Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things are Looking Up

It's no secret that short people are vertically challenged.
Not only height wise, but also in just thinking "vertically".
I'm trying to remember to take advantage of all my space.

OK, who am I kidding...?
it's just another excuse to decorate a flat surface.

So today I put on my stilts and decided to share
the space on top of my kitchen china cabinet.

Actually I just climbed on top of one of my chairs to get these shots.

I've always thought how horrible it would be to fall and hurt myself
and have the ER person ask me what I was doing when I fell.
Not to mention that I was still in my pajamas when I was doing this.

anyone else out there do this sort of stupid stuff?
yeah, I know you're there...

The top of this cabinet doesn't change a whole lot
due to afore-mentioned reasons;

I'm short.
It's tall.
My husband complains that every time he walks in here:
it all rattles so much he thinks it's going to go crash.

Stacked McCoy, Hull, and USA pottery vases

And vintage white ironstone creamers
setting on pink depression glass salad plates.

I took this blurry shot so you could hopefully see the patina of this old basket.

It has some white paint along the sides and bottom.

It's old, people...
 older than me.

Oh, and I was happy to learn that my ceilings are not "popcorn",
they are "orange peel"...

I feel so much better now!!!!

I'm linking up with some other gals for some fun parties this week.
Be sure and check out Kathleen at Faded Charm.
She has some fun coming your way.

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and btw, I always hated that song about "short people",
having no reason....grrrrrr

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lots of love,


  1. Love your cabinet and your muse. But what I REALLY want are your wood floors. I'm thinking, pondering, dreaming...MAYBE~


  2. Your display is beautiful. As far as doing stupid stuff, Oh Yeah. Sometimes I multitask way too much and thank God after the fact that I didn't whack off a finger while using a hand saw and reaching for the phone at the same time. Shut off the saw first, Rosemary!

  3. Your room has a lovely charm and personality about it... Tell hubby to walk lighter.... tee hee hee... Just kidding of course... Blessings sent your way....

  4. Love your display! and I understand about short people, because I'm short, I just had to use a tall stool to reach the teas in my cabinet last night. Oh well, the best perfumes come in the smallest bottles.
    Thank you for sharing those pictures with us, your displays are always lovely!
    XXX Ido

  5. The arrangement on top of your cabinet is lovely. The white pottery is quite beautiful too. You have a great sense of design and placement of objects.

  6. Just a lovely new display! I love the stacked pots! AND the basket. AND the pitchers. Get a good stool that folds up easy and with a back bar to hold onto AND USE IT! No one over fifty should fall. (You can be already prepared when that happens :o) It's the old mother hen in me. I raised six boys and am always still trying to save lives and broken bones! Ha ha. Take good care. xx

  7. Very pretty!
    Wish I could get my kitchen done... seems I have been redoing for weeks now!
    Yours looks wonderful

  8. Hi dear Debra, I love your display in your beautiful old basket-
    And I know all about, balancing on stupid chairs...I`m 1.64 ...
    your room is so very charming-and beautiful.

  9. LOL , Yes I would be one to do something like that ( I confess ). You need one of those kitchen stools with the steps on them . The arangement is perfect , even if it does rattle , I have a few of those too .

  10. Hello Debra,
    Your dining room is beautiful ~ so bright and airy! I'm so glad you got out the stilts so we could see all the pretties you have ~ way up high!!

  11. All looks amazing Debra! I'm also in decorating mode and any space that will "hold" something is fair game! I'm also height challenged (at least I think I am at 5'3") Stools and ladders are some of my closest friends! :)
    Make a beautiful day!
    Blessings & Hugs,

  12. I too am vertically challenged and do those kinds of things all the time (getting on ladders or step stools in my night gown). I hadn't thought about falling and having to explain how it happened but I will now. Your vignette is just beautiful.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  13. I love your cabinet and would be fiddling with it all the time! Love the creamers on the tiered plate rack!


