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Monday, November 10, 2014

Kitchen China Cabinet with a New Look

You've heard the old saying "It's got to get worse before it gets better." That's exactly what happened here at the new house this weekend. We rented a U-Haul trailer and made several trips from the 3 storage units back to the house with all kinds of dishes, decor, china, crystal, pillows...etc. Hubbs brought some of his fun stuff, and it all ended up opened and stacked on every flat surface available. After 6 loads of china and crystal going through the dishwasher, we started putting it all away.

Of course it took longer because I decided that I wanted to put my transferware into the kitchen china cabinet instead of my French Faience. (You can see this cabinet at the old house decorated for Christmas).That meant having some kind of a plan. I'm still missing some of my Old British Castles in Brown, but when they show up I'll just rearrange a little. Decorating can slow you down, you know...

And this morning before taking pics,
 I knew I needed something on top of the cabinet

So I added a few pumpkins to the mix and some bittersweet.

This cupboard has glass doors that stay closed, but I opened them up so you could see inside without at bunch of glare. I'm having to figure out the best time of day for photos at this new house, because this room has south facing windows and the blinds cause a lot of issues for photographing.

This is a newer cabinet that we purchased when we moved into the other house 12 years ago. I went back and forth on this one or a hutch and top cupboard, but in the end I chose this one. It matches the kitchen table and chairs with a somewhat creamy distressed finish.

I really enjoyed putting this all together, it's just a mix of my brown and red random pieces. I'd had the Faience in it for a long time, so I wanted to change things up a little. In the Spring I may go back to the florals and pastel dishes, but for the Holidays I wanted to stick with predominately brown.

A few of my old friends are here too, like the cows and cottage ware teapots and sugar and creamers. I have more of these...somewhere. Oh, and good news...Hubbs found the Dining Room chair slips (YAY!!) and they are now waiting to be washed and ironed. We literally looked for that specific box for hours, and of course it was hiding at the very back behind my outdoor garden goodies. He had packed that last storage unit with all kinds of various random boxes, and he knew not to come back home without it.

If you noticed, a few pieces of wicker found a spot here in the kitchen dining area. It makes me feel a little better for not having a sunporch at this house. Now, if I can just not "over-decorate"...I don't know if that's possible.

I'll be a part of Sherry's (No Minimalist Here) Thanksgiving Vignette Blog Hop this week, starting Wednesday November 12 through Friday November 14. Please come visit us for some Thanksgiving fun and inspiration. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's in the Details

I guess you'd have to say I was a detail oriented person;
 but not to be confused with "perfectionist",
'cause that, I am not...

I really admire the people that can put out a vase of flowers 
or one or two items and call it a day with their decor.
I just can't...I enjoy that look, I just can't get there.
I like "things"... and I like having them around where I can enjoy them.

Hopefully, not to be confused with "materialistic".
Just because I enjoy them doesn't mean
 that I count them as Most Important. 
I think you know what I mean.

One thing I really love are old religious prints,
I'm getting a nice collection,
 not to worry if they are water stained or crumbling,
that just makes them all the more precious to me.
A couple of them are hanging in the Dining Room,
more come out at Christmas.

I'm particularly fond of this next one,
with all the pen scrolls and flourishes.
If anyone out there knows the technical name
 for these type of pieces, I'd love to hear from you. 

It's very old and in it's original frame.

A few other vintage pieces are here too,
the frame on this one (the Gleaners)
is very worn and there is a prominent water stain,
but it's very dear to me.

I collect sheep and lambs and I do move them around,
but they mostly live on the buffet.

This is my  new baby from St. Louis.

And I showed you my new tablerunner that I made, 
I'm seriously in love with it and don't know if I can 
change it out for Christmas.

I have two of these plates with the crown.
I assume they must have been from a restaurant, 
because of the heaviness of the plates.

This French metal basket is something I always keep on the table,
I just change out the flowers, 
but usually it has faux hydrangeas of some sort in there.

I consider William Bouguereau to be my favorite artist.
 His paintings of Madonnas are so ethereal.

A vintage floral print

OK, this is just packed, but I can't help it...

So many of you mentioned my church pew yesterday.
Honestly, it must have ten layers of ugly paint on it, and it's pretty rough,
but I had a church pew about twenty years ago that  I parted with
due to downsizing,
and I've kicked myself a million times!!

a very old doll trunk is underneath.

Thanks for letting me share my things.
Playing in the dining room is my therapy.

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Oh, and I just loaded up the Etsy Shop 
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things are Looking Up

It's no secret that short people are vertically challenged.
Not only height wise, but also in just thinking "vertically".
I'm trying to remember to take advantage of all my space.

OK, who am I kidding...?
it's just another excuse to decorate a flat surface.

So today I put on my stilts and decided to share
the space on top of my kitchen china cabinet.

Actually I just climbed on top of one of my chairs to get these shots.

I've always thought how horrible it would be to fall and hurt myself
and have the ER person ask me what I was doing when I fell.
Not to mention that I was still in my pajamas when I was doing this.

anyone else out there do this sort of stupid stuff?
yeah, I know you're there...

The top of this cabinet doesn't change a whole lot
due to afore-mentioned reasons;

I'm short.
It's tall.
My husband complains that every time he walks in here:
it all rattles so much he thinks it's going to go crash.

Stacked McCoy, Hull, and USA pottery vases

And vintage white ironstone creamers
setting on pink depression glass salad plates.

I took this blurry shot so you could hopefully see the patina of this old basket.

It has some white paint along the sides and bottom.

It's old, people...
 older than me.

Oh, and I was happy to learn that my ceilings are not "popcorn",
they are "orange peel"...

I feel so much better now!!!!

I'm linking up with some other gals for some fun parties this week.
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and btw, I always hated that song about "short people",
having no reason....grrrrrr

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