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How to Create a Floral May Basket

I say a "May" basket, but of course, but this can be for anytime in Spring that you want to put together a fun small basket to give or to keep and use in a small vignette or display. I've always loved the idea of May Day baskets and that inspired me to create these. I'm using two different baskets; one vintage, the other a new basket purchased several years ago. Using the same process, you can create a sweet basket filled with different elements that shout "Spring"!!

Above is a faux "mossy" basket that I purchased several years ago that came from a retail store; probably Hobby Lobby or Michaels. It's very textural and could be used any season with florals and botanicals. I have another of the same basket in the garden room now, with a grouping of faux paperwhites. This basket would be oh-so-cute filled with daisies, sunflowers, or fall leaves and berries. 

And here is a very old antique wicker oblong florist basket with a metal lining. This one is perfect for fresh flowers and plants since it wont' leak water or moisture. Only problem is that it's very narrow, but still works for florals and plants in small pots or plastic liners. I'll start with the mossy basket, then the antique one.

First step is to decide on a plant or floral element which will be your main focus with the basket. For this one I had a small pot of Baby Tears that I chose to work around. Then I added a few "real touch" faux tulips in orange and yellow as an accent tucked along the side.

Next, I added a small faux branch/vine with off white blooms similar to dogwood blooms. I wrapped this along the handle for a little something "extra". I adore old clay pots and garden goods, so a couple of teensy vintage pots were tucked in for more of a garden vibe.

A Mother's Day or May Day note or card can be added, 
but I chose an antique postcard with a "gift" theme. 

Here's the other basket again.

This is the small tussy mussy bouquet I chose for the main floral element.

And look what the birdies left in my front porch basket...

The finches like to nest in my front porch door basket, but it's too open and vulnerable to predators. I usually take it down before nesting season to avoid a problem. But... I was using some spiky elements, as per Google options to keep birds from nest building, but unfortunately that didn't deter them. I'd rather take down their unused nesting material than see them harmed by crows or owls. Thankfully they hadn't layed their eggs yet.

Here's the little nest with some faux bird eggs. If you look closely you can see goose down as a lining in the nest. Yes, our geese buddies are useful other than fertilizing my yard. Please don't send me negative and hateful comments about taking down a nest. I'd rather do that than see babies harmed by predators. 

This basket has another small clay pot filled with moss and a vintage Birthday post card. I also added a few bits of grapevine to enhance  the handle. 

Right now they're sitting here on the farmtable in the Garden Room where I assembled them. But soon I'll share where they ended up in my spring decor.

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  1. These are all lovely, Debra. I might have to give one of these a try. If there is anything I have, it's cute baskets, old and new, along with a lot of moss! And bird's nests! It's very springy and I love all the different variations you shared!

    1. Hi Jeanie, once I got started I wanted to do more and more. So many ways to make a fun little basket!

  2. Debra these are just so pretty. My friend does May baskets for her family and friends as a tradition she has done in her family for years. I think this is such a cute idea. Happy Thursday. Have a great rest of the week. Hugs. Kris

    1. Hi Kris, that's such a sweet tradition, I love it! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  3. I really enjoyed this post love the styled baskets

  4. Debra, both baskets are adorable, but that vintage one is just darling! What a cute little feathered nest! Much different than the nasty, muddy messy thing that was in my wreath - two days in a row (the second after a rain, hence the mud). I had to take it down, clean it, and put it between the glass and wood door. I think it was a robin's nest! They usually nest in my boxwoods, and I've seen them bounce through the yard right alongside my digging - no fear!

  5. Such lovely May basket. Love the bird’s nest. These are so pretty, I agree, they make wonderful gifts.

  6. Hi Debra - You always put together the most lovely vignettes. I love how you integrate antique and vintage items into them. The post card is a perfect touch as is the bird's nest.

  7. Beautiful, Debra!! Baskets are so much fun...I love them, too!! Yours look so lovely with all the texture and color you used. Thanks so much for sharing at Home Imagined this week!!

  8. Both are so beautiful baskets. I like the texture of the newer basket, and the age of the other basket. I would rather take down the nest than see them fall prey too. On our most recent vet visit, our vet indicated we should take our pups hair that we brush off him and let it lay in the yard. He said the birds will pick it up and use it for their nests. I had never heard of it before, but we have started to do it, and they must be picking it up since it keeps disappearing! Love when we can reuse things, even dog hair, ha!


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