Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's New on the Dining Room Buffet

It's really easy for me to find myself in a rut when decorating for the seasons (or any time for that matter). I know what I love and what's worked in the past. But I have tons of "stuff" and sometimes it's just a matter of clearing things out and then being willing to look at things from a different perspective. That means taking a chance by changing things up a little and moving things around.

That's what happened here in the Dining Room. I'm still in love with my chippy white windowbox for the DR table centerpiece, but the buffet was in need of some attention. My lamb and sheep collection got a little makeover for Fall with some cloches. So it was screaming for something new and different. OK, not new, just different.

So down from on top of the armoire in the Living Room came this monster sized birdcage. It doesn't look all that big here, but believe's BIG.

I had hoped it would actually have a way to get some bigger items inside, like a large candle and some bigger pumpkins, but guess what...? it actually IS a birdcage, so big things weren't going to happen. Bummer...I could see it in my head all decked out in Fall foliage and pumpkins. I did manage to squeeze a few things in through the wee birdie sized door, like these three mercury glass votives that are lit here in the early evening light.

When hubby got home from work I was excited to show him my latest decorating work of art. I take him into the entry so he can stand back and admire my artistic flair for the out of the ordinary vignette. I say,
"What do you think?"
He stands there with a bewildered look on his face...I give him a moment to let it all soak in...
"How do you like it?"
... still nothing...cue the crickets.
 OK, one more shot...
"Do you see what's new on the buffet?".
 I kid you not, he says,
"oh yeah, you have antlers". 
Is he a man or what?

Then he said "OOOOOOHHHHH, well it kinda just blends in you know". 
A perfectly good excuse for not seeing the elephant in the room.
(maybe I should paint it neon blue if I want something noticed around here)

And here is the new wreath for the mirror.
The "Easy Custom Wreath" from last week.

He didn't notice that either.

I'll share the rest of the room in a bit...



  1. Your buffet arrangement looks very grand and so pretty! Too funny about hubby's answer but I could see my guys saying something like that too. I figure a bit of decor oblivion is better than having strong decorating opinions lol.

  2. It's very pretty and "fallish." But I have one question: those aren't real candles are they? Because it scares me to death they will catch fire with that stuff in there...

    1. just for the pics, and that's just some faux bittersweet, nothing flammable, but I DO need some of those battery operated tea lights!

  3. Debra it all looks beautiful and your hubby is so funny! Mine would not notice anything either.

  4. Debra, I love the buffet! The birdcage is a great focal point; and it looks great with all of the fall accents inside! Funny story about your hubby!!

  5. Oh my goodness, our husbands must be twins!!!! This is so funny because the same conversation would have happened at my house too!. OI love the buffet and the birdcage all decked out for fall! Just stunning!

  6. Beautiful vignette on your buffet! Your husband's response is priceless.

  7. I love the birdcage on the buffet. It's so unexpected! Looks great with fall stuff inside it.

  8. Ha Ha that is so a man. You cracked me up with your story. Love it. My husband would have done the same thing. Too funny. I love the birdhouse on the buffet it really works nice in that space.

  9. Your buffet looks absolutely beautiful. I am in love with your birdcage. I would love for you to come and link this up to my Fall into Fall party going on right now. Hope to see you there.

  10. So funny...I doubt mine would notice either...maybe he would if everything was gone lol! The birdcage is wonderful...beautiful fall decorating, Debra!

  11. Your buffets looks lovely. I also love your little white urns on the table. I used to have a birdcage but it was so big that I never really had a place for it, so off it went.
    Thanks Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  12. How funny that your hubby didn't notice the bird cage or the wreath. Love the wreath and I'm headed back to see how you made it.

  13. Debra, it looks great! I like to mix in something unexpected. Sometimes my husband never notices things, or at least he never comments.

  14. The birdcage gives beautiful drama there! Perfect for your buffet, and wonderful with your fall wreath. It's a mystery about what husbands will fail to notice! Love your fall vignettes! xx

  15. so funny! my husband is the same way:) fabulous birdcage and the buffet is beautiful dressed for fall, debra!

