Monday, April 24, 2023

Nature's Wild Victorian Springtime Wreath

Hi Friends, today I'm sharing a wonderful wreath that's a bit of a different take on a natural look for Spring. This is the perfect time of year to look to nature and the outdoors for our decor inspiration. What we might see in a leisurely country walk; bird nests, vines, wildflowers, and moss all come together here with an antique wooden frame for a wild and beautiful Victorian look.

Here in the Garden Room I've changed up my Holiday Cupboard with some bird themed vintage pieces, so it followed that I put together something bird themed for the outside of the cupboard. But, I wanted it to be natural looking; like birds had created their nest among the wild roses and ivy.

Over the years I've used this old fragile Victorian frame as a surround for many different pieces, with many different looks. Today I wanted to use this small, wild and natural bird nest garland with floral twigs, moss, and ivy to give the frame a new twist on Spring.

I save bits and pieces of ribbon, old and new.
You never know what lovelies they can adorn.

Out shopping a few weeks ago, I grabbed a few floral supplies that I wanted to have on hand, so when the inspiration struck me I would have what I needed for an impromptu floral piece. I didn't know what it would be then, but I picked up some grapevine garland, a wreath, gardener's twine, and some grapevine wrapped floral wire. It ended up that the wrapped wire was what I needed the most to create a natural looking piece. 

I didn't want to use hot glue or anything permanent because I know that at some point I'll most likely dismantle this to use later on another floral design. The wrapped wire enabled me to keep the garland in place and to not disrupt the "natural" look.

I saved a pot of outdoor ivy (Hahn's Ivy) this last winter. So, I snipped a few pieces to use here; wrapped and mingling with the garland and frame.

For Easter this year I moved the frame to the entry console.

Instead of hanging the frame or replacing the mirror, I just layered it in front of the gothic design window, next to a small English Cottage vintage print.

Now that Easter has passed I kept it out here in the Entry.

Still spring-y, just minus the Easter accessories.

This is a look at the wrapped wire,
that can hold things in place without disrupting the natural look.

Here's the same small garland that I used last year
 for the Easter Entry, which is laying at the foot of the urn.

...and here's a look at another way I've used the antique Victorian frame.

Hope you're having a great weekend,
with lots of garden fun.

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  1. Happy Sunday Debra. I love that you made this old vintage frame into a cute wreath. Genius. Love this. Have a great start to the new week. Hugs. Kris

  2. Love this so much Debra. It has all the items I adore in nature

  3. That is really pretty and very natural looking. I love the frame as your wreath. I had to take my wreath off the storm door and put it behind, on the wood door, because birds built a nest in it twice in 3 days. What a mess! It was all wet and yucky the 2nd time, made after it rained.

    1. I hear you, there is a finch nest in my door basket, but I covered it up temporarily. I thought I had a plan to keep them out with spike-y things but no. I love finches, but they're not smart. The crows get them there over and over again. poor things. I'm going to have to take it down. too tempting of a spot.

  4. I so love this Debra! I've used that wrapped wire and it's great to have on hand. The natural twiggy-ness, moss and bird nest is the perfect combination for a spring wreath. It looks wonderful on your console too. ♥

    1. thanks Mary, this is one of my fave pieces I've put together. What is it about moss? coming by to visit now!

  5. Debra - the wreath is absolutely gorgeous!! Beautiful work....

  6. This is really lovely, Debra. That frame is the perfect background for something like this and I love the treatment with the nests and greens. It might be one of my favorites of all your beautiful things you have shared over time. Four star!

  7. I have been searching for a frame like yours. When I found one, the mirror was still in it and I could not separate them. Thank you for sharing your inspirations!

  8. Debra- You always have the best ideas! This picture frame wreath has so much charm and character. Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Do you know how many times I have referenced your blog over the years for ideas, way before I decided to dip my toes in the blogging pool for ideas? So many times! You are so talented, and I always love your displays. Thank you for continuing to share your inspirations for all of these years!

  10. That is absolutely beautiful, Debra. What a gorgeous frame and a gorgeous way to use it. I'll be featuring this at Thursday Favorite Things tomorrow. :)


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