Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Vintage Birdcage Spring Vignette

This time of year, I'm drawn to creating vignettes with plants and all things vintage garden mixed in. Throw in some bird nests, moss, sticks and grapevine; all the better. Then arrange it in/on a vintage vessel.

Using birdcages for vignettes is similar to using a glass cloche, as both cover the grouping. A cloche offers a more clean, pristine look, whereas older birdcages usually give a bit of wear and age and yes the vibe of garden grunge.

This birdcage is very old and has seen much better days. For some reason it has a definite lean to one side, but it has such charm. I had to unwire the metal bottom tray to be able to place items inside, but it can be put back together. It usually sits on the coffee table in the living room containing votive candles.

The 1960's Garden Plants and Seed catalog is anchored with an old flower frog on a bed of moss. A very vintage painted clay flowerpot from the 30's is filled with moss and a faux birdie with random eggs. The package of Zinnia seeds is from a reproduction line, but filled with real seeds. 

I've had the potted baby tears for several years. I love their tiny round delicate leaves, that add a lovely pop of green to any spring vignette.

It's sitting on my old step stool for now in the garden room, but may end up on the farm table shortly.

Here it's more easily seen without the cage on top.

The Holiday Cupboard is always a wonderful chippy backdrop.

If you have a vintage birdcage,
 just a small plant nestled inside can give a fresh look for Spring.

Here are more ideas for vintage Birdcages.

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  1. Very sweet Debra. Happy New Week. Hugs. Kris

    1. thanks Kris, have a great week! Hope you get to see some of the Eclipse where you are!

  2. Love the way you have styled the vintage birdcage Debra! The pots, bird, and seed packets are so cute. Cara

  3. This is GORGEOUS, Debra!! Such an adorable display for Spring...what an amazing vessel to use each season!!

  4. I just love your spring bird cage vignette. So lovely.
    Visiting today from Tuesday Turn About 247 #11&12


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