  16. Man oh man it is so true, its ironic...all men are created equal. LOL..... Boy does THAT ring a bell...

    I love what you did and that birdcage is amazing!

  17. You've been busy! Everything looks so nice. Tell me about being in a rut. Since moving into our small home I've found I have to totally rethink my decorating, now I refer to it as my accent pieces for seasons and holidays. It was a challenge to rethink not doing the whole blow out and just add touches. The only rearranging I do to be "noticed" is in the refrigerator. It has its advantages! I get to do what I want without anyone caring :)
    Again beautiful job!!!

  18. It all looks awesome! Love the birdcage on the buffet. My husband also suffers from the man disease, although he's gotten better with age. Now I can't get away with new things quite as much because he does sometimes notice! So I wonder if I would have been better off without him learning to actually NOTICE things?

    BTW, I had a HUGE birdcage as well years ago, and it had a removable bottom. You know--to clean out the mess? Is it possible to remove yours or maybe to cut out the bottom and use something like the metal thingies on the backs of picture frames to hold it back in? Just a thought.

    Anyway, I love your blog and enjoy all your ideas!

  19. Your buffet is beautiful Debra! I adore your bird cage! My hubby doesn't notice much either, or, he'll mention something long after it's been around awhile and asks "is that new?"! Crazy!~~Angela

  20. You have antlers. That made me laugh so hard! Love the vignette :) Happy Fall.

  21. You always amaze me with a surprise vignette! Love the birdcage on your beautiful buffet. Your husband is too funny!


  22. Debra, I have seen a cage like that at a nursery close to me and it is huge! I love it from the first time I saw it. I hear you about the small openings. Not as easy to create a vignette in as our mind conjures up. I really like what you came up with for a change of décor. I intentionally don't look at my photos from last years décor until I'm done. Try to mix it up each year. Hubby made me laugh. Mine will sometimes look at something and say, "Is that new?" It will be something that I've had for ages. lol! thanks for sharing with SYC. I am trying to find a few sheep for my basement family room. Not having much luck. Any ideas?

  23. It looks beautiful! Love the birdcage idea. He is a typical man! LOL!

  24. I love the styling here! And the birdcage is to die for! Also, hi! I found you via Transformation Thursday at Shabby Creek Cottage. ~Ali from Pies & Puggles

  25. Gorgeous fall arrangement! Men just aren't usually as passionate about decorating as women are. They walk around with blinders on, I swear! They usually seem to like it however, once they notice. Goofy but we love them! Personally, I think it's all fabulous! Hugs, Leena

  26. The birdcage looks great in its new place and I love the fall touches. My husband wouldn't have noticed's a running joke how long it takes him to notice even BIG changes if I don't tell him.

  27. Oh. my. gosh. WOW! That birdcage- amazing. those velvet pumpkins- amazing! and I love what you've done with decorating the inside of the cage! and everything else of course!


  28. Fabulous Debra. I had to laugh at your husband's response. Although I will have to say mine is getting better at it I can certainly relate to your conversation. ha

  29. Debra, I absolutely love the antlers! How could he have missed them? Please share this beautiful and humorous post at Stylish Friday Finds! My readers would love it and so would I!
    Have a great day!

  30. Men---honestly! It is beautiful, I love the mirror and the wreath. I want that birdhouse. When I see one it's a gajillion dollars. I came over from Jennifer Rizzo's Fabulously Friday and I've not seen your blog before. Now I've got to look up how to do that wreath.

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  32. Your buffet is gorgeous!!

  33. Absolutely gorgeous. I will be featuring this tonight at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  34. Ahh... men!! They really don't get us or our gorgeous vignettes. Lucky all your blogging friends 'get you' and appreciate the beauty of your new entrance display Debra. Totally adorable with the birdcage I must say.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  35. Your birdcage looks lovely there Debra! I also love the sheep in the cloches.


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