Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friends just warm the heart!

This is what all us chicks up north look like!

(image Coldwater Creek)

I knew when I started blogging that it would be fun and rewarding, but I really didn't realize how so many new connections would be made and friendships formed. How God just "hooks you up" with some of the most wonderful, thoughtful people. Since I've started the Bible Study blog, new and deep friendships have been made and some from the beginning have taken on a new dimension.

Brenda from Lady Bug Dreams is one such sweet friend.

Look at this little cutie,
 who was the first thing I saw when I looked inside!
Flavored hot cocoa mixes, yummy!
And such beautiful packaging and card!

Some people just have a "gift" for giving. Because they listen. They listen to you and know instinctively how to bless you. So many of you have blessed me in that way. Not just by a "tangible" gift , but by giving from your heart.

Brenda knew my love for white churches.
 Even yesterday's post showed a beautiful example.

She happened upon this one and thought of me.
And Oh, I just love it. It is in wonderful condition,
still being in it's original box
with the little illuminating bulb!

My other churches have been packed away,
but this one will stay out in my studio
to remind me of sweet and precious friends.

stay warm you all!
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