dining Room a little freshening for late summer.
Humor me OK...?
Let me think it's late summer

Of course I have lot's of help from the girls.
We know...

not to mention that it would be 150 degrees in there...

she's goofy and in no danger, 
she just loves bags...
and fake faux flowers

(trust me, I'm not a negligent pet owner or cat mom)

So as you can see,
 I had help redo-ing the window box arrangement on the DR table.
not to mention trying to eat the new linen/burlap table runner.
(more on the changes this week)

I've had this cartoon for ages on my message board, 
it's one of my faves and sort of is the story of my life.
Most cats have some issues with hair balls,
mine seem to have their share and more.
Hairball Control food helps,
 we use that, but I guess it's just sort of their "thing".
May and June were peak "Hairball Season" months,
I was hoping I was done for the year.

My office/studio was clean and pretty from 
Where Blogger's Create

so where do I find a massive display of said "Hair Ball" relief?
oh yes,
all over the carpet...
so guess what I'm doing today?

and while that big machine is out I might as well do the rest of the carpet.
good grief. 
(good machine, really)

Gotta love'em.
cats and carpet cleaners

Hope you're having a great day,
now to finish the fun!

If you haven't entered the Give Away from
French Bleu Vintage 
just scroll down to the last post.
Dee has a $50 Gift Certificate with someone's lucky name on it!

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