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Spring Coffee Table with Metal Baskets

Hi friends, last post I shared a fun garden-y spring vignette in a vintage birdcage. I love using moss, plants, twigs and blooming branches especially in springtime. I styled it in front of the Holiday Cupboard on the chippy stepstool and now I'm sharing my springtime coffee table with more old rusty garden charm.

I've kept a neutral background here in the garden room, with vintage white, and chippy pieces. That gives me the ability to have a fresh slate each season; adding in color and vintage elements that speak of holidays and current seasonal color. 

The old pie safe dubbed the Holiday Cupboard, is always a great backdrop for sharing smaller items and vignettes.

I'm still using my old "tumbling block" pastel quilt as a base on the wicker settee. It's my go-to for spring and Easter.  Floral and Buffalo Check pillows and a sweet yo-yo pillow created by my Mother-in-Law add vintage pattern. 

I have several old metal baskets that are grocery store leftovers from the 40's and 50's. My in-laws owned a grocery for a time, and the one with black handles was saved from their business. Some of you younger gals may not know that back in the "old days" there were small family owned markets on almost every residential corner during the early 1900's. There weren't "supermarkets" like today, but tiny markets that were visited almost everyday by the residents of just a few blocks. Within a residential square mile, there could be 6 or 8 tiny "corner markets". When I was very young, a few of these neighborhood markets were still operating in our town. 

Many of the metal baskets used today are gym baskets, fridge baskets, and market baskets to transport goods to the grocery stores. And staying on topic with birdcages and metal baskets, I added in a mini bird cage with a "nursery lamb" figure, with a seed packet and mini clay flower pots.

The metal basket on the right holds my grapevine basket with faux paperwhites, my garden encyclopedia, vintage gardening tools and an old garden rake head.

What's fun about baskets is that you can pile it high with elements, but they can still be viewed. I have quite a few vintage watering cans, but my Restoration Hardware often shows up in displays. My mom made the ceramic cabbage covered veggie bowl back in the 80's, which is perfect for spring and summer décor.

I brought out the grocery basket from under the bench and tweaked it a bit with one of my sweet bunnies and a Burpee Seed Catalog from  the 30's.

Here are a few more Garden Room settee posts.

A Bit of Life Lately...

someone left an oopsie.

I have to share a sweet/sad pic from this week. I love to feed the birds, and along with that come the squirrels and geese to search for leftover seed. It tends to get a bit messy and unsightly, but it brings me so much joy to see the wildlife that come visit the feeders and water bowls. (day and night)

We have tons of Canadian geese in our area, because we have several lakes just a few blocks from our backyard. The geese found us a few years ago, and I've been worried that at some point they might try to build a nest in our yard. The last thing I thought was that an egg would be laid right next to the feeders. Well, mom and dad abandoned it, so I had to move it out of the way so there wouldn't be a ruckus.

Mom and Dad didn't come back to claim it or seem interested so I had to shift it out of the traffic. It really made me sad that an inexperienced parent dropped it there. Maybe she couldn't help it, but still sad. Just a tidbit of life around here. As you can tell it's nesting time for the geese.


  1. You're right -- that is a sad/sweet photo. Poor goose, poor egg. Yes, it's nesting time and I'm seeing nests built at the ditch on my walks. Your baskets are lovely -- they're a great way to "contain" in a very pretty way.

  2. I love the way you style for all the seasons and holidays! :)

  3. Love it all. Spring is finally here. Hugs. Kris @junkchicvottage

  4. Love all your baskets, and of course I would want to live in your sunroom...grins, Sandi. Poor goose, maybe it's 'survival of the fittest' at work.

  5. Oh, Debra- I love so many things. The metal basket from your in-laws' old store is fantastic. I love when pieces have sentiment and stories like this behind them. Mom & pop markets were\are the best. I can't believe your mom made the cabbage dish. That's a fabulous piece, which becomes even more fabulous knowing she made it. The little lamb is also great and so many other wonderful details to name. Thanks for the inspiration as always. XO- MJ

  6. Love all your baskets. Love the story of your in-laws having a small town market. The good ole days. I wish we had those back. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

  7. I love the supermarket baskets Debra. My great grandparents had a grocery store and the other set had a candy store. I wish I was around to see it then. Your spring decor looks lovely. I’m finding it more difficult to change things up all the time, but you never cease to amaze me with your collections. -Cara

  8. Nature is sometimes bad.... Even in Italy there were these baskets but I have never seen them in antique markets now. They threw them away. They didn't think anyone would claim them

  9. It is always so lovely to visit you Debra and I was thrilled to have you link up at the party this week too. Your decor as always, is gorgeous and I love that you have the grocery basket with a family history. There's so much to love in this beautiful springtime room.
    Thank you for sharing your spring coffee table vignette at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at the party tonight and pinning too.


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