  14. Debra,
    Beautiful pictures of your home! Lovely vignettes and details. Looks wonderful!

  15. beautiful photos as usual..I'm not short but I do some pretty stupid things ,,you had me smiling today,,I needed that,

  16. Hi Debra,
    You are so funny! Yes, I often think of falling when I'm 'way up there". More now that I am a little older. Your vignette on your cabinet is beautiful and definitely makes me think of Summer coming!
    I wanted to tell you how I loved your Mother's day post too. I left a comment yesterday, but I don't think it posted. Yesterday, I couldn't get anybody's to post. Blogger just didn't like me much.
    sending hugs...

  17. *giggle*
    again - I have the mental picture of you on stilts. LOLOL

    I have an 8' thing in my dining room... i actually wished for stilts as I was precariously perched on a dining chair a few weeks ago. LOL

    LOVE IT ALL!!! Your pitchers are GORGEOUS!!!

    ;-D Now - climb down off of there...

  18. Your kitchen/dining room cabinet is really nicely done. I too, have to get up on a stool to get things on the top shelf and the stool is way older than me so if it breaks....well not a pretty picture. Be careful! :-D I've never heard of 'orange peel' ceilings but I think that may describe mine too. Who knew?

  19. your photographs are well worth the danger so thanks for taking them.
    I will do anything ridiculous for decorating- hanging off light fixtures, on ladder, etc.
    Always beautiful here...


  20. You are so funny!
    Love the view from up there...
    You know...good things come in small packages!

  21. I like it! I should redo the top of my old cupboard, it could use some sprucing up. I like that birdcage on the pedestal too!

  22. Short people got... sorry, I couldn't help myself! I'm short too, and always climbing around trying to reach things! But, my father painted a little iron bird just like yours a while back! It made me happy to see that you love them too! Check it out... http://afarnsworthaday.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/white-geranium-iron-bird-daily-painting-200/

  23. Oh I love it. I love the use of the basket and the tiered stand with the pitchers. Everything is gorgeous. Your dining area is beautiful and this is a perfect vignette. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  24. Hehehe, that was a funny post! I often stand on the side of the tub to wash the wall high up and have thought about the "what if I fall" scenario. I'm glad you didn't fall though and your little vignette looks lovely!

  25. Cute post, yea, we need to think about the stuff we are doing when we are in our night gowns. Would be embarassing to have to call paramedics
    cause we fell off a ladder or chair decorating or taking pics for our blog. They would go... What????
    Really liked your new vignette and your whole dining room. Looks lovely! Like how you stacked the pots, and how you put the plates and cream pitchers on the plate stand. Great Look!
    blessings, Nellie

  26. what a lovely post...Im so glad I found your blog!!

  27. from one shortie to another...I know exactly how you feel...and yes I climb on everything to decorate and sometimes think about falling or not falling...great post:)...and just how tall are you? 4'11" here...happy WW!

  28. I love all of this! The top of your cabinet looks so great...you always do such a wonderful job decorating...I always get wonderful ideas when I visit your blog. Love how you put vignettes together! Great post.

  29. Hi Debra,
    I'm like you, if there is an empty space then why not fill it up! LOL! Isn't that what the top of cabinets are for! Yours looks wonderful.
    Love the vingettes.

    Yes, I do things like that too and I'm usually in my pjs.


  30. Looks wonderful! Love the pitchers! I am only 5 foot and I do climb but I am afraid of heights. But sometimes the need is there. Although when hubs was out of town on business once, I decided I needed to paint my kitchen and I could not reach the wall over the sink even on the ladder. So I was standing on the counter top just shuffling along happy with myself for getting the job done on my own when I ran out of counter top. Thank goodness I did not break.

  31. LOL! That looks so lovely, Debra! I can't tell you how many times I've been perched on the edge of a chair, arranging or taking pictures...

  32. Hi Debra, you can always use a little more display space, right? Looks great. I do the same thing, climbing on chairs to rearrange things. Love to do it when I'm alone in the house because everyone else here things I'm bonkers the way I rearrange things constantly for fun! Thanks for linking to the Share the Love Wednesday party!

  33. LOL! What a fun post today, Debra! You may be short, but you write BIG! lol! And no, you're not alone with your pajama-clad-decorating-sprees. I do it all the time, secretly praying that nobody knocks at my door while I'm floofing the house -- looking my worst! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  34. Hi Debra! Your vignette was definitely worth the challenge! You bring them together so effortlessly, really beautiful. I just love coming here and visiting your home, it is so warm and welcoming. xoxoox

  35. Hi Debra I found you from White Wednesday and I am so glad I did! I love, love, love those Ironstone Creamers! I am following so I can come back and visit!


