Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas in the Kitchen

I don't show my kitchen very often because the natural lighting isn't good, but we had a glorious day last week, when the snow was covering everything, and the sun was out. Perfect time to get some photos of my Christmas Kitchen...and even the Hallway Sideboard. That almost never happens!

I don't go decorating crazy in here, because it just gets moved out once company gets here. All my fun Christmas decor gets shuffled off to the Living Room where it's not in the way. "Hey kids, can't you eat your scrambled eggs without moving my tool carrier centerpiece?" guess not...

I shared some of these photos in my Christmas Home Tour,
 but now you can see a little more of the details.

This is my Snow Family setting on my silver tray that's always here on the island.

Each time I see them I cannot help but smile!

My antique grain sack with the red stripe adds a little Christmas to the table.

I added a little plaid to my French Cow Print.
She looks pretty festive, now.

I painted the top of my kitchen table last summer in ASCP.
If you missed that post, click here.

I found the red and white enamel coffeepot a few years ago,
and I only have one vintage Santa mug.
I'd like to have back all the ones I've sold over the years.
what was I thinking?
(insert head slapping V-8 commercial)

The top of my little china cabinet doesn't change much seasonally;
just gets a new tussy mussy under the cloche,
 and something different for the cupcake stand.

This is where I keep my wedding china. Actually it's not china but French Faience. When everyone else was buying Noritake for their gift registry, I fell in love with French pottery. 

(you can click on the photos (x2) for bigger images)

Love my little English Cottage; looks like a Christmas fairy house. I'd like to live there, myself. There's something about an English Cottage that gets me every time.

I love playing with fabric and colors, although it's not something I take the time to do now. I made a quilt once and vowed I'd never do it again. I love antique quilts, but I realized I'm a short term project person. I want to finish what I start before I'm totally bored with a project. I think they call that  "short-term gratification". Guilty. Years ago I made a ton of these fabric pieced Christmas ornaments, and this is the only one I have left.

And hey look... there's some light in the hallway!
Quick, get some photos!

Love this white galvanized drawer that also has a chalkboard inside.
It's corralling my ironstone dessert plates, tureen, and platter.
I used these topiary trees last year on the mantel,
but they're in iron urns this year.

Thanks so much for visiting,
Hope your Christmas Kitchen is filled with love and joy!

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