  36. Debra, thank you for the laugh, I really needed it! You are so funny. I'm 5'2 and don't ever underestimate a short woman! I've done some amazing things, where people ask, YOU DID THAT? All by yourself? YEP - will there's a will....right?

    Love Love Love your shabby cabinet top.

  37. First I love the stacked pottery and that basket is fabulous! I'm on the short side too (5' 3") and have been known to balance on a chair or two... never thought of having to explain it if I feel though, hmmmmm.


  38. Decorated beautifully - love the creamers!

  39. I, too, do silly things in my PJ's! LOL!!

    Your pieces are lovely treasures - thanks for risking a fall to get some great shots :O)

    Happy WOW Us Wednesday!

  40. Oh my I'm vertically challenged too!! Love the old basket! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Looks great! Well worth the risk!:) I'm no longer allowed to even get the ladder out. Per the family. I've fallen 3 times! What a dork I am. Darn near did some damage to myself the last two. But when I want something done....I want it done NOW!! :)

  42. Oh lovey, I am playing "ketchup" and am glad I did not miss your climbing adventure. Love the creamers on the dessert stand. It is true every flat surface must have some Debra attention! xoxo, olive

  43. Hi Debra, I just love your arrangement on top of your cabinet, it's so pretty.... and yes of course I do stupid things, I'm really embarrassed to tell this (it doesn't have anything to do with decorating) but one time I had a cat that had had surgery and wasn't suppose to go outside, well when I opened the door, she took off running outside, so here I am in my night gown chasing her and actually fell down and did a tumble, thank goodness I live in the country where no one saw this, BUT my husband did see it and told his whole family at a family gathering... so everyone did get a big laugh!!! Be Careful!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  44. Hi Debra! I so enjoyed this post! You are too funny! I am always standing on my kitchen counters in my pajamas re-arranging the tops of the cupboards. I have worried about falling but hadn't thought about having to explain to the paramedics what I was doing! Haha! I love your little vignette and I once had that little cream pitcher with the flower on it. At the time I didn't know it was ironstone! I sold it in my booth for very little and later saw it in another dealer's space with a much higher price! It's so sweet and I love how you've displayed the three on the tiered server! Brilliant!
    Have a wonderful week! See you tomorrow at the party!

  45. Such pretty images you've shared today! Had to giggle because I, too, have done some weird, totally not safe things to get a good "blog shot" and wondered how I would explain it if something happened!!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  46. It's beautiful up there so high, I need to take your inspiration here and get busy with some of my high spots, thanks for sharing

  47. Debra, you put such great vignettes together. Love those creamers. Thanks for joining my party.

  48. Ha,Ha, yea, climbing sounds funny the way you say it, scares me when I am actually doing it, your brave! Love the way you put the whites together! Celeste, victoriantailor.com

  49. That looks so good. I LOVE the basket!

  50. Debra, thanks for the close up shots. Glad you didn't fall!
    It's a lovely vignette. I like all the vintage white details. ~ sarah

  51. Your dining room is so pretty and the vignette is perfect!

  52. Debra, Your dining room is so pretty! I feel you pain because I am also vertically challenged. Add my fear of heights and decorating high places is left up to the hubby. Your display is beautiful and I love the ironstone pitchers and birdhouse. thanks for joining my party.

  53. Hi Debra....so very pretty. I totally get you about the trip to the ER...in addition to the pjs my hair would be sticking straight up and the previous days mascara would be all smudged under my eyes!!!! LOL!!
    Happy day!

  54. Glad to see that you safely got down from your cabinets. The pictures are gorgeous.
    Love the old basket. It reminds me of the smaller ones we used to 'pick peas' in!!!!

  55. You have a very pretty room. I love all the white pottery and furniture. The basket adds some lovely texture.

  56. Love your dining room. My family complains about rattle too.I'M now a follower, your blog is great.

  57. Swooning over your pottery...I have many "rattely' spots too!


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